Number 9: 2003-2004 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator 4-Wheel Air Suspension Conversion Kit With Module

As we move onto number seven on our top ten conversion kits list, we must note that this kit is constantly moving back and forth to the number one spot. While it is an accomplishment in its own right to even appear on this list at all, number seven just doesn’t seem to do this kit any justice. Honestly, it could be the fact that this has been one of our top selling kits for so long (ever since we first invented it), that the sheer number of these vehicles that are out on the road without our product on it is slim. We’re pretty sure we’ve sold one of these kits to just about everyone who have one of these SUV’s.

Known to us as the FX24FM, this conversion kit comes to you with (4) completely custom-built Strutmasters passive gas and hydraulic fluid struts preassembled with Eibach coil springs, dust boots and upper mounts, and a custom-designed module. The module is designed to eliminate any unwanted lights or messages that may appear on your dash when removing OEM electronic suspension components from the vehicle. While it is perfectly fine to purchase and install the kit without the module, more customers have purchased the kit with the module than without it. The variable-rate Eibach coil springs pick your SUV off the ground, keep you riding level, and give you the reliability you need when towing or hauling. No more going outside in the morning to find your SUV down on the ground, this kit will keep your vehicle level!

This kit fits the following SUV’s (click on yours to go to our vehicle-specific page!):