How to Completely Fix a Broken Mercedes S430 Air Suspension


If your Mercedes S430 shows a suspension warning light, the time to get that car to the shop was yesterday.

A busted Mercedes S430 air suspension is more than just uncomfortable and inconvenient, it’s dangerous. It can reduce your car’s ability to handle and seriously increase stopping distance. Driving on a bad suspension can also seriously damage your Mercedes.

How to tell if your Mercedes S430 air suspension is broken

Even if your suspension warning light isn’t on, there are a number of indicators that you’ve got a suspension problem.

The first is that the car sits unevenly or too low when parked. Sometimes this will mean one corner of the S430 is lower than others. However, the most common sign is when the rear of the Mercedes is sagging down.

When coming to a stop, does your S430 “crouch” forward? If so, it means that at least the front air suspension is worn out.

You can also give your Mercedes “bounce test.” Walk around to each corner of the car and push down hard on the bumper. If the car springs back up and settles immediately, that corner is fine. If it bounces up and down before settling, it’s time to replace that strut.

Another sign that the air suspension in your S430 may be broken is if the air suspension compressor is running for too long. Also, it may just be running very loudly. Either one indicates that the compressor is working harder than it should.

If you suspect you are having Mercedes S430 air suspension trouble, don’t wait. Take your car to your mechanic right away for a diagnosis.

The problem with repairing the S430 air suspension

Brand new, nothing rides like a well-engineered air suspension. The one that came stock in your S430 is one of those.

The Mercedes-Benz Airmatic air suspension is quick and responsive thanks to a complex network of moving parts and computers. Like all moving parts and electronics, however, they are prone to wearing down and eventual failure.

The airbags in the S430, for example, are made of a flexible rubber/plastic component  that holds the air. Due to the nature of its materials, these airbags will eventually dry out, crack, rot, or otherwise tear or break.

One of the most common issues in any air suspension is an airbag wearing out or breaking. This happens naturally due to the limited lifespan of the components.

Items like the ride height sensor and compressor are also moving parts and will need to be replaced at some point.

All in all, once the repairs start with an air suspension, they don’t stop. While a couple hundred dollars for a new airbag might not seem like much now, when you multiply that by three and consider you may still not solve the problem, it gets to be a hefty bill.

A full repair of a Mercedes S430 air suspension might exceed $3,000 if done at a dealership. For many, this is simply too expensive.

Another solution for your S430 suspension problems

However, there is a way to end these suspension problems in your Mercedes for good without breaking the bank.

Strutmasters has designed a kit that will fully replace all four corners of your S430 with sturdy, dependable mechanical struts for less than $900.

Just take a look at the difference!

By doing away with the complicated electronics, tubes, and moving parts of the air suspension, this kit puts you on solid footing. There are no moving parts to worry about. No computers to update. No air leaks to try and locate. Just simple mechanical resistance.

In fact, these kits are designed to be simple enough to install at home. With the packaged instructions, a few common tools and our Suspension Experts just a phone call away, you can change out your own struts in an afternoon.

With Strutmasters patented GlideRide Technology, you can count a smooth ride that’s comparable to the original. In addition, each kit comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. As long as your Mercedes S430 is on the road, we guarantee the parts on your struts.

Don’t spend thousands trying to save a dying air suspension. End your suspension issues today and convert to a genuine Strutmasters kit today.

Call (866) 676-4457 to get started with your order now!

Four-Wide Racing: A Different Kind of Challenge


When the Denso Spark Plugs NHRA Four-Wide Nationals kick off today, NHRA fans will be treated to a different form of drag racing. Also referred to as “bracket racing,” the four-wide format offers a different kind of challenge.

We thought this might be a good chance to introduce the ins and outs of four-wide racing fans and readers.

The Four-Wide Format: How it Works

Four-Wide races pit four racers against each other, rather than the traditional two, in each round. The first two to finish advance to the next round.

This means that drivers who would have given up on a run in the two-wide format might continue the run in pursuit of a second-place finish.

