2003-2009 Hummer H2 Rear Air Suspension Conversion & Lift Kit (HA1R0L)

2003-2009 Hummer H2 Rear Air Suspension Conversion & Lift Kit (HA1R0L) | SKU: HA1R0L

Special Price: $469.00

Year: 2003-2009
Make: Hummer
Model: H2
Manufacturer: Strutmasters
Product Type: Rear Conversion Kit
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Kit Class: PREMIUM Warranty: LIFETIME

Convert Your Air Suspension To A Coil Spring Suspension. End Your Air Suspension Problems Forever...

Strutmasters 2003-2009 Hummer H2 Air To Coil Spring Conversion Kit With Front Lift Kit is the perfect solution to your air suspension problems. Designed to be very affordable, you can convert your air suspension to use standard shocks and coil springs for less than the price of replacing one air spring.

Conversion Kit Features

  • Saves Money
  • All New Components
  • Returns Vehicle To Factory Ride Height
  • More Reliable Than Air Suspensions
  • No Modifications Required To Install
  • Easy To Install
  • Premium Eibach Springs

Air Suspension Conversion Kit Includes

  • 2 Rear Eibach Springs
  • 1 Readylift 2.5" Lift Kit Set
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Detailed Instructions

This Conversion Kit Fits

2003 Hummer H2, 2004 Hummer H2, 2005 Hummer H2, 2006 Hummer H2, 2007 Hummer H2, 2008 Hummer H2, 2009 Hummer H2

Product Notes

  • To Add Shocks, Or A Load Leveling Kit To Your Order, Call 877-836-4648
  • If The Ride Light Is on, Call 877-836-4648 For More Information

Additional InfoAdditional Suspension Information

What kind of suspension does my 2003-2009 Hummer H2 have?

The 2003-2009 Hummer H2 is built with the following suspension components:

2003-2009 Hummer H2 Air Springs (x2)- (models with air suspension only). Commonly referred to as air bags, a plastic and rubber bag that is fitted on top of the strut that uses pressurized air as a cushion instead of a metal coil spring to hold a vehicle off of the ground and off of its wheels. These are the number one cause of all air suspension leaks. All air springs all go bad at about the same rate. If one is leaking, the others will not be far behind. For a proper repair, all of them need to be replaced at the same time .

2003-2009 Hummer H2 Shock Absorbers (x4)- a metal tubing filled with gas-charged hydraulic fluid that is connected to the wheel of a vehicle in order to reduce the effects of vertical travel on a rough surface which controls the bounciness, and therefore comfort, of a vehicle.

2003-2009 Hummer H2 Compressor Assembly- creates/sends pressurized to active suspension components. When the air suspension starts leaking, the compressor/pump starts working harder to try to keep the system inflated. By the time air suspension leaks down completely, sitting the vehicle on its tires, the compressor will either have failed or be well on its way to full failure. Buying replacement struts and taking the time to install them only to find out the compressor still needs to be replaced can be very frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive.

2003-2009 Hummer H2 Height Sensors (x4)- a linkage located near each wheel of a vehicle with any electronic suspension that, either mechanically or electronically, constantly measures the height of the vehicle, and reports this information back to the control module so that the computer can identify if changes in height need to be adjusted accordingly. The ride height sensor is a moving part, and like all moving parts, they will eventually wear out.

2003-2009 Hummer H2 Suspension Control Module- This vehicle is equipped with a suspension control module. This module is the brain of the suspension system and it reads all of the signals that are being sent by the height sensors and determines if the vehicle needs to be raised or lowered.

2003-2009 Hummer H2 O-rings- Although they are the least expensive parts of the air suspension, they are responsible for maintaining the seal where all of the air lines connect. Be sure to replace the O-rings when repairing any air suspension system.

How Do I Know If My 2003-2009 Hummer H2 Air Suspension Is Failing?

The most common signs of a leaking or failing air suspension are sudden noticeable uneven heights difference between different sides of the vehicle. Obvious signs of suspension failure are variances in the heights of the front and rear of the vehicle. Other signs could include a suspension warning message or light in the instrument cluster, or the air compressor no longer working or running way too often. The last thing to look for is your vehicle no longer being able to reach or maintain the proper ride height.

Why choose the Conversion Kit over replacing the air suspension system on your 2003-2009 Hummer H2?

