Special Price: $759.00

Year: 2007-2013
Make: Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC
Model: 07-13 Avalanche 1500, 07-12 Escalade (including ESV & EXT), 07-13 Suburban 1500, 07-13 Tahoe, 07-13 Yukon & Yukon XL 1500
Manufacturer: Strutmasters
Product Type: 4 Wheel Conversion Kit


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Product Details

This Kit Fits:

  • 2007-2012 Cadillac Escalade
  • 2007-2012 Cadillac Escalade ESV
  • 2007-2012 Cadillac Escalade EXT
  • 2007-2013 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500
  • 2007-2013 Chevrolet Suburban 1500
  • 2007-2013 Chevrolet Tahoe
  • 2007-2013 GMC Yukon 1500
  • 2007-2013 GMC Yukon XL 1500

Convert Your Air Suspension To A Coil Spring Suspension
End Your Air Suspension Problems Forever...

Strutmasters 2007-2013 GM Full Size SUV 4 Wheel Air To Coil Spring Conversion Kit is the perfect solution to your suspension problems. Designed to be very affordable, you can convert your factory suspension to use standard shocks/struts and coil springs for less than the price of replacing one electronic strut.



  • Saves Money
  • All New Components
  • Rides Great
  • More Reliable Than Air Suspensions
  • No Modifications Required To Install
  • Easy To Install
  • Premium Eibach Springs
  • 2 Passive Rear Shocks
  • 2 Rear Eibach Springs
  • 2 Pre-Assembled, Complete Front Strut Assemblies With Eibach Springs
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Detailed Instructions
Product Notes:
  • Fits Standard, ESV and EXT Models

Additional Information

Replace Your Air Suspension With A Conversion Kit
And Save Up To 75% On The Cost Of Repairs.

Strutmasters conversion kits are designed to be direct replacements for your vehicle's air suspension. They require no modification to your vehicle and are designed to "bolt on" without any welding or cutting.

Installing a Strutmasters Conversion Kit is easy. If you can do a brake job, you can install this kit. Strutmasters can also help you find a local mechanic if you need one to do the installation for you.

Call Now If You Have Any Questions Or If You Want To Place An Order:


Is Your Check Suspension Light On?

Air Spring

Any one of these items could be the cause:

Air Spring: This is the number one cause of all air suspension leaks. All of your air springs were installed at the same time and they all go bad at about the same rate. If one is leaking, the others can't be far behind. For a proper repair, all of them need to be replaced at the same time.

Air Ride Suspension Compressor

Compressor/Air Pump: When your air suspension started leaking, your compressor/air pump started working harder to try to keep the system inflated. As the air system leaked more, it worked even harder. The compressor in your air suspension was not designed to work that hard. By the time your air suspension leaked down completely, your compressor had failed. Buying air struts and taking the time to install them only to find out you still need to replace your compressor can be very frustrating and expensive.

Air Ride Suspension Dryer

Dryer: Once your air suspension starts leaking, there will be moisture in the system. Moisture damages the air suspension from the inside. You will have to replace the dryer to eliminate the moisture and stop this damage.

Air Ride Suspension O Ring

O-rings: Although they are the least expensive parts of the air suspension, they are responsible for maintaining the seal where all the air lines connect. If you do any work on your air suspension, be sure to replace the O-rings. Air Suspension Ride Height Sensor

Ride Height Sensor: Chances are your vehicle has 100,000 miles on it, maybe more. The ride height sensor is a moving part, and like all moving parts, they will eventually wear out.

Air Suspension Solenoid

Solenoid: The solenoid regulates the air pressure for each air spring. Solenoids start to leak as they wear out causing your suspension to sag or to lean. This will cause the ride height sensor to send a signal to activate the compressor in an attempt to inflate the air suspension and level out the vehicle. This excessive work load will eventually lead to total failure of the compressor.

How Do I Know If My Air Suspension Is Failing?

