1992-2006 Ford E-150 Van Monroe Max-Air Adjust Shocks (Rear) | SKU: MA777-486

Special Price: $85.95

Year: 1992-2006
Make: Ford
Model: E-150 Van
Manufacturer: Monroe
Product Type: Air Adjustable Shocks
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Why Choose Max-Air Air Adjustable Shocks

The Max-Air® shock absorber is ideal for Ford E-150 Van vehicles that haul heavy loads or tow trailers. Designed to maintain level vehicle height, they can be inflated or deflated as needed...from 20 psi to 150 psi with the vehicle loaded. A pair can maintain ride height when up to 1,100 lbs. of additional weight is loaded.

How Can These Shocks...

Fix Ford E-150 Van Suspension problems?

Monroe’s Max-Air Adjust shocks are an affordable solution to a multitude of rear-end suspension problems. They are a customizable and easily installable solution designed to solve leveling problems experienced during frequent towing with your Ford E-150 Van. They can be used on sportier rear-wheel drive cars to beef-up the damping in the rear of the vehicle. Simply bolt these shocks in place of your old shocks. Fill them up with air (up to 150 psi) utilizing the nozzle on the sides of the shock body and you’re ready to go! No need to adjust the air pressure until you want to adjust the ride again.

Prevent Ford E-150 Van Future Repair Costs

Trying to tow or haul over (or even up to) your vehicles’ GVWR can be not only costly, but dangerous. Putting that kind of stress on your Ford E-150 Van can warp your suspension springs permanently, wear-out your shocks and bushings, cause unnecessary scrapping, and cause you to have less control of your vehicle. Whether you tow or haul all the time, occasionally, or are even interested in the possibility, installing these shocks are about the fastest and most cost-effective way you can fix these issues before they even occur. Best of all, these air shocks allow you to customize your ride with minimal effort. Grab your pair, today!

These Shocks Fit

1992-2006 Ford E-150 Van

Product Notes

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Name: | Location: Nashville, TN United States

My air ride has gone out twice in the past, and I had enough. Air ride is expensive and inconvenient. My new Strutmaster conversion kit is awesome, and now I know I don’t have to shell out money for constant maintnence. Thanks Strutmasters

Name: | Location: Greenville, SC United States

Just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for the struts for my 2004 expedition. My friend that put them on said it was simple n now I dont have to worry about leaky air bags. Its a little higher n I love it.

Name: | Location: Crystal River, FL United States

I ordered a set of the coil springs and shocks to replace the back air gab system back there. It took me about 2 hrs I had all together, and I put it all back in there. Everything went in smooth, it worked perfectly. I pull a 6000lb boat with my truck. It works perfect, everything is nice and level, nice ride, everything you guys did was excellent and I really appreciate it. Thank you

Name: | Location: Huffman, TX

“Thanks a bunch for your product. We have a ’98 Navigator that went haywire with the rear air suspension. After hours of research on the internet, it seemed helpless to read all of the countless and unsuccessful testimonies trying to repair the factory air-suspensions. Then a race buddy of mine, recommended Strutmasters to me. He said he saw your ads at a Drag race event. Bamm! Instant success with your product. I ordered the coil spring kit for the rear air-suspension. My wife is thrilled with the ride. Before she was spittin’ teeth out (since the rear axle was riding on the bump-stops).

Thanks again. I am going to recommend your products to neighbor 7 houses down.”

Name: | Location: Bolingbrook, IL United States

“Everything went great with my air suspension conversion. My Navigator
rides better already and looks great. Price was good/ quick delivery/
easy install/ all parts needed were included/ truck rides great. I
would recommend u guys to anyone

Name: | Location: Paxton, IL United States

“Great experience, Seems to be a great product!

Chad Potter”

Name: | Location: McKinney, TX United States

Ordered shocks and struts for conversion. You had the lowest prices, shipping was very fast, and our car is running great.

Name: | Location: Jackson, MS

MUCH better than the OEM air ride. THANKS!

Name: | Location: FL, United States

“Dear Web Master,

I really appreciated the help I obtained from your technician, Lou. He fully explained the product and assured me that I would have no trouble finding a mechanic to make the install. The repair quote for replacement of the air suspension system on my Nav was over $3000 from Tires Plus, and finding your company and the conversion kit is a godsend. Thanks!


Name: | Location: Henderson, NV United States

Just installed the kit on my 2004 Navigator on Friday August 18, 2012. The ride is comperable, its not an air suspension however, it rides as smooth and handles great. I have test driven the new 2012 Navs with out the air suspension and hate the ride but am happy to say I still love the ride with this conversion. I love the way the truck sits up higher now and am looking forward to the first year in a long while when I can go to the mountains in the winter and not have the suspension lay down on me. I have the kneal down system on my Nav, I was not able to get the air fault to not come on so I just turned it off in the back and press reset when I get in every time. It is a small price to pay for no longer having to worry about that suspension. I highly recommend it… I did not try taking it to the dealer to have them reprogram the kneal down. I figured I would save the money and just press reset. If any one has gone that route and had success let me know I might swing for it…

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