Hyundai Equus suspension problems? Here’s the perfect solution

The Hyundai Equus caught the luxury auto market off-guard when it debuted. Stuffed to the gills with top-shelf refinements and packed with a 468-hp V8, the Equus squares up nicely with the Lexus LS, Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The executive-class sedan absolutely competes with these luxury market standbys. It does so while costing thousands or even in some cases, tens of thousands less.

One way in which the Equus is comparable to the others in its class is its employment of an air suspension. Undoubtedly, when the air suspension is fully functional, the ride is extremely smooth.

However, that smooth air ride doesn’t last forever. Many Hyundai Equus owners have reported their air suspension failing at higher mileage. Let’s break down why that is.


It’s not a Hyundai Equus problem, it’s an air suspension problem


As we mentioned earlier, air suspensions are great…when they work. The problem is, that they will all wear out eventually. But why is that?

The problems come from two main factors: component design and complexity.


Component design issues


Air suspensions use pressurized air bags made of flexible rubber and plastic to keep your Equus suspended off the frame. While this provides some nice cushioning and responsiveness, you can see where the problems might begin.

The air springs aren’t the only components that don’t really hold up. The air lines that carry the air from the compressor to the air springs are made of a flexible rubber tubing. Those are prone to punctures and tears.

When the components aren’t made of flexible materials, they often feature moving parts. For example, the ride height sensors move up and down constantly while they take readings. Any and all moving parts eventually wear down.

Furthermore, air suspensions are electronically-controlled. Electronic components have more ways to fail than non-electronic components. An air suspension is completely reliant on its control module, basically a miniature computer.


Complexity issues


However, the biggest factor in air suspension failure is the overall complexity of the system. These systems are a vast network of moving parts and electronics.

Each component in the system has its own ways of failing. When one component fails, the others will overwork themselves to try and compensate. This will lead to rapid decline in the other components.

Overall, the success of the system depends on each part working perfectly. When one doesn’t, the whole system suffers. With so many parts in an air suspension system, the risk of failure is high, approaching certainty.


Air suspension repair options for your Hyundai Equus


When you take your Equus into the Hyundai shop, they will likely suggest you replace the busted components with OEM parts.

This repair bill may not seem too high. But keep in mind, these components are all eventually likely to wear out. This is just the first repair. Picture getting this bill periodically for the rest of your car’s life.

So what can you do? If a broken air suspension is so expensive to fix, are there any other options?


Fix it once, fix it right


There’s good news here. You can fix it once and end your Hyundai Equus air suspension problems for good.

Better yet, you can do it for far less than it would cost to replace even just one of your air struts.

Instead of fussing with that air suspension for the next several years, consider just ditching it entirely. Once you do that, you can convert to sturdy, reliable mechanical coils to support your Equus.

This kit from Strutmasters allows you to permanently fix your Hyundai Equus suspension for just under $1,000. That’s about what it would cost you to replace just one of your air struts.

These kits excel where air suspensions fall flat. They are made of rugged stainless steel, cold wound for optimum strength. Produced right here in the USA, with quality you can count on.

The true beauty of the Strutmasters design is the simplicity. No moving parts, no electronics. These kits rely on tried-and-true mechanical resistance to do the job.

With Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology, you’ll find that your Equus rides more or less like it did when it was new.

Each kit also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. As long as your car is on the road, your Strutmasters suspension is guaranteed.

Ready to end your Hyundai Equus air suspension problems for good? Order your kit online or call our Suspension Experts at (866) 722-1707. They’ll make sure you get exactly what you need and will answer any questions you may have.

This is the best way to fix your Cadillac XTS suspension problems

If your Cadillac XTS is having suspension issues, you are not alone. While overall the XTS is an excellent vehicle, air suspension failure is a noted issue with higher mileage vehicles.

That’s not Cadillac’s fault. Degrading and eventually failing is, unfortunately, part of the natural life cycle of an air suspension.


Is my Cadillac XTS air suspension failing?


You’ll notice the symptoms first. One day, you might notice that the car tends to “crouch” forward when coming to a stop. The rear end lifts up while the front end nose dives to the ground.

Another common symptom is one corner or an entire side of your Cadillac XTS sagging down. Most often, this is in the rear. However, sometimes it might occur on one side or just on a single corner.