The most common symptom of a leaking or failed air suspension is a sagging rear end or the entire vehicle is squatting down like the vehicles pictured below. Other clues include your air compressor is no longer working or is running way too often. The last major tip is your vehicle is no longer able to reach or maintain the proper ride height.

Mercedes-Benz With Failed Air Ride Suspension BMW With Failed Air Ride Suspension GMC With Failed Air Ride Suspension Ford With Failed Air Ride Suspension Toyota With Failed Air Ride Suspension

Why Do Air Suspensions Fail?

Leaking Air Ride Strut

The primary reason is the air bags that are part of the air spring are made out of rubber and they dry rot over a period of 5 to 7 years. They develop cracks and start to leak. Extreme heat and extreme cold accelerate the rate of decay, so if you live in the extreme north or the extreme south, your air suspension system will fail faster. There is no way to repair the air bag once it starts to leak, it has to be replaced.

After the systems starts leaking, the compressor is usually next to go. Most of the time, the compressor has actually failed before the owner notices there is a problem. The failure of the compressor triggers the check suspension light, but it is already too late. The extent of the repairs required at this point is very expensive.

Replacing A Leaking Air Strut Or A Failed Compressor Is Not Going To Fix Your Air Suspension Completely.

You Still Have Other Air Suspension Components That Will Also Need Replacing:

  • Other Air Struts/Air Shocks/Air Springs: All Of Your Air Struts/Air Shocks/Air Springs Were Installed At The Same Time And They All Go Bad At About The Same Rate. If One Is Already Leaking, The Others Can't Be Far Behind. For A Proper Repair, All Of Them Need To Be Replaced At The Same Time.

  • Dryer: Once Your Air Suspension Starts Leaking, There Will Be Moisture In The System. Moisture Damages The Air Suspension From The Inside. You Will Have To Replace The Dryer To Stop This Damage.

  • Compressor/Air Pump: When Your Air Suspension Started Leaking, Your Compressor/Air Pump Started Working Harder To Try To Keep The System Inflated. As The System Leaked More, It Worked Even Harder. The Compressor In Your Air Suspension Was Not Designed To Work That Hard. By The Time Your Air Suspension Leaks Down Completely, Your Compressor Has Failed. Buying Air Struts And Taking The Time To Install Them Only To Find Out You Still Need To Replace Your Compressor Can Be Very Frustrating And Expensive.

  • Ride Height Sensor: Chances Are Your Vehicle Has 100,000 miles On It, Maybe More. The Ride Height Sensor Is A Moving Part, And Like All Moving Parts, They Wear Out.

  • Solenoid: The Solenoid Regulates The Air Pressure For Each Air Strut/Air Shock/Air Spring. Solenoids Start To Leak As They Wear Out Causing Your Suspension To Sag Or To Lean. This Will Cause The Ride Height Sensor To Send A Signal To Activate The Compressor In An Attempt To Inflate The Air Suspension And Level Out The Vehicle. This Excessive Work Load Will Eventually Lead To Total Failure Of The Compressor.

Ignoring The Problem Is Not The Solution

Failure to repair your air suspension system can also lead to some major safety issues, such as an air spring blowing out while doing 75MPH could send the car into a spin. Really, really not good.

A faulty air suspension can cause loss of work, car rental, towing bills, excessive repair costs (especially by big car dealerships), and in general can be very frustrating and inconvenient to say the least. Bottom line: it can cost you big bucks.

"What The Dealer Won't Tell You..."

With the insider information I know today, I can assure you that the OEM parts will always fail and are just another way for car dealers to "line their pockets" at your expense.

Paying The Dealer For Air Ride Suspension Repairs

"Dealerships Have Used This Dirty Little Trick For Years..."

The dealerships and parts dealers want you to buy replacement parts because they know that your other air suspension and electronic parts are bound to fail in the very near future, forcing you to continue to buy more and more air suspension replacement parts over time. They make a killing as you grow more and more frustrated!

