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Fits:2001-2005 Chrysler Town & Country (Front)

When replacing your struts, it's important to replace any worn strut mounts. Monroe Strut Mate Mounting Kits are direct fit replacements designed to complement the ride control characteristics of Monroe struts.

Excludes Models With Nivomat Rear Suspension or Wheel Drive

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Fix Chrysler Town & Country Suspension Problems?

Guess what! Chrysler Town & Country struts can be repaired! Monroe’s Strut-Mate Mounting Kits are designed specifically to fix your OEM or OE-style struts. These repair kits include many vehicle-specific items such as new upper mounts, dust boots, hardware, or even replacement bearing plates. Monroe created these kits so that vehicle owners don’t have to feel like they need to cough up the money to replace entire strut assemblies when they have mount issues, and only the mount or mount components require replacing. Believe it or not, struts don’t always have to be replaced in their entirety. For instance, have a strut that bangs around slightly in the frame when hitting bumps? It’s possible that the hardware could just be worn and a simple new mount could be the fix for your Chrysler Town & Country. Or maybe you experience a “popping” sound or sensation when turning…..the issue could simply be a worn bearing plate is hitting the top of the coil spring. You may be able to simply replace that mount with a new mount with a pre-seated bearing plate. Whatever the problem may be, check first to see if a component replacement can simply solve the problem before jumping to replacing a whole strut.

Prevent Chrysler Town & Country Future Repair Costs

Avoid paying too much for struts! Don’t be fooled! Some mechanics may not want to deal with diagnosing your strut issue and tell you need a new assembly. Again, struts can be repaired! Whether replacing an upper mount, a coil spring, or the bare strut itself, you don’t always have to jump straight to needing a new Chrysler Town & Country full strut assembly. Why buy a $200 strut when a $35 mounting kit will fix your issue? Save money, save your ride, and remember there’s a reason Strutmasters uses Monroe. We know great suspension products when we see them and we’re “The Suspension Experts”®.

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2001-2005 Chrysler Town & Country

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