Buick Rainier Air Suspension Parts and Air Suspension Conversion Kits

About Buick Rainier:

The 2004-2007 Buick Rainier has 2 rear air springs that are filled with air by a compressor, and 2 rear gas shocks, while the front has 2 coilover gas struts. Height sensors tell a control module when to send a signal to the air compressor to fill the air springs with air. This costly air system can be removed and replaced with one of many Strutmasters conversion kits.

We offer the following products and more for your Buick Rainier

  • Buick Rainier Air suspension replacement parts like air springs, compressors, dryers, and solenoids are available so purists can keep their air suspension riding as smooth as the day they bought their vehicle.
  • Buick Rainier Conversion kits allow you to replace your air suspension, electronic/magnetic suspension, or hydraulic suspension with a conventional coil spring suspension and save up to 75% over the cost of repairs. Strutmasters conversion kits are designed to bolt directly onto your vehicle without drilling or other modifications.
  • Buick Rainier Lift kits help increase ground clearance and allow you to install taller tires for even more ground clearance. Lift kits are also available for specific Strutmasters conversion kits.
  • Buick Rainier Load leveling kits compensate for rear end sag when towing heavy loads. Keeping your vehicle level helps you to maintain control when you are towing.
  • Buick Rainier Shock absorbers and struts absorb the impact on your suspension and help keep the tires firmly planted on the road. Replace them every 50,000 miles for the best ride possible.
  • Buick Rainier Strut mounts wear out just like any other suspension component and need to be replaced when you replace your struts. We carry new mounts for every strut we sell.

Buick Rainier suspension parts you can trust

Get fast, same day shipping on any products in stock when you order before 3 p.m. Eastern on any normal business day. No matter what you suspension needs, Strutmasters has you covered. In addition to our own high quality conversion kits, we carry a wide variety of products from industry leaders like Air Lift, Monroe, Rancho, ReadyLIFT, and SuperSprings. Need help finding your suspension solution? Trust The Suspension Experts® to help you find the right solution for you and save you money on your suspension repairs. Give Strutmasters a call at 866-597-2397 today.

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Here at Strutmasters we are “The Suspension Experts®”, but you don’t have to take our word for it. With backing from popular names like Lou Santiago from MuscleCar on Spike TV and Sam Memmolo from Shade Tree Mechanics and Two Guys Garage, you can be assured that our Buick Rainier suspension parts are everything we guarantee them to be.

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Shop by Make and Model

Here at Strutmasters we understand that our customers want to know what is going on with their vehicle and understand what they are buying. For this reason, Strutmasters has put together Buick Rainier videos to educate you, the customer, about your vehicle’s suspension before you buy.

The Brand You Know

The Brand You know

Strutmasters has been in business since 1999, and we’d like to think that we have gotten the process down pat. Unlike other companies, all of our Buick Rainier kits are built right here in Roxboro, NC, and we can prove it!

Buick Rainier suspension systems are great but when the Buick Rainier struts fail or the Buick Rainier air springs go out, it's almost impossible to drive. Find everything you need for your air suspension repair and maintenance at Strutmasters. Save even more money if you convert to our Buick Rainier conversion kit for a smooth and soft ride. No more sagging ride, leaking struts or bad compressor problems. The Strutmasters conversion kit with our Trademarked GlideRide Technology, comes with cold wound Eibach brand steel coil springs and specifically tuned gas struts to give you a ride as close to the factory air as possible.