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The Suspension Experts Blog

Strutmasters Blog | Tips from Air Suspension Experts

The Suspension Experts Blog

Read insider tips and recommendations on to solve all of your suspension needs. Join us for the ride.

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New Air Suspension Glossary Customer Resource

Announcing the New Glossary Section If you have been on our website before, you know that we do our best to help our customers make educated decisions when it comes to repairing or upgrading their vehicles. As we continue to…

2015 Strutmasters 199 Race NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Event

The Strutmasters 199 race The Strutmasters 199 race is a 199-lap NASCAR race that is part of the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour. It was held on August 1, 2015 at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, NC. Other races at…

Mercedes-Benz Air Suspension Conversion Kit Sale

We are having a limited time sale on all Mercedes-Benz S Class air suspension conversion kits Strutmasters is having a limited time only sale on all Mercedes-Benz S Class kits! Not only do we save you thousands of dollars on…

The Difference Between Twin-Tube and Monotube Shocks

Monotube Shocks vs Twin Tube Shocks – Which Is Better For Your Car? If you’re looking for replacement shocks for your car, you have two main categories to choose from: monotube shocks vs. twin-tube shocks. If you’re having trouble deciding,…

How to Detect a Leak in Air Ride Suspension Systems

Detect Air Suspension Leaks Air Ride Suspensions are arguably the best riding automotive suspension yet built. In its simplest form you are riding on air. The only downside to the system is the loss of air within the system. Some…

Reduce Strain When Towing With Super Springs™

Towing can add stress to your vehicle Using your vehicle to tow a trailer of any size can put a strain on your vehicle if not properly equipped to tow. Drivers can’t simply assume that a car or truck with…

Understanding Lincoln Continental Air Ride Suspension Issues

Most of us while driving have seen older model Lincoln’s driving down the road with the backend of the car sagging down. This is the tell-tale sign that the air ride suspension has failed. The air bags that lift and…

February Tech Tip

When a vehicle reaches 100,000 miles, inspect control arm bushings, tie rod ends and sway bar links for wear. These parts generally wear at a faster rate in areas where the roads are treated in the winter. This helps to…

December’s Tech Tip

Make sure you jack the whole front or rear of the vehicle up when doing a conversion. Don’t lift one wheel at a time. Having an opposite wheel on the ground will work against you in most cases