As a result, many feel that the four-wide format rewards consistency much more than the two-wide format.

New Challenges

Drivers say that trust in your crew chief is extra important in the four-wide format. Simply hearing more than just one other car at the line means the run-up preparation to the race changes for the driver.

A driver must trust that their crew chief has taken account of how long the other cars have been running. This changes the driver’s timing in backing up and doing a burnout.

Rolling forward to the staging procedure is perhaps the most challenging part of the format. Visually, drivers are accustomed to looking at the light furthers to their right. So if, for example, a driver is in Lane 2, that light would actually be for Lane 4.

In a sport where a thousandth of a second can make a world of difference, even the slightest distraction can be a factor.

Staging Challenges

The four-wide format also presents staging challenges.

Due to a lengthier staging time, staging first puts drivers at risk of building up too much heat in the engine or clutch. They also risk burning too much fuel if another driver is taking a long time to stage, sometimes intentionally.

Drivers who stage last might fall victim to a “quick Tree.” While the lights are randomized, they can start as soon as the final driver is staged. That could catch the final driver to stage not being ready to go.

Challenges During a Four-Wide Race

In a standard two-wide race, drivers can easily get a feel for where their opponent is. However, trying to get a visual read on three other opponents can be a major distraction. Drivers need to really dial in and focus during the race.

A four-wide race is also exponentially louder for the driver than its two-wide counterpart. Drivers are less able to rely on conventional audio cues to get a sense of where they are and where they need to be.

In general, the margin of error is that much slimmer in the four-wide format.

What to Expect

First and foremost, expect a wild time. The crowd at The Strip in Las Vegas is enormous. The different format is exciting. Drivers will be going all-out.

But beyond that, look for more experienced and crafty drivers to pull out some wins.

Fan-favorite Clay Millican, a veteran of the four-wide racing format, said in an interview last week that he was looking forward to the challenge.

“I’m a bracket racer at heart,” said Millican. “I love the race and I love the huge crowds at an event like that. It’s way more fun to show out in front of a packed house and last year was a packed house.”

Coverage of the Denso Spark Plugs NHRA Four-Wide Nationals begins Friday, April 5th at 9:30 PM on FS1.

4 signs your Nissan Armada air suspension is failing, and what to do


The Nissan Armada is a big, luxurious family SUV based on the Japanese manufacturer’s popular Titan pickup truck.

The first generation of the Armada came equipped with an active air suspension. This air suspension provided a smooth ride that helped give the interior a true feeling of luxury.

Your Armada’s air suspension a network of sensors, airbags, control modules and a compressor to keep the ride inflated to the right height. This system works great–until one or more of the components goes out.

But how will you know when something has gone wrong? Your Armada comes equipped with a suspension warning light. If your suspension warning light is on, take it to your mechanic right away.

However, there are some warning signs that your Armada air suspension is broken that you may spot before the light comes on.

Nissan Armada is sagging in the rear or in one corner

When one of the airbags is broken, punctured or torn, it will be unable to support the weight of the vehicle at that corner properly.

Typically, it is the rear airbags that break down first. That is why one of the most common signs of air suspension failure is a sagging rear end of the vehicle.

However, you may also notice that one corner of the Armada is dipping down. This also indicates a problem with the airbags.

Airbags are made of a flexible rubber and plastic blend. They must be flexible in order to function properly. The problem with this is that these materials are not meant to last forever, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Over time, it is natural for the airbags in your Armada to become cracked, punctured or otherwise worn out. They also tend to wear out at the same rate.

Because of this, it is a good idea to replace all of them at the same time.

A noisy compressor

The air compressor in your Armada generates pressurized air. It then pumps this air into the airbags to keep the car at the proper ride height.

You will typically not hear or notice the compressor. If you do, it most likely indicates a problem.

A compressor that runs for more than 15-20 seconds per cycle is one that is running for too long and working too hard. This indicates that the suspension system is having trouble inflating the air springs.

That could mean that there is a problem in any number of places. There could be a puncture in the air lines. These carry the pressurized air from the compressor to the air springs.

There might be a puncture in one of the airbags themselves. Or there could be a computer malfunction in the control module. Maybe there is a problem with the ride height sensors.

The same goes for if the compressor sounds very noisy. That would mean that it is working too hard.

Your Nissan does a “nose dive”

One of the many functions of your suspension is to spread out the force of the car stopping across the entire car. When it is working properly, the car will come to a smooth and even stop.

If you notice that your Armada seems to be lurching or jerking forward when coming to a stop, there is probably an issue with your suspension.

When the suspension wears down, it is unable to provide as much resistance to the weight of the car coming to a stop. Therefore, the body of the car will continue to move forward while the wheels are stopped.

This results in what is commonly known as the “nose dive.” The rear end of the car pops up while the front end of the car dives down.

If you notice this in your Armada you likely have suspension issues.

Your Armada brakes are fine but stopping takes way too long

As we mentioned before, much of the force of stopping your vehicle is absorbed by your suspension.

If the suspension is not working properly, it becomes more difficult for your Armada to come to a complete stop. The car is asking your brake calipers to hold much more weight than before.

This will result in a noticeable increase in stopping distance.

You can see why having a properly functioning suspension in your Armada is important. It can be the difference between getting into an accident and safely avoiding one.

What to do about your failing Armada suspension

If you’ve noticed these signs or any others, it’s time to get serious about repairing your Nissan Armada. It’s a great family vehicle and if you don’t have any other significant mechanical issues, there’s no need to get rid of it just yet.

The other big problem with air suspensions is that they are incredibly expensive to fix or replace. For many people, the cost of repairing that air suspension could exceed the cost of the car itself!

But thankfully, there is an alternative. We have engineered a kit that will fully replace your Armada suspension with sturdy, dependable coils.

Unlike that faulty air suspension, these coilover struts use real mechanical force to support and stabilize your Nissan. There are no moving parts to wear down and no flimsy materials to crack, snap or break.

Our engineers have spent countless hours ensuring they are properly tuned and rated to provide you with the perfect ride. That’s what Strutmasters’ patented GlideRide Technology is all about.

Best of all, we offer a limited lifetime guarantee. That means that for less than $750 you can replace all four wheels of your Armada suspension and never have to pay for struts or coils again as long as you own the vehicle.

When you’re ready to end your Nissan Armada air suspension problems, give us a call at (866) 684-0528 and let one of our Suspension Experts get you exactly what you need!

How to Fix Cadillac XTS Air Suspension Problems (Without Going Broke)


Is your Cadillac XTS suspension warning light on? Even if it’s not, you may still have noticeable problems with your air suspension.

If your XTS is sagging in the rear or leaning to one side, you are probably experiencing air suspension issues. This is also true if you have noticed a noisy compressor under the hood or a small “nose dive” when coming to a stop.

Whatever the issue, air suspension problems are worrisome. That’s mainly because they are expensive to fix and the repairs are endless once they begin.

Why does my Cadillac XTS have suspension problems?

Air suspensions are a marvel of modern automotive technology in some ways. They are complex systems of mechanical and electronic components that work together to create a smooth, balanced ride.

When they are working well, they offer great comfort and handling for the driver. Active suspensions in general have many advantages.

However, they also have an expiration date.

In order to function properly, your air suspension relies on a mechanical compressor, electronic and mechanical ride-height sensors, air bags, pneumatic air tubes and several small computers.

If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is.

As with any system, any increase in complexity means an increase in the probability of failure at one point or another.

With these systems being interdependent, one component not working properly throws the entire system out of whack. Other components will overcompensate to try and right the situation. This will cause early failure of other components.

So air suspension problems in your Cadillac XTS aren’t a matter of if, but when.

Why are Cadillac XTS air suspensions so expensive to fix?

Knowing that the Cadillac XTS air suspension is so complicated, you can expect that it is very expensive to fix.

For starters, the components themselves are quite expensive. Each air spring will run you just shy of $200. That doesn’t sound like much at first.