Often, these symptoms will appear before you see a suspension warning light.

If you suspect that your XTS is suffering air suspension issues, you can perform a quick “bounce test.”

To do this, walk around to each corner of your Cadillac and push down. That corner should spring back up and stay in place once you let go. If it bounces or doesn’t come back up, you likely have some serious air suspension issues.


How to solve Cadillac XTS air suspension issues


The instinct is to take the car into the mechanic. Your mechanic will likely offer to replace the broken component with an OEM part.

While this might seem like a good idea, it’s important to take the nature of air suspensions into account.

Air suspension systems are made up of a complex network of moving parts, electronically controlled components, and pieces made out of flexible materials. All of these are prone to error and wearing down over time.

What’s more, most of these components wear out at more or less the same rate. Replacing one air spring, air line or even the compressor might not seem like a big deal now, you are almost guaranteed to have to replace other components in the future.

Once air suspension problems begin, they will just continue. Over time, you could spend thousands of dollars just on keeping your suspension working.


An alternative for your XTS


It doesn’t have to cost that much, though.

While you could spend thousands replacing your components with OEM or third-party air suspension parts, you can fix it for good for just under $600.

At this point in your car’s lifetime, you have a decision to make. You can keep that same air suspension running by taking it to the mechanic every few months. It will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time.

Alternatively, you could get rid of that faulty air suspension and replace it with something much more durable and reliable. This kit from Strutmasters will allow you to remove your air suspension and install a completely new suspension.

These coilover suspensions use good old reliable mechanical force rather than air, computers and rubber to hold your car up. In addition to being very robust, it has been tuned and rated specifically for your XTS.

Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology ensures that you’ll enjoy a smooth ride for years to come.

Above all, what you get from installing a Strutmasters conversion kit is peace of mind. The Lifetime Limited Warranty guarantees that as long your XTS is on the road, your suspension is guaranteed in most circumstances. No more trips to the mechanic for your suspension.

Spend the money once and do it right! Order from our website or enjoy full service by calling our Suspension Experts at (866) 360-7558. They’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to enjoy driving your Cadillac XTS again!

5 reasons to add EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks to your Honda Shadow

For years, owners who wished to modify the ride height of their Honda Shadow had to resort to drastic measures.

Whether it was altering linkages by hand or re-engineering car suspension components, lowering or raising the ride height has never had a perfect solution. Until now.

Strutmasters, the Suspension Experts, has developed an air suspension kit specifically for your Honda Shadow.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to install an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks system on your Honda Shadow.


5. Fully adjustable ride height


Humans come in many different sizes. Yet motorcycle manufacturers make motorcycles to fit a small range of humans.

People who are shorter or taller than whatever Honda considers “normal” can often be left in the dark. Shorter riders might have trouble mounting the bike. Taller riders might find the bike harder to control.

However, modifying the height of the bike in the past always meant making permanent changes. These changes could affect the safety and stability of the ride.

The EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shock system allows riders to adjust the height of their Honda Shadow on command.

This means shorter drivers can lower the bike to get on and then raise it back to avoid scraping. Taller drivers can raise or lower the bike when it might benefit them, too.


4. Adjusts firmness, too


In addition to being driven by differently-sized people, motorcycles are driven in different places as well. These different places often have different terrains.

While skilled drivers can adapt to different terrains, ideally the motorcycle would adapt too. Long, straight stretches of highway might be more comfortable with a softer suspension. Curvier roads might be handled better with a tighter suspension.

The point is, being able to adjust the firmness of your suspension is a huge advantage. EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks allow you to do just that with your Honda Shadow.


3. Give your Honda Shadow some extra style


Let’s be real. Many of you got here because you’re thinking about lowering your Honda Shadow. This is a move we fully support.

With a big, beautiful bike like your Honda Shadow, who wouldn’t want to be able to drop down on command and glide past a crowd?

In the past, Shadow owners had to make permanent mods to their bikes. This sacrificed a lot of functionality.

Now, you can drop down low whenever you feel like it. And pop back up when you don’t.

You can add multiple looks and some serious functionality to your Honda Shadow with just one modification.


