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Convert Your Air Suspension To A Coil Spring Suspension. End Your Air Suspension Problems Forever...

2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 Rear Air Suspension Conversion Kit is the perfect solution to your air suspension problems. Designed to be very affordable, you can convert your air suspension to use standard shocks and coil springs for less than the price of replacing one air spring.

Conversion Kit Features

  • Saves Money
  • All New Components
  • Ride Great
  • More Reliable Than Air Suspensions
  • No Modifications Required To Install
  • Easy To Install
  • Premium Eibach Springs

Air Suspension Conversion Kit Includes

  • 2 Rear Shocks
  • 2 Rear Eibach Springs
  • All Necessary Mounts
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Detailed Instructions

This Conversion Kit Fits

2003 Lexus GX 470, 2004 Lexus GX 470, 2005 Lexus GX 470, 2006 Lexus GX 470, 2007 Lexus GX 470, 2008 Lexus GX 470, 2009 Lexus GX 470

Product Notes

  • Complete Kit To Eliminate the Active Rear Suspension

Additional InfoAdditional Suspension Information

long-icon-savingsSavings With the StrutmastersReady to Order

After Market Replacement Parts:

+ Hydraulic Shocks ($499/shock)
+ Coil springs ($249/spring)
= TOTAL: Over $2,500 (and that doesn’t even include replacing electronic components that are known to fail such as the height sensors).

Strutmasters Conversion Kit:

+ 2 Rear Shocks
+ 2 Rear Eibach Springs
+ All Necessary Mounts
+ Detailed Installation Instructions
+ Over-The-Phone Technical Support And A Limited Lifetime Warranty =

Our Strutmasters Conversion Kit is only $357.00(plus s&h)!!!!


in Savings


Less Than Dealer

long-icon-xIs Your Suspension Failing? Ready to Order

How do I know if my 2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 Air Suspension is failing?

An inability of the 2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 to reach and maintain its proper ride height is a classic sign of a failed or leaking air suspension system. Look for any sudden height variance between different sides of the vehicle. One sagging end, one inflated end, a shifting lean from side to side, or a squatting appearance may all be present. These imbalances will eventually wear out the air compressor. When suspension failure is advanced, a warning light will illuminate on the instrument cluster. The Lexus GX 470 owner should have any suspension issue fixed as soon as possible to avoid a costly repair.

long-icon-questionWhy Choose Strutmasters?Ready to Order

Why choose the Conversion Kit over replacing the air suspension system on your 2003-2009 Lexus GX 470?

Strutmasters' air to non-air suspension conversion kit saves 2003-2009 Lexus GX owners time, frustration, and money when the air suspension system goes bad. The kit, made in America, gets rid of the complicated air components forever. It includes two rear shocks, two rear Eibach springs, and all necessary mounts. Customers appreciate the detailed instructions and online installation videos that help them get the kit installed in as little as one hour per wheel. The quality parts are more reliable than the original electrical components and they're backed by Strutmasters' Lifetime Limited Warranty. But the main reason most of our customers switch from air to non-air suspension using our kit is the low price. The kit costs a fraction of the price of dealership direct replacement and individual part replacement.

5 Great Reasons To Act Now

  • 2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 Conversion Kits Save You Money
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Quick And Easy Installation
  • Made In The USA
  • Frustration Eliminated Forever!

long-icon-gearVehicle ComponentsReady to Order

What kind of suspension does my 2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 have?

The 2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 is built with the following suspension components:

2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 Shock Absorbers (x4)- a metal tubing filled with gas-charged hydraulic fluid that is connected to the wheel of a vehicle in order to reduce the effects of vertical travel on a rough surface which controls the bounciness, and therefore comfort, of a vehicle.

2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 Coil Springs (x2)- Coil springs hold the vehicle up but be careful, they are rated for and designed to work with the rest of the suspension system, so when you change air shocks to passive shocks, then you will need a different rated coil spring that works well with the new type of shocks.

2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 Height Sensors (x2)- a linkage located near each wheel of a vehicle with any electronic suspension that, either mechanically or electronically, constantly measures the height of the vehicle, and reports this information back to the control module so that the computer can identify if changes in height need to be adjusted accordingly. The ride height sensor is a moving part, and like all moving parts, they will eventually wear out.

2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 Suspension Control Module- This vehicle is equipped with a suspension control module. This module is the brain of the suspension system and it reads all of the signals that are being sent by the height sensors and determines if the vehicle needs to be raised or lowered.