Man Stuck On The Road With No Car

The stark reality is that luxury car and SUV owners like you, have been left in the dark. These replacement parts are expensive and in most cases it will be necessary for you to pay a dealership a bundle of cash to install them. Increasing even more the cost to get your ride fixed. Many times, you will also have to rent a car because the dealership will take days to get your air suspension working properly.

The worst part about this whole situation is that you don't have a car, the dealership takes forever to fix your ride and then the dealership will use that against you and magically find lots of other parts that “have” to be fixed. You know because it's happened to you before or to someone you know.

Don't fall for their's not pretty once they have you. They will be laughing all the way to the bank. Please, don't let these guys take your hard earned money. You have another option, and Strutmasters has done all the hard work for you.

Wait! There's Good News...

You can avoid these high costs and all this frustration by installing a Strutmasters Ultimate Ride Conversion Suspension System developed specifically for your vehicle. Our conversion kit completely replaces your air suspension with a high quality coil spring suspension system. At the heart of this suspension system is our exclusive Eibach Springs. No other spring manufacturer matches the quality of Eibach. All of the components in this conversion kit were designed and manufactured in the United States and are made of the highest quality materials. Since Strutmasters uses only new components in its conversion kits, there is never a core charge.

When installed, you will not only be safe once again, but you will have that new ride feel as we put our Total Ride Satisfaction Promise on our air to non-air conversion kits. We know that you will love the ride and you're gonna love the dependability of this conversion kit.

Wow! Now Look At An Actual Customer Car With A Strutmasters Conversion Kit:

Lincoln After Strutmasters Conversion Kit

That's more like it! Now it's sitting at the correct height.

Satisfied Customer

No one else offers this level of service and quality. We have over 260,000 happy customers who have been using our suspension systems every day for over 10 years. We get tons of letters and e-mails every month thanking us for making this exclusive Air Suspension Conversion Kit available for your vehicle.

People tell us how great it is to have that new car ride back again and know that they can get many more years of use from their vehicle and have the confidence of being safe on the road. Do what thousands of others in your shoes have done and Beat The Air Suspension System by ordering your Strutmasters Ultimate Ride Conversion Suspension Kit today.

Still Not Convinced You Need To Upgrade To A Strutmasters Air Suspension Conversion Kit?

Consider This:

  • Auto Dealerships Have Been Installing Strutmasters Air Conversion Kits For Their Customers For Years! Even The Dealerships Recognize That Our Conversion Kits Are A Far Better Value Than Repairing An Air Suspension.

  • Strutmasters Air Conversion Kits Are Designed To Be A Direct Replacement For The Existing Air Suspension With No Modifications! This Makes Our Kits The Obvious Choice When A Customer Needs To Save Money On The Cost Of An Air Suspension Repair.

  • Strutmasters Air Conversion Kits Are The ONLY Kits Available With Eibach Springs! Eibach makes the finest performance springs in the world. Period. Eibach's Precision Tolerances Are The Tightest in the Industry. Eibach uses the world's finest Hi-Ten spring steel, produced to exceedingly precise tolerances. World-renowned German CNC coilers, as well as many unique machines engineered and built specifically by Eibach are used in every step of the manufacturing process. But it's not just about machines and technology: it's about people. Most notably, the Eibach Springmeisters, working at production plants in Germany and the USA: Talented, expert craftsmen, each committed to creating the finest race springs in the world.

  • Since The Air Struts Are Replaced With Coil Springs And Standard Struts, The Suspension Will Never Sag Again!

  • Strutmasters Makes Conversion Kits With Lift Kits For SUVs And Trucks!

  • Over 97% Of People Choose Conversion Kits Over Repairs!
Money Saved On Air Ride Conversion

5 Great Reasons To Act Now

  • Conversion Kits Save You Money
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Quick And Easy Installation
  • Made In The USA
  • Frustration Eliminated Forever!

