2003-2009 Mercedes-Benz E320 RWD Wagon Front Conversion Kit Installation Manual

Take a look at our easy-to-follow 2003-2009 Mercedes-Benz E320 RWD Wagon Front Conversion Kit Installation Manual to learn how to install your new Strutmasters air suspension conversion kit. Our step-by-step instructions include pictures to help you along the way.

Mercedes-Benz E320 RWD Wagon parts included in this kit:

  • MI14F: 2 Coilover Strut Assemblies, 2 Eibach coil springs, 2 mounts, 2 pucks, and 2 gas/hydraulic shocks.
  • MI14FM: 2 Coilover Strut Assemblies, 2 Eibach coil springs, 2 mounts, 2 pucks, 2 gas/hydraulic shocks, and a suspension light disarm module.

Getting Started

  1. Disconnect Battery
  2. Read general service precautions
  3. Wear Eye Protection
  4. Support the vehicle
  5. Remove air suspension parts
  6. Install conversion kit

Tools needed for installation:

  • Metric sockets
  • Metric wrenches
  • Floor jack or vehicle lift
  • Level work surface
  • Jack stands
  • Screw drivers (Phillips and Flat-Head)
  • Allen wrenches and metric torque bits.
  • Pry Bar
  • General Tools

Preparation for Removing Front Air StrutsStep 1

Caution: A sudden release of pressure may cause personal injury or damage to the vehicle. The air suspension system is under pressure until the air supply lines are disconnected. Use the following precautions when servicing the air suspension system: Wear gloves, ear protection, and eye protection. Wrap a clean cloth around the air supply lines. The vehicle must be raised to perform this conversion! Use proper lifting equipment only! Read instructions carefully before attempting installation, if you have problems during the install then feel free to call our Technical Support Line. Please before calling for technical help, have your invoice handy.

  1. Locate battery in trunk. Disconnect (-) negative cable from battery.
  2. Locate under hood fuse box on driver side, near bottom of wind shield, see Fig 1.
  3. Remove compressor relay K67 at rear corner by pulling straight up. See Fig 2.
  4. CAUTION: Front struts and must be emptied using STARS DIAGNOSIS. If this is not available loosen each air fitting slowly to allow air pressure to escape.
  5. Unplug wire harness from top of strut (Fig 3). Loosen air line to allow any residual air pressure to escape, then remove line from strut. Remove the three strut mount nuts.

Front Air Strut Removal InstructionsStep 2

  1. Raise vehicle with wheels straight ahead. Remove front wheels.
  2. Remove front fender forward section of wheel liner. See Fig 1.
  3. Disconnect struts electrical connector. See Fig 2.
  4. Unscrew upper control arm ball joint nut. Separate control arm from steering knuckle. Fig 3 & Fig 4.
  5. Remove lower strut bolt at lower control arm.
  6. Remove strut from vehicle.

Front Conversion Kit InstallationStep 3

  1. Install new strut through upper control arm, align upper studs to go through upper fender mounting holes. Install nuts loosely onto studs. See Fig 1.
  2. Using a pry bar, lightly pry down lower control arm to allow lower strut mount to fit into position over arm . Install original bolt through strut and arm install nut and tighten to 80 ft lbs. See Fig 2.
  3. Reassemble upper control armto steering knuckle, tighten to 50 ft lbs. See Fig 3.
  4. Tighten upper strut mount nuts. Replace inner fender liner. Double check all bolts to be tight. Mount wheels, tighten lug nuts to factory specs.
  5. Zip tie air lines away from any moving parts or exhaust pipes.

Front Conversion Kit installation complete.

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