2. More comfortable ride


People who have driven a car with air suspension can go ahead and skip to number one. You already know.

For those that haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

Air suspensions provide some of the comfiest, cushiest rides on the market. They are a favorite of luxury automakers. Everyone from Mercedes-Benz to Lexus to Cadillac hooks up their most luxurious models with an air suspension.

These pneumatic suspensions provide a smooth, gentle ride. On a motorcycle, that means vastly superior comfort.

Once installed, your new air suspension will just “eat” bumps and dips in the road. You’ll just glide on through. It’s an unrivaled level of motorcycle comfort.


1. Better passenger support


What’s better than sharing the joy of the open road with someone else?

Though the passenger is often an afterthought in motorcycle design, we firmly support their right to be comfortable, too.

The adjustable firmness of the seat means you can adjust the level of support for you and your passenger. That means your son or daughter will be just as comfortable on the back as a full-grown adult, and vice-versa.

Being able to adjust the ride height on command means you can lower it whenever you need to to make mounting and dismounting easier for everyone.

The world just looks different from atop a Honda Shadow. We’re more than happy to make sharing that experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Order your Honda Shadow EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension kit today! Our Ultimate Air Ride Lowering Kit even allows you to control the air suspension with the push of a button.

Call our Suspension Experts at if you have any questions whatsoever. Enjoy the ride!

Take a look at Lex Joon’s ridiculous European racing resume

Lex Joon, the newest part of the racing team, has yet to make a name for himself here in the United States. However, back in Europe, racing fans are quite familiar with the Dutch driver.

It has taken Joon and his wife Gerda a few years to settle into life in the United States. Since arriving in 2013, they’ve been building with their community in Brownsburg, Indiana. But now, Lex is back in the driver’s seat and ready to take on the NHRA.

Before he revs that dragster for the first time in Brainerd at the Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals, we thought we’d take a look at his resume from his days in Europe.

Fair warning: it’s a long one. Lex Joon has dominated his sport since the 1980s. The champ has a list of accomplishments that anyone would be proud to own.

With the support of behind him and a little new tech under the hood, we can’t wait to see what Lex is going to do in Brainerd.


Career Highlights

Career Best Elapsed Time: 3.93 at Las Vegas in November, 2009
Career Best Speed: 317 mph at Hockenheim, Germany, 2008
FIA European Top Fuel Champion 2005
FIA European Top Fuel Runner Up 2007 and 2008
Best Overall European TF driver 2005 – 2009
Best Appearing Crew at Las Vegas, November 2009

• First European driver to be issued a Green Card for “Exceptional Ability.”

• Set new 60ft track record, Drachten July 0.834 sec

• Top 10 finish qualifying Friday Pomona, CA 4.12 sec

• No 1 qualifier Main Event, Santa Pod Raceway, England
• Winner “Best Appearing Crew” Las Vegas, NV
• First Dutchman ever to run a Top Fuel dragster in the USA. We called it “The American
Dream Tour.”
• New Personal Best, Las Vegas, NV

• Winner Nitro Nationals, Alastaro, Finland
• Finalist, Easter Thunderball, Santa Pod Raceway, England
• No 1 Qualifier Nitrolympics, Hockenheim, Germany
• New track ET record, 4.77 sec, Nitrolympics, Hockenheim
• Finalist Nitrolympics, Hockenheim, Germany
• First 4 second run ever during the night show at Nitrolympics, Hockenheim, Germany
• Finalist European Finals, Santa Pod Raceway, England
• Runner up in 2008 FIA Top Fuel Dragster Championship

• Winner Easter Thunderball, Santa Pod Raceway, England
• New personal best ET, 4.750 sec, Easter Thunderball, Santa Pod Raceway
• Winner Veidec Festival, Mantorp Park, 3rd round of FIA Championship
• New track ET record, 4.79 sec, Nitrolympics, Hockenheim, Germany
• Runner up in 2007 FIA Top Fuel Dragster Championship

• Winner Explorama Drag Challenge at Amcar Raceway, Gardermoen, Norway
• Moved up in the championship from 5th to 3rd in standings
• Beat all of the 2006 FIA event winners: Fallstrom–round 1 (Santa Pod), Nataas–
round 2 (Finland), and Nilsson–round 3 (Sweden)

