2006-2013 Mercedes R-350 Rear Air Only Conversion Kit


Special Price: $599.00

Year: 2005-2013
Make: Mercedes Benz
Model: R350
Manufacturer: Strutmasters
Product Type: Rear Conversion Kit


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2006-2013 Mercedes R-350 Rear Air Only Conversion Kit Product Details


  • 2006 MERCEDES R-350
  • 2007 MERCEDES R-350
  • 2008 MERCEDES R-350
  • 2009 MERCEDES R-350
  • 2010 MERCEDES R-350
  • 2011 MERCEDES R-350
  • 2012 MERCEDES R-350
  • 2013 MERCEDES R-350

Convert Your AIR Suspension To A Coil Spring Suspension End Your Suspension Problems Forever...

Strutmasters 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Rear Conversion Kit is the perfect solution to your rear suspension problems. Designed to be very affordable, you can convert your rear suspension to use standard shocks and coil springs for less than the price of replacing one Air Spring. KIT CLASS: PREMIUM WARRANTY: LIFETIME


  • Saves Money
  • Replaces Your Rear Air System
  • All New Components
  • Rides Great
  • No Modifications Required To Install
  • Easy To Install
  • Premium Eibach Springs


  • 2 Rear Shocks
  • 2 Rear Eibach Springs
  • New Mounts
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Detailed Instructions

Product Notes:

  • Fits The W251 Chassis

Additional Suspension Information

What kind of suspension does my 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 have?

The 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 is built with the following rear suspension components: 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Electronic Shocks (x2)- shocks whose dampening capabilities are controlled by the suspension control module. 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Air Springs (x2)- commonly referred to as air bags, a plastic and rubber bag that is fitted on top of the strut that uses pressurized air as a cushion instead of a metal coil spring to hold a vehicle off of the ground and off of its wheels. These are the number one cause of all air suspension leaks. All air springs all go bad at about the same rate. If one is leaking, the others will not be far behind. For a proper repair, all of them need to be replaced at the same time. 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Height Sensors (x2)- a linkage located near each wheel of a vehicle with any electronic suspension that, either mechanically or electronically, constantly measures the height of the vehicle, and reports this information back to the control module so that the computer can identify if changes in height need to be adjusted accordingly. The ride height sensor is a moving part, and like all moving parts, they will eventually wear out. 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Air Lines- tubes that run from a compressor to the air springs, which carry pressurized air to the air bags. 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Solenoids (x2)- usually L-shaped, these plastic components connect the electrical connection and lines of suspension components to the suspension control module on vehicles with active suspension. The solenoid regulates the air pressure for each air spring. Solenoids start to leak as they wear out causing the vehicle to sag or to lean. This will cause the ride height sensor to send a signal to activate the compressor in an attempt to inflate the air suspension and level out the vehicle. This excessive work load will eventually lead to total failure of the compressor. 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Compressor Assembly- creates/sends pressurized air to active suspension components. When the air suspension starts leaking, the compressor/pump starts working harder to try to keep the system inflated. By the time air suspension leaks down completely, sitting the vehicle on its tires, the compressor will either have failed or be well on its way to full failure. Buying replacement struts and taking the time to install them only to find out the compressor still needs to be replaced can be very frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Suspension Control Module- a computer which is responsible for the operations of the air suspension system and maintaining the vehicle’s correct ride height. 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 O-rings- although they are the least expensive parts of the air suspension, they are responsible for maintaining the seal where all of the air lines connect. Be sure to replace the O-rings when repairing any air suspension system.

How Do I Know If My 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Suspension Is Failing?

The most common symptom of a leaking or failed air suspension is a sudden noticeable uneven height difference between different sides of the vehicle. The vehicle could have a sagging rear end or it could lean to the left side or right side, or the entire vehicle could be squatting down lower than normal. Other symptoms could include a suspension warning message or light in the instrument cluster, or the air compressor no longer working or running way too often (which would be very noisy and noticeable). The last major tip is your vehicle is no longer able to reach or maintain the proper ride height.

Why choose the Conversion Kit over replacing the air suspension system on your 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350?

We have already seen the assortment of parts that construct the air suspension system. Our conversion kit gets rid of having to depend on all of those parts functioning correctly and in sync. This conversion kit consists of (2) new Eibach coil springs with mounts, and (2) passive hydraulic fluid and gas shocks for the rear. It normally only takes about an hour per wheel for installation, and is designed for DIYers! The conversion not only saves you time and frustration, it saves you lots of money. Now let’s take a look at the cost difference between choosing an air vs. a non-air suspension system. Here, we are going to compare three prices: the price for repairing your air suspension system at the dealer, the price for installing aftermarket air suspension parts on your vehicle, and the price of getting rid of the faulty air ride heartache and installing a brand new coil-over suspension conversion kit:

2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Dealer Replacement parts:

+ Rear Electronic Shocks ($740/shock) + Rear Air/Hydraulic Spring ($430/spring) + Air Compressor Assembly ($540) = TOTAL: Over $2,800 (and that doesn’t even include replacing electronic components that are known to fail such as the height sensors).

2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Aftermarket air replacement parts:

+ Rear Electronic Shocks ($110/shock) + Rear Air/Hydraulic Spring ($190/spring) + Air Compressor Assembly ($680) = TOTAL: Over $1,200 (and that doesn’t even include replacing electronic components that are known to fail such as the height sensors).

Our 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 Conversion Kit:

+ (2) Eibach coil springs + (2) Rear passive hydraulic fluid shocks + Detailed installation instructions + Over-the-phone technical support and a Limited Lifetime Warranty = Only $599 (plus s&h). Choosing the rear air-suspension conversion kit for the 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R-350 saves YOU over $2,200! **Prices were quoted directly from an actual Mercedes-Benz Genuine Original Equipment Replacement Parts site, results may vary**

5 Great Reasons To Act Now

  • Conversion Kits Save You Money
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Quick And Easy Installation
  • Made In The USA
  • Frustration Eliminated Forever!

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Suspension Kits Reviews

Name: | Location: Toronto, ON Canada

Hi Angelo. I made the conversion and it was a success. The car rides well and the customer is very happy. I am so pleased you guys do such a good job and I’m looking forward to doing more business with you. Thanks for the great work.

Name: | Location: Melrose Park, PA United States

Was initially excited and pleased with purchasing the kit for my rear suspension. After my mechanic installed the kit we noticed the ride was very harsh, noisy and didn’t dampen the road. I had my mechanic take apart the interior to check that everything was installed properly and we contacted Rob in customer service. Rob sent a different set of struts but would not assist in the cost for my mechanics labor. I spoke with Ken in customer service and he also insisted that even if the original kit’s struts were defective or the wrong part, he was instructed by his Vice President that Strutmasters would not help pay the cost of reinstalling them. I now longer feel positive towards this company for their inflexible position in this matter. BE ADVISED BEFORE you consider any PURCHASE!

Name: | Location: Decatur, GA United States

I am so pleased I learned of strutmasters conversion kit. My car was sitting on the ground. It would have cost in excess of $6000 to repair. I fix with just over $2100, including labor. I still have the smooth ride and the security of never having to experience of the late night car failure.

Name: | Location: temple hills, MD United States

(Product Code: -MBENZ-4-S500) These guys have the best customer service…ordered the wrong part for my vehicle. Strutmasters quicky remedied the situation…was a pleasure doing business with you all..I would definitely recommend strutmasters

Name: | Location: Phoenix, AZ United States

I got this kit for my mechanic so i didn’t have to spend $1200 or more on hydraulic shocks. After replacing the old shocks, my 1995 S500 rides great. The only reason I gave this review 4 stars was because the mech said that it was a tough conversion and he did not see how it could be done in just a couple of hours (it took him about 7). From my perspective as the end user, it’s 5 stars all the way. The price was very reasonable (new shocks alone are about $110) and shipping was very fast.

Name: | Location: Brooklyn, NY United States

I recently purchased Struts and Shocks for my S500 and I must admit that’s the best decision I’ve made in years when it comes to fixing cars! I also needed advice w/the installation and when I spoke to the staff at StrutMasters I literally got a step by step lesson which I totally needed but was afraid to ask for!!! This experience has me looking for cars with busted air suspensions just so I can convert and make a BIG PROFIT!!!!!

Name: | Location: Bronx, NY United States

I already installed the conversion kit , and the car runs beautiful , Strutmaster save me money by going to md dealer and replacing air shocks at high prices , thank you

Name: | Location: Lawrenceville, GA United States

One of the upper pucks that centers the spring I received was not fully finished being machined. I called the tech line before you closed and got and answer machine Saturdhttp://sports.bluesombrero.com/mvaasportsay afternoon. I had to finish the work and drill the puck myself. After a phone call from you Monday morning, I emailed pics and a explanation. All I got was an “I’m sorry, sorry you had to do extra work”. Pretty frustration after spending $623 on a kit.

Name: | Location: Deer Park, NY United States

I did the Strutmasters coil over conversion on my ABC equipped 2001 S500. I’m very happy with the results and the ride is back to normal. I bought my car with an inactive ABC system and rather than pour thousands of dollars on an unreliable system, I decided to go with the Strutmasters conversion. Installation was overall very easy and straightforward however the only problem I ran into was that the front “quick disconnect” connections were frozen and not so quick to disconnect. After speaking with a Strutmasters tech, I was able to remove the entire line and plug from the valve. I was able to install the rear struts by myself even though they suggest 2 people. I just inserted the strut up into the strut tower and then I used my extra jack to support the strut while I tightened the 3 nuts on top of the strut inside the car. I drove the car around for a while to let things settle and then had my car aligned. This can all be done by the DIY’er in 1 afternoon.

Name: | Location: Durham, NC United States

Awesome shipping. I switch to non air struts because of the noise my pump was making. Jason at Strurmasters is the man,helped me out more then once and for half the price of going to the dealer and even have the switches to cut the message out.

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