1995-2002 Lincoln Continental Left Rear Air Spring Assembly

SKU: A-2212

Special Price: $84.00

Year: 1995-2002
Make: Lincoln
Model: Continental
Manufacturer: Strutmasters
Product Type: Air Suspension Replacement Part


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1995-2002 Lincoln Continental Left Rear Air Spring Assembly Product Details


  • 1995-2002 Lincoln Continental
  • Fits Left Rear

Additional Suspension Information

This new heavy duty air spring assembly is manufactured from 100% new material. Detailed installation guide included.

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Suspension Kits Reviews

Name: | Location: Sault Ste. Marie, MI United States

I received the replacement kit and have had it installed. I am very pleased by your service and product. Thank you.

Name: | Location:

I dealth with Mike who was most professional and knowlegable. My 2001 Lincoln Navigator was leaning hard to the left with a blown air bag. Mike suggested the Coils Spring/Rear Shock replacement. The car now rides like a dream and I am forever out of worries about the air system breaking again! Thanks Mike!

Name: | Location: Highlands, TX United States

Two thumbs up! Their help department followed my order through, until I had received my shipment. I would highly recommend their shocks and air suspensions.

Name: | Location: Chapel Hill, NC United States

Thanks! After talking to Dustin in customer service I drove over to your shop and you guys are using my car to make a demo video. Good for me! This is the official road car for a group of guys use for various road trips. Can’t beat a Town Car for trunk space, interstate cruising, and leg room. It also beats paying “Fifty Grand” for something you can’t even get four golf bags in! smoke a good cigar in and spill a cold if something like that would happen. I did look into doing this myself but the rear shocks are difficult to go to and remove. The Town Car is BIG and being the 5 star shade tree that I am it is just to dangerous to jack up and work under with jack stands and such. The “Shake ah Twice” will be riding high when I come to pick her up Monday evening!! Can’t wait!!

Name: | Location: Kailua, HI United States

(Product Code: -XN44-2-4) As always Strutmasters gets me the right parts and fast shipping even to me in Hawaii.Have only used Strutmasters for my company the last 8 years for all suspension kits.Jay is a super great and knowledgeable person.Kits even get better after time this one came with Eibach coils.Highly recommend Strutmasters to anyone looking for suspension components. Mahalo to the entire Strutmaster family for making quality kits at a great price and proper fit always.

Name: | Location: Chambersburg, PA United States

I installed the kit in approximately 2 hours. Car rides so much better. Only problem I have is compressor still kicks on when rear end is a bit low. Instructions say to turn air ride switch back on after cutting wire to eliminate dash light. Don’t understand reason for that but minor issue.

Name: | Location: Newbern, NC United States

I have a 2003 Lincoln navigator in 2011 my truck sunk down the right side took it to Lincoln dealership cost me $1300.00 I had heard of the air conversion but didn’t want to give up the smooth ride that I was told I would be losing so around September 2012 the driver side goes down in the shop again another $1100.00 get it fixed and December 2013 same thing this time I was fed up same problem that I was having with this truck so I decided to give strutmasters a call placed the order on thurs got the materials on Monday I purchased the conversion and suspension kit installed it myself easy to do just had to rent the tools for the inner tie rod and the ball joints now my truck is back on the road and riding like brand new cant tell the difference and it has over 200,000 miles the time trust me don’t believe what you have heard try it yourself I’m very pleased thank you strutmasters

Name: | Location: Baton Rouge, LA United States

I got this kit installed and my Navi sits at perfect height now. After many problems with the Factory air bag setup, I just got fed up with the prices and the many problems. This kit rides a little rougher than the factory air ride but I will have NO MORE PROBLEMS WITH THE SUSPENSION ANYMORE!

Name: | Location: Fort Collins, CO United States

“The height is just as the factory ment it to be. I no longer scrape and don’t have to keep fixing broken muffler ends.
Do not hesitate to get these, you’ll fall in love with your towncar all over again. I am now driving my Towncar more than my 2007 Toyota.

Name: | Location: St Louis, MO United States

The air bags were leaking real bad and I choose the spring/shock conversion kit considering the age of the vehicle. I received my order very prompt and viewed the video on You tube. My mechanic took about 1:15 minutes on the right side and less than 1/2 hour on the left side. The normal height is back and the vehicle rides like new. Others had said to replace the old air bags would cost about $1600. The kit cost me $240 delivered and another $140 installation. I had been putting this off because of the previous quotes and I just could not afford the huge cost trying to pay for my grandson Little League baseball expenses and school. But due to Strut masters I will be able to buy that uniform and books for him. I am very pleased indeed.

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