1992-2006 Ford E-150 Van Monroe Max-Air Adjust Shocks (Rear)

1992-2006 Ford E-150 Van Monroe Max-Air Adjust Shocks (Rear) | SKU: MA777-486

Special Price: $85.95

Year: 1992-2006
Make: Ford
Model: E-150 Van
Manufacturer: Monroe
Product Type: Air Adjustable Shocks
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Why Choose Max-Air Air Adjustable Shocks

The Max-Air® shock absorber is ideal for Ford E-150 Van vehicles that haul heavy loads or tow trailers. Designed to maintain level vehicle height, they can be inflated or deflated as needed...from 20 psi to 150 psi with the vehicle loaded. A pair can maintain ride height when up to 1,100 lbs. of additional weight is loaded.

QuestionHow Can These Shocks...

Fix Ford E-150 Van Suspension problems?

Monroe’s Max-Air Adjust shocks are an affordable solution to a multitude of rear-end suspension problems. They are a customizable and easily installable solution designed to solve leveling problems experienced during frequent towing with your Ford E-150 Van. They can be used on sportier rear-wheel drive cars to beef-up the damping in the rear of the vehicle. Simply bolt these shocks in place of your old shocks. Fill them up with air (up to 150 psi) utilizing the nozzle on the sides of the shock body and you’re ready to go! No need to adjust the air pressure until you want to adjust the ride again.

Prevent Ford E-150 Van Future Repair Costs

Trying to tow or haul over (or even up to) your vehicles’ GVWR can be not only costly, but dangerous. Putting that kind of stress on your Ford E-150 Van can warp your suspension springs permanently, wear-out your shocks and bushings, cause unnecessary scrapping, and cause you to have less control of your vehicle. Whether you tow or haul all the time, occasionally, or are even interested in the possibility, installing these shocks are about the fastest and most cost-effective way you can fix these issues before they even occur. Best of all, these air shocks allow you to customize your ride with minimal effort. Grab your pair, today!

These Shocks Fit

1992-2006 Ford E-150 Van

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Name: | Location: Memphis, NY United States

I was very happy with the whole process and have told two people about your services. I want to buy front shocks before winter.

Name: | Location: Sapulpa, OK United States

On a positive note, the product is everything you promised. The X (what we call it) is standing up and rides good. Took about (2) hours to accomplish and I’m satisfied with your product. The light (mentioned above) is just annoying. I would include the website address to watch the video in your instruction manual. Sometimes it’s easier to see it done (at least for me). That’s about all I have for you. I would recommend your product to anyone having a similar problem.

Name: | Location: sevierville, TN United States

I traded a vehicle about a month ago for a 98 lincoln navigator, They told me the bags were flat but seeing how I’ve never had anything with bags i had no clue what they were talking about… lol… I soon found out. The ride home with the rearend sitting on the frame was the worst ride in my life. So I started looking around on how to fix it I’m not mechanically inclined, and i found myself on strutmasters website i ordered the kit for front and back with new shocks and then had to figure out how to install, well after many calls and no more money i had to do it myself remember I’m not mechanically inclined but i tell you it Could’nt have been easier i did the back one day and the front the next and man does it ride like a dream now just want to say thanks to Strutmasters without you all id be in and out of shops spending thousands but now I don’t have to worry about it thank you

Name: | Location: Crestview, FL United States

“r. Lofton,

I’m a retired (24 yrs) service disabled veteran who was just diagnosed with liver cancer. I installed the air bag spring conversion kit on my 95 Town Car in under two hours including rotating the tires with no problems. It was an easy install with excellent instructions. I had considered the purchase of your Air Bag complete kit (bags, drier, compressor) to keep it OEM because I couldn’t beat the price anywhere else. Even with a discount account at OREILLY’S, your price was $300 lower.

Thank You for a great product

Mike West”

Name: | Location: Cranberry twp, PA United States

I bought the Strutmaster springs for a 03-06 Ford Expedition along with the readylift 3″ lift/level kit. holy hell does my truck not only ride better, but with the lift and level it looks 1000x better!! i paid a fraction for these then what it would have cost me to replace my front and read left side air bags along with dealership hourly shop rates. the product itself is a 5/5, the service of strutmasters is a 4.5/5 the 0.5 knock off is it does not specify that the readylift kit was not packaged and shipped with my struts, it was only written on the invoice which, who really looks at those most of the time? not me thats for sure. but thats only minor. so anyhow, BUY IT NOW, theres no question about this product. they specialize in the replacement of airbags and if only 1 airbag is failing, replace them all with the struts. you’ll be glad you did :)

Name: | Location: Kailua, HI United States

(Product Code: -XN44-2-4) As always Strutmasters gets me the right parts and fast shipping even to me in Hawaii.Have only used Strutmasters for my company the last 8 years for all suspension kits.Jay is a super great and knowledgeable person.Kits even get better after time this one came with Eibach coils.Highly recommend Strutmasters to anyone looking for suspension components. Mahalo to the entire Strutmaster family for making quality kits at a great price and proper fit always.

Name: | Location: Wauwatosa, WI United States

“I love the product and the web site. I got good feedback from the guys. As far as the product and the ease of putting them in, great. I had a mech put them in and he loved them. Also the ride is great. My family didnt even notice it.

Brad Zeisse”

Name: | Location: Cape Coral, FL


I must say, I appreciate your conversion kit much more as did my mechanic. After the install was complete, he called me amazed that it was so simple. It’s the first time I have ever had a mechanic, who has done any kind of work on any vehicle I have owned, tell me that he was going to find it hard to charge me for more than an hours labor. And, he didn’t.
As a matter of fact, he fixed a leak in my transmission pan, did a diagnostic on a faulty heat sensor, trouble shot a leak in my power steering and installed your conversion kit all for $269.00. A national chain was going to charge me $240.00 just for the transmission pan alone. Needless to say, your product and it’s ease of install is quite impressive. Your website is easy to use, your prices are more than fair, the deliveries are on time, your follow-up is very professional, your order department personnel are very knowledgeable, you have everything I needed, what more is there? I’m really impressed with your whole set-up.

Keep up the excellent work.

Very sincerely,

Ed Binkley
A very satisfied customer.”

Name: | Location: moscow mills, MO United States

tried myself to install shocks but could not find a spring compressor for that small of coils. had my mechanic install shocks, he said it took 2 mechanics to install the shocks.i called tech support and they could not tell me where to find a spring compressor

Name: | Location: Kuusamo, Pohjois Pohjanmaa Finland

“…we want to thank you after all the trouble that we’ve had with the “”Expedition”” of our customer. Both are very content – the customer can use his car now also in wintertime and of cause ourselves because we have another satisfied customer thanks to team of strutmasters for prompt and perfect delivery!

The whole PÄTSI CREW from far north finland

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