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  • 1983-1995 Isuzu Pickup (2WD)
  • 1991-1997 Isuzu Rodeo (2WD & 4WD)
  • 1986-1996 Isuzu Trooper (2WD & 4WD)

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Why Choose Roadmaster Active Suspension KitReady to Order

The RAS kit is a simple horizontal coil spring that is designed to bolt directly on to leaf spring packs, turning any “passive” leaf spring pack into a “mechanically active” one. This allows for an optimal shift in weight on the rear of any Isuzu 83-95 Pickup, 91-97 Rodeo, 86-96 Trooper (up to 1 ½ tons) WITH or WITHOUT a load, which increases stability, increases fuel mileage, reduces sway, softens ride, eliminates axle wrap and wheel hop, and absorbs heavy loads. This kit is a simple 30 minute install and requires 0 maintenance. Unlike other load-carrying capacity kits that simply lift your vehicle, this will NOT change the height of your vehicle. Simply install the kit once, and load/unload the vehicle as often as you’d like. You will notice that once you have removed the extra weight from the vehicle, it will leave your vehicle sitting at the same height with the extra weight as without it!

How Can These Springs...Ready to Order

Fix Isuzu 83-95 Pickup, 91-97 Rodeo, 86-96 Trooper Suspension Problems?

Does your Isuzu 83-95 Pickup, 91-97 Rodeo, 86-96 Trooper have leaf springs and seem unable to handle towing like it used to? One of your best options on the market for a quick improvement in towing capacity and handling while towing is the Roadmaster Active Suspension kit. You will not believe the problems this kit solves. Does your vehicle sag in the rear end while towing? Roadmaster’s RAS will give your vehicle 40% extra load-leveling capacity and keep your vehicle off the ground. Does your handling suffer while towing? The RAS solves this problem by increasing stability by reducing sway and eliminating axle wrap and wheel hop. The RAS is an overall beast and should be on every vehicle with leaf springs, whether you tow or not!

Prevent Isuzu 83-95 Pickup, 91-97 Rodeo, 86-96 Trooper Future Repair Costs

The RAS is a one-time install-it-and-leave-it type product, so don’t worry about spending time and money to have them removed when you’re done towing. The RAS may cost more than some other leaf spring load-leveling kits, but when you consider all of the additional effects of the RAS such as eliminating wheel hop and axle wrap, reducing sway, increasing stability, saving you up to 5% at the pump, and prolonging the life of your tires and shocks on your Isuzu 83-95 Pickup, 91-97 Rodeo, 86-96 Trooper, the RAS saves you a ton of money in the long run! Get yours today!

These Shocks and Struts FitReady to Order

Isuzu 83-95 Pickup, 91-97 Rodeo, 86-96 Trooper

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