2000-2006 BMW X5 Four Wheel Conversion Kit Installation Manual

2000-2006 BMW X5 Four Wheel Conversion Kit Installation Manual

Take a look at our easy-to-follow 2000-2006 BMW X5 Four Wheel Conversion Kit Installation Manual to learn how to install your new Strutmasters air suspension conversion kit. Our step-by-step instructions include pictures to help you along the way.

BMW X5 parts included in this kit:

  • 2 Front Strut Assemblies
  • 2 Rear Springs
  • Shocks
  • Hardware Package

Getting Started

  1. Read general service precautions
  2. Wear Eye Protection
  3. Support the vehicle
  4. Remove air suspension parts
  5. Install conversion kit

Tools needed for installation:

  • Metric sockets and wrenches
  • Floor Jack with stands or lift with hands
  • Level work surface
  • Spring Compressor (If Applicable)
  • General Tools / Air Tools
  • Helper

Front Air Strut Removal InstructionsStep 1

Caution: A sudden release of pressure may cause personal injury or damage to the vehicle. The air suspension system is under pressure until the air supply lines are disconnected. Use the following precautions when servicing the air suspension system: Wear gloves, ear protection, and eye protection. Wrap a clean cloth around the air supply lines. The vehicle must be raised to perform this conversion! Use proper lifting equipment only! Read instructions carefully before attempting installation, if you have problems during the install then feel free to call our Technical Support Line. Please before calling for technical help, have your invoice handy.

  1. Open hood. Then raise vehicle high enough to remove tires. Support vehicle!
  2. Locate the wiper washer reservoir on the passenger side. Fig 1.
  3. Remove the two retaining nuts and lift the tank off the studs moving it over towards the engine. Fig 2 & 3
  4. Remove two of the three strut retaining nuts. Just loosen third nut for now. Fig 4. (Do the same on the drivers side).
  5. In the wheel well locate the brake line that is attached to the lower portion of the air strut and remove retaining clip. Fig 5.
  6. Remove the brake line from the air strut. Fig 6.
  7. Remove the sway bar link nut at the lower portion of the air strut Fig 7.
  8. Remove link from the air strut bracket. Fig 8.
  9. Support the lower control arm with a stand or jack before the next step.
  10. Remove the air struts lower bracket to hub bolts.Fig 9 & 10. Do not allow hub to fall outward as damage to the CV joints may occur.
  11. Separate the air struts lower mounting bracket from the hub mount.
  12. While holding the lower portion of the air strut have a helper remove the remaining loosened stud nut from above. Fig 11 & 12.
  13. Slowly lower the air strut to see the air line at the top. Fig 13
  14. Using a 10mm wrench loosen the air line to relieve any pressure, then completely remove air line. Fig 13
  15. Remove air strut, then repeat steps on opposite side of vehicle. (Removal Complete)

Front Conversion Kit InstallationStep 2

  1. Before installing struts you will need to fold over and pinch the air lines you removed from the air struts. Put zip ties on the line as in Fig 1
  2. Tuck the pinched line away from any moving parts.
  3. Remove strut from box and check for left and right markings at top of the strut. (Sway bar bracket to front of vehicle)
  4. After choosing a strut remove the nuts and washers from the top studs.
  5. With a helper place strut up into vehicle while aligning the strut studs to fit into the stud holes. Fig 2
  6. Have your helper place the washers and nuts on the studs while you are holding the strut in place. Fig 3
  7. Before tightening the nuts on the studs make sure the allen head falls into the alignment hole as in Fig 3. Then tighten the nuts.
  8. Place hub mount into lower strut bracket. Align the holes by raising or lowering the hub with your jack or stand. Fig 4
  9. Install the hub bolts along with wire bracket. Fig 5
  10. Tighten bolts to factory specs. Fig 6
  11. Install sway bar link into bracket and tighten nut. Fig 7
  12. Install brake line into bracket along with clip. Fig 8
  13. Repeat steps 1-12 on opposite side. Then reinstall reservoir on passenger side. Install wheels and torque to factory specs.

Front kit install is now complete.

