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Fits: 2004-2006 GMC Envoy XUV (2WD & 4WD) (Rear)

"Better Handling..."

The Reflex Monotube shock absorber is designed to replace your Envoy XUV OEM monotube shock. This unit is engineered with a high pressure gas charge (240psi-260psi) for tight dampening response.
  • Faster response to changing road conditions
  • Excellent control
  • Great ride comfort
  • Long service life
Rear Coil Spring Suspension

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Why Choose Reflex Shocks and StrutsReady to Order

Ideal for larger light trucks and SUV’s, these upgraded monotube shocks and struts help to reduce vehicle roll and dive by providing enhanced stability during evasive maneuvers or tight turns in your GMC Envoy XUV. These struts and shocks combine specially tuned valving with a Fluon banded piston.

How Can These Shocks and Struts...Ready to Order

Enhance GMC Envoy XUV Suspension Performance?

Monroe’s Reflex monotube shocks and struts are for those looking for a beefier replacement than most OE truck shocks and struts, while the Reflex twin-tube designs offer an upgraded twin-tube design utilizing Monroe’s Fluon banded piston and ASD damping technology. Beef up your GMC Envoy XUV truck or SUV with these today!

Prevent GMC Envoy XUV Future Repair Costs

The damping abilities of the Reflex shocks and struts are not only designed to provide better ride quality, but also to enhance suspension performance. The internals are designed to help reduce problems while cornering or engaging in evasive maneuvers such as loss of traction or vehicle roll. The Monroe Reflex also increases front-end handling during braking by better preventing front-end diving. If you’re looking for a beefier, more responsive ride in your GMC Envoy XUV, Reflex by Monroe is for you.

These Shocks FitReady to Order

2004-2006 GMC Envoy XUV

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