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Fits Rear:

  • 1994-2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD
  • 2006-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 2WD & 4WD
    Regular, Quad, & Mega Cab


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Dodge Ram 1994-2001 1500 4WD 2006-2008 2WD & 4WD AirCell kits are a type of static load support system which eliminates issues surrounding beefing-up springs in order to carry a fixed load. They are available for both front (for people attaching snow plows) and rear (for people hauling heavy loads) applications. AirCell is easy to install and maintain on your 1994-2001 1500 4WD 2006-2008 2WD & 4WD: simply snap-in and bolt-on. These take an average of an hour or less to install, and are made using the same strength material as factory jounce bumpers!

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Fix Dodge Ram 1994-2001 1500 4WD 2006-2008 2WD & 4WD Suspension problems?

Air Lift’s AirCell kit is designed specifically for static-overload situations (that is, not varying much in weight) for those looking to more permanently add weight to the front, or rear of their Dodge Ram 1994-2001 1500 4WD 2006-2008 2WD & 4WD vehicle. The AirCell is made of polyurethane specifically to work better in inclement weather conditions where other products experience problems such as in the snow and salty conditions where metal kits would normally warp and rust. The AirCell is another install it and forget it kit that requires no maintenance. AirCell springs works on lifted and stock vehicles, and still make for a comfortable ride.

Prevent Dodge Ram 1994-2001 1500 4WD 2006-2008 2WD & 4WD Future Repair Costs

Reduce the squat in your wallet as well as the squat in your ride with Air Lift’s low-cost, maintenance-free AirCell load-leveling kit for your Dodge Ram 1994-2001 1500 4WD 2006-2008 2WD & 4WD. AirCell is an easy kit to install and maintain: simply snap in and bolt on which will also keep the cost of labor down with only about an hour total install time. The investment in this kit is literally half the cost of using steel overload springs.

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1994-2008 Dodge Ram 1994-2001 1500 4WD 2006-2008 2WD & 4WD

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