• FIA European Top Fuel Dragster Champion
• Winner, Main Event, Santa Pod Raceway, England
• First Dutchman to win an FIA drag race title
• First Dutchman to break the 5 second ET barrier, May 29, Main Event, Santa Pod, England –
4.920 seconds
• First Dutchman to break the 300 mph barrier, September 11, 304.19 mph
• Track Record, Airstrip Drachten, July 17, MPM Internationals, Drachten – 3.64 seconds
• First Dutchman to break the 4 second barrier, July 16, MPM Internationals, Drachten, 3.67
• Runner Up, Top Fuel Challenge Nitrolympics, Hockenheim, Germany
• Quickest Top Fuel Dragster run of the 2005 season, Mantorp Park, Sweden – 4.788 seconds
• Quickest side by side run, 4.788, Lex Joon, defeated 4.953, Andy Carter, Mantorp Park,
• Started own Top Fuel Dragster team; MPM Top Fuel Racing

• Finished 7th, FIA Top Fuel European Championship
• Semi finals: Mantorp Park (Sweden), European Finals (Santa Pod)
• Runner Up, Pro Fuel Shoot Out, Easter Thunderball, Santa Pod
• Debut in Top Fuel Dragster class (CBD-team)

• Two races with Top Fuel Funny Car
• Immense fire with Top Fuel Funny Car, England
• First year with MPM International Oil Company as main sponsor

• Finished 3rd, FIA Top Methanol Funny Car Championship (entered 5 out of 6 races)
• Winner, Gardermoen, Norway
• First Dutchman to win FIA drag race event
• Runner Up, Sko Uno Festival, Mantorp Park, Sweden
• European Record holder: European Finals, Santa Pod, 5.778 sec

• Finished 8th, FIA Top Methanol Funny Car Championship

• Finished 7th, FIA Top Methanol Funny Car Championship
• Entered NHRA Auto Club Finals event, Pomona Raceway, USA

• Finished 7th, FIA Top Methanol Funny Car Championship
• Finished 3rd, MSA British Drag Racing Championship

• Finished 4th, FIA Top Methanol Funny Car Championship
• Two Runner Up finishes in FIA European Championship

• Finished 11th, FIA Top Methanol Funny Car/ Dragster Championship (entered 3 out of 5
• Winner Nitrolympics, Hockenheim, Germany

• Finished 8th, FIA Top Methanol Funny Car/ Dragster Championship (entered 3 out of 4
• Winner, Cannonball, Santa Pod, England – Worlds quickest Funny Car race

• Rookie of the Year, Top Methanol Funny Car Class

• Entered the Pro Street and Competition classes
• European Champion, Pro Street 1989
• Dutch Champion 7 times

EZ Rider Suspension: Lower your Harley-Davidson the right way

Lowering a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is nothing new. Riders have been slamming their Harleys for decades.

However, past lowering solutions have left a lot to be desired. Some methods of lowering require hacking off part of a spring. Others require taking air struts from a Chevrolet car and fitting them to a Harley.

Now, Strutmasters has introduced its EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension Kit, a full air suspension made specifically for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

A better solution for your Harley-Davidson

People who buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle expect quality and performance from their machine. Lowering a beautiful bike like a Softail or Dyna Glide with some half-engineered solution does that bike a disservice.

Enter Strutmasters. The North Carolina-based Suspension Experts have been a top name in suspension replacements since 1999.

Their new kit does away with the need to saw off linkages or use old car parts on your Harley-Davidson. Instead, you can buy a kit that’s engineered specifically for your motorcycle.

Not only does that mean they get the job done right, it also means they’re easy to install.

Advantages of an EZ Rider Air Suspension for your Harley-Davidson

Many people simply just love the look of a lowered motorcycle. A Dyna Glide or V-Rod “sliding” by certainly will turn some heads.

This kit allows you to drop the bike down whenever you want. Unlike most other products on the market, it also allows you to raise it back up when you might need to.

These premium kits let you adjust with just the touch of a button.

Shorter riders will love the ability to lower the bike to make it easier to mount. Also, taller riders will love being able to get a little extra leg room.

But the height isn’t the only thing the EZ Rider Air Suspension allows you to adjust. Harley-Davidson owners will also be able to adjust the firmness of their seat.