2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 O-rings- Although they are the least expensive parts of the air suspension, they are responsible for maintaining the seal where all of the air lines connect. Be sure to replace the O-rings when repairing any air suspension system.

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ReviewsSuspension Kits Reviews

Name: | Location: Agoura Hills, CA United States | SKU: TE1RB

At 120,000 miles, the conversion to Strutmasters coils from the Lexus air strut system was a no-brainer. The ride is virtually identical. The cost was ~1/3 the price of replacement OEM air struts. For the 8 years we’ve owned our 2005 GX470, we’ve never used the shock switch (comfort/sport) so losing the ability to adjust back & forth was not a concern. Our local mechanic had no trouble following the enclosed instructions and was impressed with the Strutmasters’ product.

Name: | Location: Wayland, MI United States | SKU: TE1RB

Just had my air shocks replaced with strutmasters spring and shock kit. The springs are not seated yet because it has been only a week but I am very happy with saving $1200.00!!!!!! Ride is slightly more harder than air shocks but I would purchase these again. Overall I am very happy with the purchase! Thanks for the option!! Lonnie



Name: | Location: Denare Beach, SK Canada | SKU: TE1RB

“your kit lived up to your discriptions and i am happy with the result.
as a canadian i am not a fan of ups. they are expensive and charge a brokerage fee which a shipper like usps does not. they also just put it in canada post(our answer to usps) after it arrived in canada so there isnt a speed of delivery gain. i hope you will, in the future consider allowing choice of shipping options to canada.
all in all im happy.

mal jacobson”

Name: | Location: Dunbarton, NH United States | SKU: TE1RB

“I am looking forward to receiving the kit tomorrow for the GX470, I will be installing them tomorrow night and hoping my wife likes the new ride. I will let you know if she doesn’t… 🙂
Once installed the ride seemed to mimic the OEM ride, the ride height appears to be right on, saved $1000 dollars to a total reinstall of the OEM Air ride parts (one shock alone is $600), I called in and the support was good. Thanks again the sales and support were awesome. (Thanks to Roy and Melanie)

Brian D. Rae”

Name: | Location: boaz | SKU: TE1RB

customer service so far is really good. seems like a good products.

Name: | Location: saint paul, MN United States | SKU: TE1RB

I purchased this kit to switch the air suspension to coil spring. It fits perfect with no modification needed. The install sheets had a box that blocks the top portion of the instruction. Plus the instruction is a copy and its so dark that it’s pretty useless. The instruction was too vague on how to disconnect the air lines. There are additional small clips you have to push outward away from the air lines before you can pull the air lines out. Thnx to my mechanically incline self, I was able to figure out out myself. The only thing missing is instruction on how to deactivate the air pump and to deactivate the now flashing dash light. I’ll give 5 stars for good product, 1 star for instructions, avg 3 stars.

Name: | Location: Aiea, HI United States | SKU: TE1RB

(Product Code: -GX470-R1-S) I received this rear suspension conversion kit and the instructions that came with it had a PDF text box on every page of the installation instructions which had blocked out the text for the install steps that was printed at the top of the page. I called and asked for an electronic copy by email, which I then had to copy and paste the instructions into a MS word document to view/read all the installation instructions. Installation was fairly easy with the proper tools and help (2 hours). We found that releasing the rear sway bar brackets made it easier to install the coils. Very happy with the ride and cost savings.

Name: | Location: Osceola, MO | SKU: TE1RB

This product is designed to replace the air lift system on our Lexus. It is a complete kit, ready with everything needed. The customer service that we received when ordering was thorough and helpful. The order was shipped in a very timely manner.

Name: | Location: Millbrae, CA | SKU: TE1RB

“I went online to see what parts i needed to fix the air suspension on my 2004 Lexus GX470 and when i saw this conversion kit and read some of the reviews about it, i figured it would be the perfect solution, I’m glad i made this choice since it solved all my problems and saved me a ton of money compared to the cost of the original Lexus parts, i would of needed, also the manager at the auto repair shop i took my car to, committed on what a nice kit this was since he also owned a GX470 of his own and this the first time he had seen this kit , also the lady who answered the phone Donielle, not only was she a sweetheart on the telephone but very knowledgeable about my problem and their products they sell. Thanks strutmasters you make a excellent product and have the right people to sell them. I would definitely give this product and your company 5 stars”

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