But wait, knowing that soon after you replace the first air spring you’ll need to replace the other three, you’re already signing up for $800 worth of parts. Then you’ve got to pay someone to install them.

But say you decide it’s worth it to replace all of your air springs. Your ride height sensors and compressors are all moving parts and they will wear out eventually. You’re looking at several hundred to a thousand dollars’ worth of parts there.

You’ve also got a suspension control module and all the tubes and wires that connect everything to worry about.

And once again, you are working with a very complex system with a lot of little nuances. That means increased labor time.

All-in-all, there are a lot of reasons why these systems are so expensive to fix.

How to fix your XTS suspension (without going broke)

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Strutmasters makes these conversion kits that allow you to simply do away with the troublesome air suspension and replace it with sturdy, dependable coilover struts.

For just under $600, you can replace all four of your Cadillac’s air springs. These struts do away with all the complexity and replace them with good old-fashioned mechanical resistance.

Our engineers spent countless hours ensuring that these kits were tuned and rated properly for your XTS. The result is Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology, which provides a smooth ride comparable to the original.

Best of all, they are designed so that you can install it at home yourself. All you need a few simple tools you probably already have laying around, a sturdy jack and the better part of an afternoon.

We’ve packaged some detailed instructions with the kit. We also made this helpful video to guide you along:

These kits come with a limited lifetime guarantee. That means that for the rest of your XTS’ life, we will guarantee that these struts will work as intended or we will replace them.

When you’re ready to ditch that faulty Cadillac XTS air suspension and convert to robust and reliable coils, give us a call at (866) 664-0252. Our Suspension Experts are waiting to help make sure you get exactly what you need.

After Close Finish in Gainesville, Clay Millican Is Ready for Las Vegas


Clay Millican’s oh-so-close second-place finish in Gainesville was not a win. However, if you ask Millican, it was just the beginning. He heads into Las Vegas April 5th looking to take over.

Millican and Co. are heading into the 20th annual DENSO Spark Plugs NHRA Four-Wide Nationals hungry for their first win. After placing outside of the top five in the first two events of the season, Millican finished .008 seconds away from a win at the Gatornationals.

Fuel for the fire

That close finish has only fueled one the NHRA’s most popular drivers. In an excellent interview and write-up in SpeedSport, Millican spoke about the confidence he has in his team heading to The Strip.

“We made six straight competitive runs from Saturday through the final round, and that was huge,” said Millican. “Mike was able to get a handle on what the car wants and needs. That let us know as a group we can be thrown into the fire and get it done. They got through the fire together and it gives us confidence we can do this as a group.”

Vegas Magic?

Millican also believes that Las Vegas presents some unique advantages for him. As a former bracket racer, Millican is well-acquainted with the event’s four-wide format.

While many drivers might be a little intimidated by the different format and enormous crowds Vegas has to offer, Millican welcomes them as both a challenge and motivation.

“I’m a bracket racer at heart,” said Millican. “I love the race and I love the huge crowds at an event like that. It’s way more fun to show out in front of a packed house and last year was a packed house. We just have to maintain consistency going down the track. If we do that, we’ll turn win lights on. If we can maintain consistency, that consistency will get us wins.”

Early Questions

After finishing outside of the top five in the first two events of the season, some may have been questioning the decision to bring in new crew chief Mike Kloeber. Prior to this season, Kloeber last worked in the NHRA in 2014. Some may have wondered if his extended absence had taken a toll.

Clay Millican, however, was not one of those people.

“I knew it was going to be okay,” said the Drummonds, Tennessee native. “There were plenty of naysayers to hiring a guy who has been out of it a while, but we were confident. There was no question in our mind in our mind Mike was going to be able to get this going.”

The second-place finish in Gainesville may have been frustratingly close to victory in that moment. But for Millican, it’s just been the appetizer that has stoked his appetite for his first win of the season. A win he will look for in Vegas.

“Going to the finals doesn’t change anything,” said Millican. We want to keep winning rounds.”