This means you can add extra passenger support whenever you might need to. You can also adjust firmness to adapt to changing road conditions.

In other words, once you’ve installed the EZ Rider Suspension, you now have a fully adjustable motorcycle.

For just under $600, that’s an incredible amount of style and function to add to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

If you’re ready to start getting more enjoyment out of your bike, check out our different Harley-Davidson options here. Better yet, give one of our Suspension Experts a call at (866)664-0252 and let them help you through the ordering process.

Lex Joon moved to America to do one thing: win an NHRA championship

Strutmasters’ newest driver Lex Joon might not yet be a familiar face on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, but racing fans on the other side sure know who he is.

Before coming to the United States, Joon spent his time scorching tracks all over Europe in the International Automobile Federation, or FIA.

The Dutch driver and entrepreneur had a dominant stretch in the 2000s that included a Championship in 2005, two runner-up finishes and being rated best overall Top Fuel Driver from 2005-2009.

With a list of accomplishments that spans four decades and several racing categories, one might think Joon was ready to kick up his heels and rest on his laurels. But that would be wrong.


Coming to America


After dominating European Top Fuel racing, Joon decided it was time to try to repeat his success in America.

Joon first raced in the NHRA in 2009, as part of what he and his wife and business partner Gerda Joon called “The American Dream Tour.” He was the first Dutch driver to ever run a Top Fuel dragster in the NHRA.

But “The American Dream Tour” would merely wet Joon’s appetite for NHRA success. After competing in a handful of NHRA races for the next few years, Lex and Gerda made a big decision in 2013.

The couple decided it was time to go “whole hog” on their American Dream and applied for Green Cards to become United States residents. After mountains of paperwork and some waiting, Lex and Gerda were issued Green Cards under the “Aliens of Extraordinary Ability” category in May 2013.


New Challenges for the Joon family


However, the journey to become an American champion was just beginning. The couple chose Brownsburg, Indiana as their new home. The timing, however, made things uniquely difficult.

“Our start was difficult,” Lex Joon said, “because we had to deal with the government shutdown. Our Social Security numbers couldn’t be issued, which implied we couldn’t do anything. We were not able to get electricity or gas. Our car could not be registered. No phone, internet or television, no insurance, driver’s license or company that could hire us. “We are very lucky to have a couple of good friends in Brownsburg that helped us out big-time,” he said.

Once things resumed to normal with the government, life started to look a little easier for the Joons.

“After the shutdown was stopped,” Joon said, “we managed to get our life streamlined. We received our Social Security numbers, which made it possible to apply for all the necessary things that belong to living in Brownsburg.”


Paying dues and paying bills


But the journey didn’t stop there. Joon still required funding to get his racing company off the ground. He and Gerda would go on to spend years looking for sponsors. During that time, they still had bills to pay.

Lex took a job doing something he is quite the expert in–being an automobile technician for high-end European and American cars. He described the experience as valuable and insightful.

“I worked for an auto service center in Clermont, Indianapolis who are specialists in foreign and domestic cars,” said Joon. “They were happy with my work as a technician. I’m familiar with all the high-end European cars and American brand cars.”

“It’s some kind of amusing — I was actually a specialist in American cars when I had my shop in Europe,” Joon said. “But we also handled the common European cars, which helps me now.”


Building from the ground up


Even before moving to the United States, Joon had his sights firmly set on the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series. While finding sponsors was no problem for Lex and Gerda in Europe, he was not so recognizable in American circles. This meant essentially starting from scratch.

“It’s general knowledge that selling your program is one of the most difficult tasks there are,” said Joon. “When teams like [Don] Schumacher [Racing] and [John] Force [Racing] have no visible results adding sponsors and some of their cars are funded out of their own pockets, it’s obvious we have a huge challenge on our hands.”

“But I’m a strong believer we can make a difference. That’s why we are here,” Joon said.

Many of Joon’s friends and family questioned the decision to move to the United States. After tremendous success in Europe, they would essentially be starting from scratch. But for Joon, the thrill of chasing the dream at the top of his sport was what carried him.