We have already seen the assortment of parts that construct the air suspension system. Our conversion kit gets rid of having to depend on all of those parts functioning correctly and in sync. This conversion kit consists of (2) Eibach coil springs and (1) Readylift 2.5” Lift Kit Set. It normally only takes about an hour per wheel for installation, and is designed for DIYers! The conversion not only saves you time and frustration, it saves you lots of money. Now let’s take a look at the cost difference between choosing an air vs. a non-air suspension system. Here, we are going to compare three prices: the price for repairing your air suspension system at the dealer, the price for installing aftermarket air suspension parts on your vehicle, and the price of getting rid of the faulty air ride heartache and installing a brand new suspension conversion kit for the rear of your vehicle:

2003-2009 Hummer H2 Dealer Replacement Parts:

+ Front Shocks ($139/shock)

+ Rear Shocks ($189/shock)

+ Air Spring ($129/spring)

+ Air Compressor Assembly ($270)
= TOTAL: Over $1,180 (and that doesn’t even include replacing electronic components that are known to fail such as the height sensors).

Our 2003-2009 Hummer H2 Conversion Kit:

+ 2 Rear Eibach Springs

+ 1 Readylift 2.5 Lift Kit Set

+ Detailed Installation Instructions

+ Over-The-Phone Technical Support And A Limited Lifetime Warranty = Only $469 (plus s&h)

5 Great Reasons To Act Now

  • Conversion Kits Save You Money
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Quick And Easy Installation
  • Made In The USA
  • Frustration Eliminated Forever!

What Are You Waiting For

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(866) 597-2397

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ReviewsSuspension Kits Reviews

Name: | Location: Tahlequah, OK United States

“Thank you so much. I could not be happier with your product. I spent years dealing with rear air bag
leaks on my Hummer and paid high prices to dealerships to replace them. Finally I found your conversion kit and online video instructions. It was so easy even this first time female fixer did it herself in one day. (With a little husband supervision).

Name: | Location: schertz, TX United States

After air bag and compressor issues on my 2006 Hummer H2, I decided to start shopping for coil spring conv. Kits. Found the right kit at the best price from strutmasters.com. the springs went in without a problem, the ride height is perfect, and the truck handles like new! Oh yeah, I never have to worry about air suspension issues again. Problem solved!!!

Name: | Location: IN United States

Received the kit within a week. Installed it in two days. No more sagging rear suspension! Works great!

Name: | Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I just installed the Kit in my 2007 Hummer H2 SUT and will say that if I had not known that the suspension system was broken before, I´d never known the difference… now that the coils were installed. Wow! Great job and at great savings!

Name: | Location: greenbay , WI United States

“Customer service and product are top notch. I am have a hard time reseting the service air suspension message when i start it up.any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks strut master . Brett m. Vanrossum

Name: | Location: Minotola, NJ United States

I was a wreck when I first started. I was worried that my H2 was going to tip or something major was going to happen. I contacted strutmasters a couple days before the install for a walk through. He recommended spraying the parts down with PB Blaster. That worked like a charm! After getting the first side in, in the rear, my confidence grew. Impact wrench, breaker bar or torque wrench are a must. Love the product, and no more service air suspension light. The ride height looks a whole lot better!

Name: | Location: Ottawa, ON Canada

“I have a 2003 H2, took it to the dealer and was told the whole compressor assembly needed to be changed, as the compressor has a huge crack in it, they gave me an estimate of $4500 CDN, I then came to strutmasters.com to look for an alternate to air spring, well let me tell you I spoke to Fred who was very knowledgeable and he guided me with the right coil springs, I also decided to change all 4 shocks, the vehicle drives better than ever, it is nice and high and total cost $800 CDN with install, the shipping was fast and I was on the road in a very short time.

thanks very much Fred.



Name: | Location: Ashburn, VA United States

My rear air suspension went kaput and the dealer wanted $2500 to replace just the air compressor or about $1000 to convert to coils. Both prices are ludicrous! Thank goodness I researched and found StrutMasters! I was worried when I purchased the springs because I didn’t know how difficult it would be to do it myself, but I have to say that it wasn’t bad at all. I had both installed in a matter of 2-3 hours. The ride is great and the rear is off the stops. Thank you STRUTMASTERS!!!

Name: | Location: Hutchinson, KS United States

Purchased a set for my hummer h2 2004 a couple of months ago. Honestly I think the ride is the same or slightly better than before. My hummer stays lifted about 18 inches from the top of my wheel. It looks great!!! Would recommend to all hummer drivers. To fix it would have been about 2k, and that was taking it to a friend to fix. Paid 189.00+tax and the shop charged me 90.00 to install. Boom

Name: | Location: Leaf River, Illinois

“Just wanted to thank you for all your help converting my air suspension Hummer to coil springs. The beast actually seems to corner and ride better with the coils. The $297 I spent sure as hell beats the $2900 they wanted to replace the air system. When following your directions the entire job took less then 90 minutes, including mounting the 8 lug tires back on the truck. Will recommend your company to everyone. Please send me a catalog of all your products. It was great doing business with you and your company.

ps. The fixed hummer sure came in handy with the snow and ice yesterday and more expected this week.”

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