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Fits: 1977-1981 Pontiac Catalina Wagon (Rear)

The Monroe OESpectrum load adjusting shock absorber with PSD (Position Sensitive Damping) and the Safe Tech system improves the ride, handling, and safety of your Catalina Wagon

  • Application engineered valving
  • Heavy gauge calibrated spring
  • Extra control and comfort

A new pair of Monroe OESpectrum load adjusting shock absorbers can assist in maintaining ride height when up to 1,200 lbs of additional weight is loaded. These shocks are ideal for the Pontiac Catalina Wagon, especially if you carry varying loads or tow trailers.

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Why Choose Load-Adjusting Shock AbsorbersReady to Order

These coilover shocks are designed for Pontiac Catalina Wagon vehicles that haul heavy loads or tow trailers. Featuring ASD technology (Acceleration Sensitive Damping), they offer extra control when operating conditions get more demanding.

How Can These Shocks...Ready to Order

Fix Pontiac Catalina Wagon Suspension Problems?

Monroe’s Load Adjusting Shocks are designed to help fix a multitude of problems. If your rear springs are weakened, they can assist them in holding the vehicle up. The heavy-gauge spring is designed to hold up to an additional 1,100 lbs., so these shocks are perfect for frequent towers and haulers. They are designed for maximum performance without an increase in ride harshness. These shocks are ideal for assisting light trucks that have trouble towing without dropping the backend of your Pontiac Catalina Wagon.

Prevent Pontiac Catalina Wagon Future Repair Costs

Avoid the hassle of installing a complex Pontiac Catalina Wagon lift kit or load-leveling kit (and avoid paying someone else a ton to do it for you)! These coilover shocks are a simple bolt-off, bolt-on replacement for your current rear shocks, no spring compressor or special tools required. Save yourself or someone else the hassle, time, and money by fixing your towing and handling issues with these Monroe coilover shocks.

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1977-1981 Pontiac Catalina Wagon

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