“Our passion for the sport is what made us do what we did. We moved 4,000 miles with our dog, Cha Cha, and a 40-foot container filled with personal belongings and our race program,” said Joon.


Strutmasters steps in


That passion is what caught the eye of Strutmasters founder and owner Chip Lofton. Lofton, who has been steadily building one of racing’s more interesting portfolios, agreed to sponsor Joon this July.

“With Lex you have a guy who has dominated his sport in Europe since the 1980s and still has the passion of a young, hungry driver,” said Lofton. ‘That’s not something you find every day.”

The funding from will go a long way towards helping Lex Joon Racing become competitive in the NHRA.

“Lex has emphasised that he is motivated to chase The American Dream,” said Lofton. “Strutmasters has always supported that. Our products are Made in the USA. We built this company right here in North Carolina from the ground up. Lex’s values line up with ours really well. We couldn’t be more proud to sponsor his Dream.”

Joon will be driving the Top Fuel dragster in three scheduled races this season: the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals in Brainerd. He will also pilot the car in select NHRA Countdown to the Champion races.

Lex Joon Racing signs sponsorship deal with has agreed to an associate sponsorship agreement with Lex Joon Racing, adding to its dynamic racing portfolio. The North Carolina-based “Suspension Experts” have agreed to sponsor the team for several races throughout the 2019 NHRA Mellow Yello Drag Racing Series.

As a result, Joon’s Top Fuel dragster will carry the name on it at three races this season: the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals in Brainerd and select NHRA Countdown to the Champion races.

Joon took the opportunity to explain how the partnership came to be.

“As a highly experienced consultant in the automotive industry I understand every aspect and component of the brand,” Joon said. “Gerda is active as a commercial parts professional in the auto parts industry. She will also serve as an excellent promoter of the Strutmasters brand.”

“Strutmasters found the perfect team to align the brand with for maximum exposure to automotive enthusiasts.”

Likewise, Strutmasters founder and owner Chip Lofton shared the enthusiasm.

“ is excited to team up with the NEVER QUIT team of Lex Joon,” said Lofton. “With their upgraded new race parts and a little extra help, we should see Lex making the show and win some rounds.”

The Dutch driver is the latest addition to Strutmasters’ growing portfolio of racing partnerships. For information and updates on Strutmasters Racing, keep an eye on the Strutmasters Racing blog.


About Lex Joon Racing


Lex Joon Racing LLC is a professional drag racing organization based in Brownsburg, Indiana. Since 1995, this FIA Top Fuel Championship winning team has shaken up the drag racing sport in Europe. In 2013, LJR made the move from Europe to the USA. Joon’s mission is to be a premier drag racing team in NHRA drag racing from 2019 and beyond. Learn more about the team by visiting the Lex Joon Racing website.

The best way to lower your Honda Shadow (is cheaper than you think!)

If you’re looking into lowering your Honda Shadow, you do have some options. However, not all of those options are created equally.

Let’s explore some of those options.


Different ways to lower your Honda Shadow


How does one lower a bike anyway?

One of the easiest ways to do it is to alter the rear linkage that is commonly called a “dog bone.” While this is an inexpensive and easy way to make your Honda Shadow lower, it comes with some serious drawbacks.

Even a tiny change in the linkage can dramatically change the compression rate of the spring. Even a change of less than half an inch can increase the compression rate by more than 20 percent. That change can affect everything from the ride comfort to handling.

Consequently, others choose to shorten the rear spring to lower their Honda Shadow. This will cost at least $200 to have performed at most mechanics. While it will maintain the factory spring rating and a similar ride, it’s also not ideal.

Owners who shorten their rear spring are left with a bike that is permanently lowered. This can present all sorts of problems in the future. While the bike will look lower and be easier to mount, it will ride differently and might be difficult to sell if that time should come.

For these reasons we do not recommend spending money on either of these options.

Yet, there is another option that allows the owner to lower (and raise) the bike with ease. It also has many other benefits.


An air suspension for your Honda Shadow


An air suspension for your Honda Shadow is the answer to all of these questions. It allows you to lower and raise the bike and adjust the firmness instantly.

That means that when you need it to be low, it’s low. If you need it to be higher, you can make it higher. You can adjust the firmness to add more passenger support, or to compensate for road conditions.

