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The Suspension Experts Blog

The Suspension Experts Blog – Strutmasters

The Suspension Experts Blog

Read insider tips and recommendations on to solve all of your suspension needs. Join us for the ride.

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Bentley Continental Suspension Failure? Here’s How To Fix It

We don’t have to tell you how special your Bentley Continental GT is. Anyone who’s seen one in person already knows. The Continental exemplifies all that is Bentley–incredible performance and unrivaled luxury. But unfortunately, most Bentley Continental owners find out…

Replace Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Suspension to Save Thousands

Since 1993, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been one of the most recognized SUVs on the market. Combining rugged American utility with a touch of space and luxury, there’s a lot to love about the Grand Cherokee. The vehicle does…

This is the Best Way To Fix Nivomat Suspension Problems

If you have Nivomat shocks in your car, you know that they can do a great job–while they work. The problem is that too often, they don’t last. Like other active suspensions, Nivomats use a network of moving parts to…

Troubled Lexus GX 470 Air Suspension: Repair, Replace or Convert?

Lexus’ GX 470, which stands for Grand Crossover, occupies a space unto itself in the SUV market. Somewhere between the increasingly popular crossover wagon/SUV and the luxury full-size SUV, the GX 470 ticks a lot of boxes for a lot…

Ford Expedition Air Suspension Failure? Here’s How to Fix It.

The Ford Expedition of the late 00s and early 10s were celebrated for their responsive and comfortable air suspension systems. However, the lifespan of these systems has proven to be an issue. For starters, like all air suspensions, the lifespan…

How to Completely Fix a Broken Mercedes S430 Air Suspension

If your Mercedes S430 is showing a suspension warning light, the time to get that car to the shop and fix it was yesterday. Unfortunately, suspension issues are all too common among owners of these vehicles. To make things worse,…

3 Reasons Your Mercedes SL500 Suspension Fails (and How to Fix It)

Maybe you’ve noticed that your Mercedes SL500 is leaning to one side a little bit, or riding a little too low. Maybe you’re already seeing the dreaded ABC warning light. Whatever it is, your Mercedes SL500 hydraulic suspension is failing.…

Want to Fix Your Acura MDX Suspension Problems? Here’s the Right Way.

Are you getting the dreaded suspension light in your Acura MDX and looking for the right fix? Seeing warning signs of a busted suspension? Suspension problems are one of the most common complaints with Acura MDX owners. The active suspension…

Why Getting An Alignment After Suspension Repairs Is A Must

If you’ve just gotten major suspension work done on your vehicle, you might be eager to get out and drive. Chances are, your car’s performance has suffered from those issues and so has your enjoyment of driving it. But before…

Fix Porsche Panamera Ride Height and Suspension Issues

Has your Porsche Panamera experienced a sudden loss of ride height? Is the vehicle sitting way too low or riding rough? Do you hear the onboard air compressor running non-stop? Even before you see the “Suspension Extremely Low” or “Chassis…

Justin Ashley Looking To Build on Rookie Of The Year Season

What a year 2020 was for Justin Ashley.  The 26-year-old NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series Top Fuel racer piloted his dragster to a win at the NHRA Summernationals. He nabbed ten round wins and a semifinal finish at…

How To Fix Your VW Touareg Suspension Problems Once And For All

There is a lot to love about the Volkswagen Touareg. Since its debut, the crossover SUV has been celebrated for its off-road capabilities with sports car-like handling. It’s got style, power, and finesse. But, as you might have noticed, it…