Things Are Coming Together For Clay Millican and His New Crew


Clay Millican and his crew didn’t finish first in Gainesville on Sunday, March 17th. Despite reaching a higher top speed and leading for the first half of the race, Richie Crampton managed to pull out a victory.

But don’t expect the Drummonds, Tennessee native to dwell on the near miss. For Millican and Co., the second-place finish at the Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals was a good indicator of progress.

When Millican parted ways with crew chief David Grubnic and reunited with Mike Kloeber last November, it was reasonable to expect a learning curve.

After finishing 10th at the Lucas Oil Winternationals and 11th at the Magic Dry Organic Absorbent NHRA Arizona Nationals, finishing near the top at the Gatornationals was a much-needed confidence booster going into the meat of the season.

New Crew, Big Shoes to Fill

No matter how many wins one has, and Mike Kloeber has quite a few under his belt, David “Grubby” Grubnic left some big shoes to fill.

Under his wrench, Millican became one of the most exciting racers in the Top Fuel series. Millican and Grubnic picked up their first win in 2017. The pair picked up two more in 2018 and finished third overall for the season.

That success and the historic success of Kloeber and Millican together meant that expectations were sky high coming into the season.

But even the eternally-glass-half-full Millican gave measured expectations.

“Change is a scary word as fear of the unknown can keep people from moving forward,” said Millican in an interview with Speed Sport. “But I’ve fully embraced this change even with the valleys and hills that are expected in the process.”

Putting it Together

If the Gatornationals were any indication, however, Millican and his new crew are moving forward pretty quickly.

Though 18 inches stood between the PartsPlus/ driver and his first win, he looked like vintage Clay in Gainesville. Millican displayed the fearlessness and uncanny timing that has made him a star in two leagues.

Unfinished Business

Even casual observers of the sport know that there is only one goal for Millican and Kloeber this season. An NHRA championship.

In an interview late last year, Kloeber put it about as plainly as it could be put:

“Getting a call from Doug Stringer with the opportunity to race with this team provides a path to conclude some unfinished business for us all,” said Kloeber. Winning a NHRA Mello Yello Championship.”

Millican himself has outright stated that goal that he and his crew all share.
In a recent interview with, Clay said, “Mike and I have done and accomplished most everything you can think of in drag racing. We won six straight world championships, we have elapsed time and mile-per-hour records, you name it we have done it. But the only thing we haven’t done is, win an NHRA National event championship in Top Fuel. That’s our unfinished business.”

Clay and Co. came one step closer to finishing that business in Gainesville. The racing world is on the edge of its seat waiting to see the next one.

How a Bad Lexus GX 470 Suspension Can Destroy Your Entire Vehicle


Are you having trouble with your Lexus GX 470 air suspension? Is your Lexus sagging in the rear or leaning to one side? Have you noticed that it’s taking you longer to stop than usual even though your brakes are fine?

Whether you’re starting to notice the warning signs or are seeing a suspension warning light in your Lexus GX 470, it’s more than just a comfort issue. It’s more than just a safety issue too.

Driving around on bad struts does serious damage to your Lexus. Delaying repairs to your car will only result in more expense and more safety hazards.

Here are some of the ways driving around on a busted air suspension harms your vehicle:

Your Lexus GX 470 Brakes Will Suffer

When you think about what stops your car, you most likely think of your brakes. While your brakes are what stop your wheels from moving, it is your struts that absorb much of the force between the wheels and the body of your Lexus.

If your struts aren’t working properly, your Lexus’ brakes will have to use much more force to stop the car. That means that they will wear out prematurely.

The additional stress on your GX 470’s brakes can also cause extreme heat buildup. This can damage not only the brake calipers, but the wheels as well.

The Joints Will Wear Down

As we mentioned before, the struts in your car absorb most of the stress between the wheels and your car’s body. When they are functioning properly, your struts and shocks protect the joints on your Lexus GX 470.

However, once the air suspension on your Lexus starts to fail, the joints will bear more of the stress from road travel.

