1995-2002 Lincoln Continental Left Rear Air Spring Assembly

SKU: A-2212

Special Price: $84.00

Year: 1995-2002
Make: Lincoln
Model: Continental
Manufacturer: Strutmasters
Product Type: Air Suspension Replacement Part


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1995-2002 Lincoln Continental Left Rear Air Spring Assembly Product Details


  • 1995-2002 Lincoln Continental
  • Fits Left Rear

Additional Suspension Information

This new heavy duty air spring assembly is manufactured from 100% new material. Detailed installation guide included.

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Suspension Kits Reviews

Name: | Location: latta, SC United States

Best money I spent in a long time…No more air bag problems….Thanks Strutmasters….

Name: | Location:

“My ’90 continental has been flat for 4 weeks or so -all fours. I’ve already spent about $1500 on 2 Bagmaster struts and solenoids or other controllers on 2 separate service calls last year. Now I could be facing another one or two struts and possibly a compressor and drier.
OUCH ! But the worst part is that even if I replace ALL the parts there’ll be no guarantee to cover those parts in the event something goes wrong in 6 mos. or a year with the NEW parts never mind the unreplaced ones. No matter how much I spend I’m not covered beyond 3 mos or so. That’s what makes your new parts lifetime warranty so appealing. Thanks guys.”

Name: | Location: Lakewood, NJ United States

“you are the best. thanks, good service and shipping

Name: | Location: Misissauga, ON Canada

As the subject states however I was pleasantly surprised. The truck sits about 2″ higher which I think is normal. I believe it was riding too low to begin with do to all the issues I was having with the air ride. I am very happy with the handling and ride quality. I did the install myself and if you plan to do so make note: besides a good standard socket set including 15mm, 19mm, you will need a 30mm socket and wrench to get the coil bolt off. Also a good floor jack to raise this heavy truck and two heavy duty jack stands. A impact gun would be a big help for you as well to get the bolts off. I did the back two first then did the front two. The back went it super easy, the front I had to get the floor jack under the coil and jack it up just a tad to line up bolt hole but it was not a big deal otherwise. I am glad I took this route no more worrying about a bottomed out truck especially when I am up North somewhere towing my enclosed trailer with a bunch of ATV’s in the back.

Name: | Location: landsmeer, noord holland Netherlands

The strutmasters conversionkit had been installed on my 1997 continental(4-doors)by previous owner. I have some trouble with the righthand frontstrut, the upper rollbearing has some wear and became noisy, I took it appart ,cleaned it ,and installed new grease, the noise had gone for 80 percent.I may need to install new bearings on both frontstruts. I hope strutmasters delivers them. futhermore I,m happy with the system ,the coilsprings look as permancesprings, its o,k,

Name: | Location: Longmont, CO United States

Excellent! Good instructions and went on easily.

Name: | Location:


Name: | Location:
Name: | Location: Canyon, TX United States

“I just want to share my appreciation for your employee, Mandy Chubbuck. She was very helpful today, as I had a couple of questions concerning my installation. She was very persistant in assisting me in finding the answers. Thank you Mandy, and thank you Strutmasters for having employees like her.

Kenneth Joy”

Name: | Location:

I received the conversion kit on Monday, and today I put the new coil springs on. The directions were very good, and it wasn’t that bad a job; except I did have to acquire a few more hydraulic jacks from a friend. The car rides great, and my wife said it rode better than before. … Thanks for your help, and I have already referred you to other Lincoln owners. Thanks for your cooperation.

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