Number 9: 1998-2007 Lexus LX 470 4 Wheel Hydraulic Suspension Conversion Kit

Now let’s visit number 9 on our top ten conversion kits list. Introducing our 1998-2007 Lexus LX 470 four-wheel hydraulic suspension conversion kit.

Known to us as the TF14F, this conversion kit comes to you with (2) passive gas and hydraulic fluid Gabriel shocks for the front, (2) Eibach coil springs and (2) passive gas and hydraulic fluid Gabriel shocks for the rear. Now, some of you may be wondering “What’s the difference between these shocks and my old failing shocks? Weren’t they hydraulic too?” The hydraulic shocks that Lexus installs on these vehicles are electronically controlled. There are a lot of components tied into this original active hydraulic system. The original active hydraulic shocks that were featured on this generation of the LX 470 are designed to work in conjunction with a low torsion-bar setting and weak coil springs in order to help hold the vehicle up as well as provide dampening. In other words, the active hydraulic shocks control both dampening as well as the ride height. This is a major flaw on an engineering level as shocks should only function as dampening devices while the coil springs and torsion bar should hold the vehicle off of the ground. This causes extra stress on the shocks and ultimately causes them to fail. When joined with our rear Eibach variable-rate coil springs and instructions for re-clocking of the front torsion bar, our passive gas and hydraulic Gabriel shocks will be able to provide the dampening you want out of a Lexus without fear of failing shocks and expensive hydraulic systems.

Checkout all of the money you will be saving when you purchase this kit versus trying to maintain that costly hydraulic system: