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Fits: 1966-1979 Ford F-100 Truck (Rear) (4WD)

Note: For heavy loads and commercial use vehicles

This rear replacement bellow is the exact replacement for the original Air Lift Load Lifter Load Lifter air spring for your Ford F-100 Pickup. This bellow gives great leveling for your F-100 Truck.

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Enhance Ford F-100 Truck (4WD) Suspension

Air Lift also offers you availability to all of their parts and pieces inventory. This allows you to only repair what is needed to be fixed, and nothing more. From Commercial Vehicle service parts to air tanks and blow-off valves, this allows you the customer to custom build your own Ford F-100 Truck (4WD) air kit for your own specific needs!

Prevent Ford F-100 Truck (4WD) Future Repair Costs

Avoid buying from companies that are in the habit of shipping you overpriced Ford F-100 Truck (4WD) repair kits or replacement kits. These usually come at a greater cost than the items than they are replacing. Air Lift keeps it simple: if it’s broken, replace it, if it’s not, they won’t send it to you and you shouldn’t pay for it.

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1966-1979 Ford F-100 Truck (4WD)

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