1987-1990 Pontiac Bonneville Front Conversion Kit Installation Manual

1987-1990 Pontiac Bonneville Front Conversion Kit Installation Manual

Take a look at our easy-to-follow 1987-1990 Pontiac Bonneville Front Conversion Kit Installation Manual to learn how to install your new Strutmasters air suspension conversion kit. Our step-by-step instructions include pictures to help you along the way.

Pontiac Bonneville parts included in this kit:

  • 2 Coil over struts assemblies

Getting Started

  1. Read general service precautions
  2. Wear Eye Protection
  3. Support the vehicle
  4. Remove air suspension parts
  5. Install conversion kit
  6. Disable the ride control light

Tools needed for installation:

  • Metric socket set
  • Floor Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Metric Wrench Set
  • Screw Drivers (Phillips and Flat Head)
  • Wire Cutter/Stripper/Crimping Tool
  • Level Work Surface
  • Spring Compressor (If Applicable)
  • Allen Wrenches

Front Strut Removal InstructionsStep 1

Caution: A sudden release of pressure may cause personal injury or damage to the vehicle. The air suspension system is under pressure until the air supply lines are disconnected. Use the following precautions when servicing the air suspension system: Wear gloves, ear protection, and eye protection. Wrap a clean cloth around the air supply lines. The vehicle must be raised to perform this conversion! Use proper lifting equipment only! Read instructions carefully before attempting installation, if you have problems during the install then feel free to call our Technical Support Line. Please before calling for technical help, have your invoice handy.

  1. Raise and support the vehicle.
  2. Remove the wheels.
  3. Remove (3) nuts securing strut mount to body.
  4. Support the steering knuckle.
  5. NOTE: Whenever working near the drive axles, care must be taken to prevent inner tri-pot joints from being overextended. Overextension of the joint could result in separation of internal components which could go undetected and result in failure of the joint. Care should be taken to avoid scratching or cracking the spring coating when handling the front suspension coil spring. Damage can cause premature failure.

  6. Disconnect electronic suspension electrical connector leading to the strut. Depending on the model this may be located on either the top of the strut, or inside the inner fender apron.
  7. Disconnect link rod at lower control arm for road sensing suspension (if equipped).
  8. Mark strut in relation to steering knuckle for installation. (On some models the lower strut to the steering knuckle bolt serves as the Camber (alignment) set point). Mark old strut here, try to match new strut As closely as possible. NOTE: A 4 wheel alignment is recommended when completed.
  9. Remove brake line bracket and abs bracket from the strut.
  10. Remove stabilizer link from strut ( if equipped). Be sure to keep supporting the Steering knuckle to prevent Damage to drive shaft joints, if front wheel Drive vehicle.
  11. You may need to unplug the wheel speed Sensor wire. Use caution to prevent Damaging the wire or the connector.
  12. Remove the nut and bolts securing the strut to the steering knuckle. Support the steering knuckle.
  13. While pulling towards you and pushing on the strut, remove the bottom strut mount from the steering knuckle.
  14. Remove the old strut from the vehicle.

Front Strut Installation InstructionsStep 2

  1. Install the new strut sliding the Bottom through first to clear the fender.
  2. Push up and align the top studs, Start the nuts on the studs, do Not tighten yet.
  3. Install and tighten the bolts Holding the strut to the Steering knuckle. Tighten the upper studs at this Time.
  4. Installation is now completed, reinstall wheels and set vehicle on ground.