Monroe Air Suspension Parts and Air Suspension Conversion Kits

Check out our enormous selection of Monroe shocks and struts!

  • Monroe OESpectrum Shocks and Struts
    Monroe OESpectrum Shocks and Struts
    are a great OE replacement for your vehicles’ worn-out struts and shocks. The OESpectrum series is now used for all vehicles, both foreign and domestic. Use these if you are looking to revitalize your original ride.

  • Monroe Reflex Shocks and Struts
    Monroe Reflex Shocks and Struts Are a great OE replacement for your worn-out struts and shocks on your truck or SUV. The Reflex series offers an OE replacement ride utilizing their ASD twin-tube design or an upgraded ride with their Reflex Monotube line.

  • Monroe Quick-Struts
    Monroe Quick-Struts
    Are the quickest way to replace failed struts or their coil springs. A simple swap out saves you time and money on both parts and labor when replacing your worn struts with these OESpectrum coilover strut assemblies.

  • Monroe Econo-Matic Strut Inventory
    Monroe Econo-Matic Strut Assemblies are the most affordable way to replace your struts in their entirety! This is Monroe’s most economical Quick-Strut!

  • Monroe Gas-Magnum Shocks
    Monroe Gas-Magnum Shocks are the largest shocks Monroe has to offer. These bad boys offer proportional damping based on the speed of vehicle-to-road impact through their Velocity Proportional Valving
    technology. Outfit your light truck, jeep, or SUV with these massive shocks today!

  • Monroe Max-Air Shocks
    Monroe Max-Air Shocks are manually adjustable air shocks that allow you to better customize your ride whether towing, hauling, or need a softer ride with a full vehicle.

  • Monro-Matic Plus Shocks and Struts
    Monroe Monro-Matic Plus Shocks and Struts are the most economical replacements for your worn-out struts and shocks.

  • Monroe Specialty Electronic and Air Shocks
    Monroe Specialty Electronic and Air Shocks and Struts are simple direct replacements for your vehicle’s active suspension system whether it’s electronic, air, or both.

  • Monroe Strut-Mate Mounting Kits
    Monroe Strut-Mate Mounting Kit are direct replacements for your upper strut mounts, hardware, or dust boots.

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