Rear Air Bag & Shock Removal InstructionsStep 3

  1. Support vehicle on lift or jack stands before releasing air pressure from air bags in the following steps.
  2. Open rear hatch and remove spare tire cover panel.
  3. Remove the plastic pieces on each side of the tire. Fig 1.
  4. Remove the small air line going into the black tank. Fig 2.
  5. Pull up the rubber boot that has the large black air line in it. Fig 3.
  6. The brass fitting with the black clip needs to be removed by pinching the clip together and pulling the line up. Fig 3.
  7. You can either remove the black canister or just cut the black line at the canister for clearance.
  8. Remove the two metal clips that hold the top of the bag. Fig 4.
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 on opposite side.
  10. Under the second rubber boot is the upper shock mount. Remove boot. Fig 5
  11. Remove the three stud nuts to allow the shock to drop down when vehicle is raised to remove wheels. Repeat on opposite side.
  12. Raise vehicle and remove wheels.
  13. Under the air bag is a retaining clip this clip needs to be removed. Fig 6
  14. Remove air bag. Fig 7
  15. Remove the lower shock bolt and remove shock. Fig 8
  16. Repeat 13-15 on opposite side. Removal is complete.

Rear Conversion Kit InstallationStep 4

  1. Remove track bar nut and remove track bar from hub. Fig 1 ( This is the bar toward the front of the vehicle.)
  2. Remove the lower sway bar link nut and remove link from lower control arm. Fig 2.
  3. Remove the height sensor arm from the lower control arm. Fig 3
  4. From the new hardware package remove the plate assembly. Fig 4
  5. Take the assembly apart until you are left with the bolt with the rubber bushing and washer. Fig 5
  6. Spray the bushing on the bolt with some lubricant, then install the bolt from the underside of the spring pad. Fig 6.
  7. Make sure bushing is seated up into the hole. Fig 7
  8. Now place the metal plate over the bolt. Fig 8
  9. Now the black puck, followed by washers and nut as in Fig 9
  10. Tighten bolt assembly. Fig 10 Then place the rubber isolator over the puck with the step towards the rear. Fig 11
  11. Take the black puck with the thin rubber ring from the hardware package. Fig 12
  12. Remove the nut and large washer from the bolt. Remove rubber ring from the puck.
  13. Place this puck with the cut out groove facing up. Fig 13 into the upper spring pocket Fig 14 The cut groove in the puck should fit onto the ring.
  14. With a helper inside the vehicle, place the bolt with washer from the underside up through the puck and into the vehicle. Fig 15
  15. Have your helper place the large washer, loc washer and nut on to the bolt inside the vehicle. Fig 16
  16. Tighten the assembly. Fig 17
  17. Place the rubber ring over the upper puck as in Fig 18
  18. With the upper and lower assemblies tight you are now ready to install the spring.
  19. With a pry bar have a helper pry the lower control arm down while you position the spring up in to the pocket over the upper puck. ( Make sure writing on spring is not upside down). Fig 19
  20. Seat the lower portion of the spring onto the lower rubber isolator with the end of the spring seated in the step facing rear of vehicle. Fig 20
  21. With the spring seated, let off on the pry bar. ( Double check the seating of the spring upper and lower.)
  22. Reconnect height sensor, sway bar link and track bar.
  23. Repeat steps 1-21 on opposite side of vehicle.
  24. New Shock Installation

  25. The new shock installation will require the old shock upper mount and bump stop be put on the new shock.
  26. Remove the nut from the top of the old shock. Fig 1
  27. Remove the washer the mount then the metal cup and finally the rubber bump stop with boot.
  28. Install in reverse order on the new shock. Fig 2-8
  29. Tighten nut on shock. Fig 7
  30. With your helper install the new shock assembly into the vehicle starting with the upper portion first.
  31. Tighten the three stud nuts in the vehicle and replace the rubber cover.
  32. Fold over and pinch the small air line that was removed from the black tank. Put a couple of zip ties on to hold the fold. Fig 9
  33. With a jack or stand raise the lower control arm up until you can install the lower shock bolt. Fig 10 Tighten the shock bolt.
  34. Repeat steps 1-7 on opposite side of vehicle.
  35. Double check that all nuts and bolts are tight, then install both rear wheels and torque lug nuts to factory specs. Install rear trim pieces and panels. (Installation complete!) STRUTMASTERS Highly recommends having a four wheel alignment done to insure proper safety and tire wear.

Installation now complete.