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Customer Reviews

Name: | Location: Taunton, MA United States

“Thank you..Its all in and working like a charm….thanks again to you guys…

Tom Bernier”

Name: | Location: Troutville, VA United States

Just wanted to let you know that ordering was very simple and I appreciated the help with ordering the right part for my car. I have already installed the airlift 1000 and it works great. Very easy to install also. My vehicle carrys alot of weight. I will let you know if I have any problems. I do not anticipate any. Thanks again

Name: | Location: Columbus, OH United States

Thanks for your concern and would like to say Strutmasters and Cheryl did a fine job and package arrived on schedule. Very pleased and will definitely use and recommend your services when needed.

Name: | Location: Houston, TX United States

I talked to Brad at Strutmasters about converting my 2004 Cadillac Deville from air suspension to a coil spring suspension. After a brief conversation, Brad convinced me that making the conversion was THE perfect solution to my air suspension problems. My order was shipped UPS the next business day and arrived here in Houston three days later. Within a week my Cadillac was back on the road giving me a smooth ride once more. I am satisfied in all respects with Strutmasters’ service, the parts, the resulting performance of my car, and, last but not least, saving an estimated $2,000+.

Name: | Location: Round Lake, IL United States

Ok, so after looking around for replacement susp on my 98 Deville air-ride I came across Strutmasters, which seems to be a legit option to get my baby on the road running smooth. Wrong!! I’m driving it again, but I didn’t plan on spending almost 800$ on a 4-wheel convo kit that feels like I traded my 98 caddy for a 99 cavalier. Overall ride, feel, handling is just far, far inferior to Cadillacs original design. Basically these cars are too heavy for the slightly better than Napa grade struts you get in the kit. Seriously, for the money just keep saving up and buy OEM instead.. If you dont care about ride quality and just wanna get back on the road cheap and fast, then by all means, shell out the dough, and if you cant do it yourself, good luck finding someone to install this without spending a small fortune. I applaude the idea here in trying to eliminate the air ride systems, but factory engineers know what they are doing, and they put air-ride on for a reason. Because it works.

Name: | Location: San Antonio, TX United States

Angelo, your product (air bags) worked out great. My customer complimented how smooth the vehicle road after the intallation. Thank you for your concern and I will continue using Strutmaster products.

Name: | Location: Rocky Ford, CO United States

Did front & rear strut conversion from electronic to regular. Customer said he could tell the differents in ride quality & ride height is perfect. Highly recommended!

Name: | Location: Rochester Hills, MI United States

“I used the product to replace my faulty air ride shocks on my 06 Cadillac SRX. I had replaced one air ride shock 2 years ago for $600 but the same one went bad, So, I just decided to replace all the factory air ride shocks. A little different ride but not in a bad way. I sprung for the heavy duty ones for my trailer (boat and utility).
I am a DIY guy but not a mechanic. I took the car to a friends house with a hoist which made it much easier. I did all four in a day but had to take the front ones to a shop to compress the springs and insert the struts inside the factory springs. The instructions were pretty good but not great. Overall, the experiance was good. I still have a message (Service Stability System) when I start my car since the compressor is not working (even though not needed). I expected there would be some resistor to remove this error or some work around for the cost of all these. Everything else was fine. If I had to I would probably do it again.”

Name: | Location: tryon , NC United States

“The “”check SSS”” light on my ’94 DeVille came on to stay recently. The ride on the Cadillac was starting to get a bit “”mushy”” so it was time to have the suspension checked out. The adjustable components of the system were showing signs of breakdown. After searching, STRUTMASTERS looked like the solution.
The staff at the shop were all very professional and knowledgeable. They know suspensions! After some consultation, I took the Caddy up to the Roxboro plant to have the original shocks replaced with the Strutmasters kit. Now I am back to cruising the highway in Cadillac comfort. For less than the cost of replacing one of the failing OEM struts the pros at Strutmasters installed their kit on front and rear. With only 103,000 miles on the old girl, I think there will be plenty more miles of travel together.
Thanks, Strutmasters!