Best of all, you can do this for as much or less than cost you to only shorten your rear spring. These EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension kits are engineered to be simple enough to install at home with just a few hand tools. At just under $200, it’s one of the least expensive ways to lower your Honda Shadow.

However, riders may also want to be able to make that adjustment as quickly and easily as possible. For that, we’ve also designed a fully-automated version of this air suspension. This kit does the same thing as our regular EZ Rider Air Suspension, but with the flip of a switch.

At just under $600, it’s still a very affordable way to add some serious function AND style to your Honda Shadow.

Ready to make the switch? Order online or call one of our Suspension Experts at (866) 684-0528.

How to end your Chevrolet Tahoe air suspension issues for less than $600

The Chevrolet Tahoe is without question the king of the full-size SUV market. In some years, the Tahoe has outsold its competitors 2:1. Very few vehicles have dominated their class in the way that the Tahoe has.

It’s easy to see why.

Chevrolet went all-in on the Tahoe. It combines a rugged and sturdy frame, massive interior space, and touches of comfort and luxury throughout to make it the ultimate family vehicle.

One of those luxurious touches is the air suspension that came standard on some models. This suspension makes for a very smooth ride, right up until the moment it doesn’t.

Are you one of the many, many Tahoe owners that has noticed air suspension problems? If so, keep reading.


Is your Chevrolet Tahoe air suspension failing?


There are many signs of a failing air suspension. Tahoe owners may go to their car owners one day to find one or several corners are sagging down. Sometimes this means the entire rear end. Others may find their Tahoe doing a “nose dive” when coming to a stop.

Even before the Chevrolet Tahoe suspension warning light comes on, you might notice your car is taking longer to stop.

To check if you are having air suspension problems, give your car the “bounce test.” Do this by pressing down on the bumper. See if comes right back up to proper height or if it bounces. If it bounces, that means it has failed. If it fails, you know you’re facing air suspension problems.


Where is the problem coming from?


The best thing to do at this point is to take your Tahoe to the mechanic to have a full diagnosis. However, there are some tests you can do at home to check for a few things.

Take a bowl of soapy water and a paintbrush. Brush the liquid over the airbags and air lines in your air suspension. If you see any bubbles forming on the surface, you’ve got a leak.

Leaky air bags in your Chevy Tahoe are one of the most common reasons for air suspension failure. Some other problems might be electronic, related to the complex computer system that controls the active suspension.

You could also be facing problems with the compressor. If this is the case, you will likely notice that the compressor is running very loudly or for a long time.


How to fix Chevrolet Tahoe air suspension problems


Your mechanic or dealer will likely suggest replacing whatever component is causing the problem. This is not a bad option if the air suspension is relatively new.

However, once the car has started approaching the 100,000 mile mark, you can be sure that any Chevy Tahoe air suspension issues are just the beginning. These components all tend to wear out at the same rate. Therefore, once one goes down, the others are soon to follow.

For that reason, it makes more sense to go ahead and replace the entire suspension once these problems start. Still, this is tremendously expensive to do with even third-party replacement parts. Just one air spring can set you back just under $300, bare minimum.

Add to that the labor of installing a complex, expensive system and you’re looking at a bill in the thousands.


The Strutmasters alternative for your Chevy Tahoe


Fortunately, Strutmasters has developed a conversion kit that will completely replace your Tahoe air suspension with a sturdy, dependable coil suspension for less than $600. That is not a typo or some sort of error.

So how did we do it? The answer lies in the simplicity of this kit. Rather than a complex web of interconnected moving parts and electronic components, this kit relies on good old-fashioned mechanical resistance.

Sturdy, cold-wound coils replace flexible airbags and all the electronics needed to operate them. There’s no need for a compressor or computer. The result is a simple, inexpensive system that does exactly what it’s designed to do and nothing else.

This simplicity also saves you money on the installation. Most DIYers find that they can install these at home with no problem. All you’ll need is a good sturdy jack, some hand tools and about one hour per wheel.

Even if you’re not into doing it yourself, the simple design means your mechanic will get it in and out of the shop in no time.

Best of all, each kit comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that backs your kit for as long as your Tahoe is on the road. Order here online or call (866) 360-7558 to let our Suspension Experts guide you through the process.