These joints are moving parts. Like all moving parts, they are prone to wearing down. Even under regular stress, they will wear down eventually. With the additional stress from driving on bad struts, these joints will wear out prematurely.

Weak joints present very serious safety issues for your Lexus. Ensuring that your struts are doing the job properly will protect them.

Uneven Wear On Your Tires

When your Lexus’ air suspension is functioning properly, it minimizes the up and down travel of the wheels across the road surface. That ensures that your tires will wear evenly over time.

When the air suspension on your Lexus GX 470 starts to go, the wheels will bounce up and down more than they are supposed to. This will cause uneven, premature wear on the tires.

Consequently, uneven tires will cause the tires themselves to travel more unevenly. This causes an exponential wear and tear problem that will only get worse over time.

Your GX 470 Steering System Will Have a Hard Time

Your Lexus’ air suspension plays a large role in helping you steer the car.

A healthy suspension will allow you to handle the car easily, with minimal resistance. Once the suspension wears down, however, it will become more difficult to steer the car.

Like with the other components, the increased stress has a snowball effect on your Lexus’ steering system. The struts and shocks in your car are a connection point between the steering column and the wheels themselves.
Reducing the efficiency of the steering system puts you and your passengers at risk. It also takes a tremendous toll on all the components involved.

Don’t let the cost of air suspension replacement stop you from having a working suspension. This conversion kit will allow you to convert your Lexus GX 470 from that troublesome air suspension to a sturdy, reliable coilover suspension for just under $400.

Each kit comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. Stop spending money on that air suspension and fix the problem for good today!

Don’t Let a Bad Mercedes-Benz E550 Air Suspension Put You at Risk


Are you having issues with your Mercedes-Benz E550 suspension? You might be in more danger than you thought.

In many cases, even before you see the suspension warning light, you might notice some other symptoms of air suspension failure: an overly bouncy ride, sagging in the rear, doing a “nose dive” when coming to a stop, or simply failing to maintain the proper ride height.

While many people think of suspension problems as simply a comfort issue, they can be far more serious.

The Dangers of Driving on a Bad E550 Suspension

Suspension problems are not just an issue of comfort. Your car’s suspension is one of its primary safety features.

A properly functioning Mercedes-Benz E550 suspension allows the driver to turn, stop, and maneuver a vehicle with a great deal of control. If a suspension becomes worn down or broken, the driver’s ability to control the vehicle decreases significantly.

Studies have shown that driving on struts at 50% effectiveness increases your car’s stopping distance by 12%. At highway speeds, this can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Accidents are more difficult to avoid as well. Your suspension system is what helps you navigate through traffic and around turns. As a result, you may be unable to maneuver around a wreck or obstacle if your Mercedes-Benz E550 suspension is failing.

The Effects of Worn-Out Shocks on Your E550

You can think of your car’s suspension as being similar to your body’s legs and hips. They serve a similar purpose–to connect you to the ground while also serving as a buffer for your body’s core.

Now, imagine running with a sore knee on one side and a bad hip on the other. Even if they are just minor injuries, pretty soon those parts will start to suffer.

Soon after that, other parts of your body will start to suffer as they try to compensate for the difference in function.

This is what happens to your E550 when driving on bad struts and shocks. But since you thankfully can’t feel physical pain, it’s easy to ignore the damage that’s being done to your vehicle.

Driving around on a blown out E550 air suspension will put extra stress on everything from your car’s brake pads to the steering column. Avoiding a suspension repair now means repairing a lot of things in the future you might not have had to.

What to Do

One of the biggest problems with the Mercedes-Benz E550 air suspension is a problem with all air suspensions: cost.

Air suspensions are prohibitively expensive to repair and replace. It’s no wonder people put off repairs for so long.

Replacing just one of the air springs in your E550 could set you back around $300 for the parts alone. Given that they are parts that are guaranteed to fail at some point, you’re looking at $1200 before you even pay anyone to install them.