Mike Justiss
Tryon, NC”

Name: | Location: York, PA United States

I recently ordered the Deluxe Load Leveling 4 Wheel Suspension Conversion Kit With Resistor for my 2004 Cadillac SRX; the vehicle now rides and handles better than new, and I’m extremely happy with the results! This is the 2nd Strutmasters’ kit that I’ve purchased (rear suspension kit for a ’99 Cadillac Deville last year), and I’d recommend Strutmasters quality suspension kits for anyone who is serious about improving the handling and ride of their vehicle, regardless of make or model.

Name: | Location: Miami, FL

“Ok I installed them this afternoon. It took me about 2 relaxed hours,
no problems. I have taken a short ride over a country road and they
seem to work really well. It was what I had been looking for over the

This automobile is unique in that it is a grade 3 bullet proofed
automobile so it has its own inherent issues concerning weight. I
think the air bags will resolve this.

Attached please find the pictures I promised, I will let you know
further on how they work. Also all being right, I will recommend this
solution to some other people with this problem.

Best regards


Name: | Location: Wichita Falls, TX United States

“Thank you for the great product and service. This was the first time installing the air lift kit. It was very easy as your video demonstated. I am very happy with the product and service.

Thank you, I will be doing more soon and plan on using Strutmasters. Thank you again.”

Name: | Location: Cooper City, FL United States

Everything went very well, the upgrade very pleasing, it worked out very well, you guys did a great job, thank you very much, and you have a good day, thank you

Name: | Location: Rooksville, FL United States

“Yes, I am satisfied with the suspension upgrade, I had helpers on my truck, which for the purpose when I pull my 38 ft. 5th wheel, and most of the time when I was parked for a period of time I would take the helpers off which only took a few minutes to remove, as usually that gets old after awhile. so I would leave them on and then it created a not so smooth ride. I had been looking at different brands of air systems and when I came across this system it was the easiest system to put into place and with no drilling.

Thanks again, it appears you guys are doing a great job, keep it up.


Name: | Location: Katy, TX United States

“I found Strutmasters easy and accurate to do business with. The site was useful, ordering was painless, and when UPS damaged one of the boxes I was contacted immediately by Strutmasters and every effort was made to rectify the situation for me – even over a weekend. I have already recommended Strutmasters to friends and neighbors.

Chad Stanley”

Name: | Location: Goleta, CA United States

“I hope this finds its way to you gents. I’ve attached some before and after photos of my Strutmasters installations. I haven’t installed the Roadmasters yet, but will send photos later when I do install those.

I’m Very Happy with the Quality and Ride of my pickup now that I have four Strutmasters at my corners (’54 Chevy Pickup, ’84 Chevy S-10 chassis, 350cu in Chevy Engine and a 700R4 Tranny). I Couldn’t be happier with the Handling and the Ride (Firm but Very Controlled).

Thanks, and Best Regards,

Page Erickson”

Name: | Location: Galion, OH United States

“I was very satisfied with your product. It did as was advertised. Thanks so much.


Name: | Location: Jackson, MI United States

Everything went great and thank you for your service!

Name: | Location: Ballston Lake, NY United States

I feel that you have a great product line and Brad was very courteous and helpful during the sales transaction. I ordered the coil spring set along with the shocks to replace the old air ride system in my Olds Bravada. I am impressed with your product line and will tell others about it. Thanks for a workable solution to a very common problem

Name: | Location: United States

“everything was perfect, and it was a seamless, and effortless install……thank you very much. i am actually the owner of a small garage and will be doing more business with you in the future. oh and
i almost forgot the shipping was also very fast and in my biz thats always a plus!

thank you,
terry gannon”

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