Spotlight: 1997-2002 Rear-Wheel Drive Ford Expedition Suspension

Featured Vehicle
1997-2002 Rear-Wheel Drive Ford Expedition

Get to Know the 1997-2002 Rear-Wheel Drive Ford Expedition

The 1997-2002 Ford Expedition was once synonymous with Eddie Bauer. Ford and Eddie Bauer teamed-up with this beast to offer ridiculous comfort and quality luxurious interior design without having to charge customers luxury prices. Eddie Bauer-stitched leather seats and an enormous cabin is not where Ford drew the line with this home-on-wheels. Ford also added rear air suspension in an attempt to increase towing and hauling performance.

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Spotlight: 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Suspension

Featured Vehicle
1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car

Get to Know the 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car

The 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car is one of the most widely recognizable vehicles in the history of the automobile. Quite often referred to as the “Grandpa Car”, Lincoln really set the standard for comfort with this ride. Don’t let the nickname fool you! With fairly reliable rear air suspension system and front and rear adjustable leather bench seats, it would seem that the Lincoln Town Car did precisely everything in its power to earn that title. It’s no wonder older generations don’t seem too keen on buying newer cars, they really like their comfort and Lincoln Town Car owners really know their stuff!

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Spotlight: 1992-2002 Ford Crown Victoria Suspension

Featured Vehicle
1992-2002 Ford Crown Victoria

Get to Know the 1992-2002 Ford Crown Victoria

The 1992-2002 Ford Crown Victoria is one of the most widely recognizable vehicles in the history of the automobile. Known all over the U.S. for their contracts with almost every single law enforcement agency in the country, the site of one of these bad boys will make any driver think twice! Considering all of the gear packed into patrol cars, Crown Vics with air systems fail very quickly. That’s why we here at Strutmasters have experience installing our rear air suspension conversion kits on federal agency vehicles. When purchasing our conversion kit for your Crown Vic, please call and request that we upgrade your shocks to Monroe Gas Magnum shocks for in the rear of the car. The Crown Vics respond much better to faster cornering with these shocks on the rear. This is a must if you have a police cruiser due to the weight!

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Trunk-or-Treat Cruz-In and Motorcycle Ride Event Roundup

Strutmasters located off Old Durham Rd. @ 118 Commerce Dr., Roxboro, NC, 27573
Saturday, October 24

bounce-house-and-cornholeStrutmasters presented its 1st Annual Trunk-or-Treat Cruz-In and Motorcycle Ride on Saturday, October 24 here at the Strutmasters Warehouse and Auto Clinic. We had approximately 1,000 visitors; what a great turn-out! All types of cars, trucks, and motorcycles came to hang-out with their hoods up. Families came together to enjoy each other’s company, looking at cool rides, going on a cool ride, and enjoying all of the events we had here at the Trunk-or-Treat. At this free event, visitors got to play in all of the inflatable bouncy houses, hand-out candy, GET candy, go on a nice long motorcycle convoy, enter into raffles, and play in an officially-regulated 2v2 Cornhole Tournament. Adults were able to show-off their rides while kids had the fun of showing-off their costumes in our costume contest!

We would like to give a shout out to Kayla’s Kastles for hooking us up for this fall event.

We would like to give another shout out to the staff and members of Timberlake Cornhole League and Person County Cornhole League. They organized, officiated, and ran our 2v2 Cornhole Tournament. Even after the Trunk-Or-Treat ended, these guys still stuck around so that people could stay and play and have a good time!

We would really like to take this opportunity to thank our biggest supporters. If it wasn’t for these guys, none of this would have been possible. Thanks to the following contributors and to the public for raising $3,000 for Bob’s Buddies pediatric brain tumor charity!

Burnette Automotive

Burnette Automotive

Triangle North Realty




Bob’s Buddies

Bob's Buddies

Last, but not least thank you to Ho-b Max for bringing out the Traxx cars and race track! Everyone had a GREAT time! Also, thanks a ton for this awesome drone footage! Please go check out Ho-b Max for all of your RC and RC track needs!

Spotlight: 1992-2011 Mercury Grand Marquis Suspension

Featured Vehicle
Mercury Grand Marquis 1992-2011

Get to Know the 1992-2011 Mercury Grand Marquis

The 1992-2011 Mercury Grand Marquis is one of the most widely recognizable vehicles in the history of the automobile. While the Grand Marquis is almost identical to the Lincoln Town Car and Ford Crown Vic, it is usually viewed as an upgrade to the Ford Taurus by Taurus owners due to better visibility, a digital dash, and a much more comfortable ride with a rear air suspension system.

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New Product: 2005-2006 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator FX3M


New FXFM Conversion Kit for 2005-2006 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator

Strutmasters is pleased to announce the arrival of the long-awaited suspension warning message removal module for the 2005-2006 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator! Our customers have literally been asking us to make this for years! Well, here it is! Just like the module for the 2003-2004 Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition, this module is $399 on its own. But when bundled with the (4) coilover struts with Eibach coil springs, the whole kit is only $629!
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Introducing the $1,000 Monthly Raffle by Strutmasters


You Can Win $1,000 Every Month, and Here’s How

Would you like to help someone you know win $1,000? Heck, would YOU like to win $1,000? If you’ve said yes, then continue reading how. If you said no….well, let’s face it… said yes. What would you say if we told you that Strutmasters WANTS to give you or someone you know the chance to win $1,000 every month! Strutmasters is having a FREE raffle every month for $1,000. You see, we are all about cars, trucks, suspension and suspension conversion kits here at Strutmasters, but something we love even more is helping people with their suspension problems.
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1st Annual Strutmasters Trunk or Treat Cruz-In and Motorcycle Ride

Strutmasters located off Old Durham Rd. @ 118 Commerce Dr., Roxboro, NC, 27573
Saturday, October 24
Motorcycle Ride Kickstands up @ 11am $15 single $20 double
Time: Cruz in – 11AM to 4PM

Come Out and Enjoy a Great Time!

bounce-house-and-cornholeStrutmasters presents our 1st Annual Trunk or Treat Cruz-In and Motorcycle Ride on Saturday, October 24 hosted right here at the Strutmasters Warehouse and Auto Clinic. All cars, trucks, and Motorcycles are welcome. We will be having live entertainment, inflatable bouncy houses for the kids, food trucks, costume contest and much more.

We would like to give a big s/o to Kayla’s Kastles for hooking us up for this fall event. Check them out in our photos on Facebook from our 1st Annual Car Show Album.

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Custom Motorcycle Suspension on


Motorcycle Custom Suspension on!

Strutmasters repairs and sells a wide array of suspension components. The variety of suspension parts we sell are growing every day. However, the fact remains, the suspension parts that Strutmasters has always designed and constructed has been the revolutionary active-to-non-active conversion kits. Ladies, and Gentlemen, not anymore! We are now branching out into the world of passive-to-active suspension.

While Strutmasters remains a firm believer that coil springs, MacPherson strut assemblies, and non-electronic hydraulic and gas shock absorbers are safer, easier to install, and more reliable suspension components than air suspension systems, we will admit there are just some things air suspension systems can do that passive systems can’t….like changing your ride height at the touch of a button. Well, we are taking a crack at this portion of the industry. Strutmasters now offers its very own custom air suspension lowering kits…..for Motorcycles! That’s right, we are now making custom air suspension systems AND making products for Motorcycles. Now announcing the Low Life Motorcycle Air Suspension product line from Strutmasters.
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