Air suspension systems are highly complex and require a lot of skills, tools, and patience to work on. There are many computer-controlled parts and an expensive compressor that generates all the air used to inflate the system.

A full replacement of your air suspension system could end up costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars. For many people, that’s just not realistic.

An Alternative for your E550

Replacing that air suspension with another isn’t your only option, however.

You can say goodbye to that faulty, troublesome air suspension for good and convert to a trusty coilover suspension instead.

For less than $1,000, you can purchase this kit from Strutmasters which will replace all four corners of your air suspension.

Backed by a limited lifetime guarantee, once you install this conversion kit, you’ll never need to spend another dime on your E550 suspension again.

Best of all, it’s simple enough for most people to install at home. All you need is a few simple tools, a quality lift, and the better part of a morning or afternoon.

If you’re ready to end your E550 air suspension problems for good, call and speak with one of our Suspension Experts. They’ll set you up with exactly what you need to have you riding high once again!

Dodge Ram Suspension Problems? Don’t Trust Just Anyone to Fix Them


Has your Dodge Ram air suspension been acting up recently? As their trucks begin to age, many Ram owners notice that their car has trouble maintaining its ride height. Some might see that the rear end sags down, or notice the front end dipping down when coming to a stop.

Whatever the problem is, issues with the Dodge Ram air suspension are very common and can pose real problems for the car and its passengers.

The Suspension is Part of Your Dodge Ram’s Safety System

Many people think of their suspension as what controls the comfort of their vehicle. However, your Dodge Ram’s suspension does so much more than that.

The suspension in your Dodge Ram is what allows you to turn and stop your vehicle. It connects the body of the car to the wheels. Without it working properly, you put you and your passengers in danger.

Studies have shown that a worn out air suspension can dramatically increase the time it takes a vehicle to stop. This can be the difference between a rear end collision and avoiding an accident altogether.

Suspension warning lights or issues with your Dodge Ram suspension should not be ignored.

The Problem With Repairing your Dodge Ram Suspension

You probably fell in love with your air suspension at first. When it works, the Dodge Ram air suspension is everything you want it to be: comfortable, responsive and safe.

As it ages, though, things stop working so well. It probably seems like once the problems started, they all started to come at once.

This is how it is with air suspensions.

Air suspension systems like the one in your Dodge Ram are very complex and interconnected. When one component stops working efficiently, it puts stress on the whole system.

To use an analogy, your suspension system is like your legs. Your toe might seem like a small part of that system, but if one is broken or even slightly injured, it changes everything. Walk around on a broken toe long enough and you’ll start to feel pain in other parts of your legs.

An air suspension works in much the same way. So once one component fails, the others will start to suffer from the extra wear and tear.

That means it’s dubious at best to repair that air suspension.

Don’t Trust Just Anyone To Fix Your Suspension Problems

Let’s look at the air bags, for example. Replacing just one of them costs around $300. That might not sound like a lot, but remember that they all wear out at about the same rate. You’ll need to replace those other three in the near future.

It’s not just the air bags that wear out either. Your Dodge Ram also has moving parts like the ride height sensors and compressor. It also features components like the air lines which are flexible and fragile.

All in all, you’re talking about a system that will end up costing thousands to replace over the lifetime of the vehicle.

While that’s really bad news for you, the Dodge Ram owner, that’s great news for your mechanic or dealership. They’ll be happy to know they have more work coming down the line.

Other Options for Your Dodge Ram Suspension

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all that.

Rather than sign yourself up for endless repairs, why not get rid of that busted air suspension altogether? You don’t even need it!

Instead, for just under $900 you can replace that troublesome air suspension with a brand new coilover suspension kit from Strutmasters.

These kits are made of high-quality, robust materials and produced right here in the USA. Strutmasters is so confident in the quality that it includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty with each kit.
That means you pay once and that’s it. No more trips to the dealer. No more spending money on that suspension.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your broken Dodge Ram suspension and convert to sturdy, reliable coils, give us a call at (866) 239-4896 and let our Suspension Experts match you with the perfect kit!