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5 reasons to add EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks to your Honda Shadow - Strutmasters

5 reasons to add EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks to your Honda Shadow

by David Straughan on August 14, 2019 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
For years, owners who wished to modify the ride height of their Honda Shadow had to resort to drastic measures. Whether it was altering linkages by hand or re-engineering car suspension components, lowering or raising the ride height has never had a perfect solution. Until now. Strutmasters, the Suspension Experts, has developed an air suspension kit specifically for your Honda Shadow. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to install an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks system on your Honda Shadow.

5. Fully adjustable ride height

Humans come in many different sizes. Yet motorcycle manufacturers make motorcycles to fit a small range of humans. People who are shorter or taller than whatever Honda considers “normal” can often be left in the dark. Shorter riders might have trouble mounting the bike. Taller riders might find the bike harder to control. However, modifying the height of the bike in the past always meant making permanent changes. These changes could affect the safety and stability of the ride. The EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shock system allows riders to adjust the height of their Honda Shadow on command. This means shorter drivers can lower the bike to get on and then raise it back to avoid scraping. Taller drivers can raise or lower the bike when it might benefit them, too.

4. Adjusts firmness, too

In addition to being driven by differently-sized people, motorcycles are driven in different places as well. These different places often have different terrains. While skilled drivers can adapt to different terrains, ideally the motorcycle would adapt too. Long, straight stretches of highway might be more comfortable with a softer suspension. Curvier roads might be handled better with a tighter suspension. The point is, being able to adjust the firmness of your suspension is a huge advantage. EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks allow you to do just that with your Honda Shadow.

3. Give your Honda Shadow some extra style

Let’s be real. Many of you got here because you’re thinking about lowering your Honda Shadow. This is a move we fully support. With a big, beautiful bike like your Honda Shadow, who wouldn’t want to be able to drop down on command and glide past a crowd? In the past, Shadow owners had to make permanent mods to their bikes. This sacrificed a lot of functionality. Now, you can drop down low whenever you feel like it. And pop back up when you don’t. You can add multiple looks and some serious functionality to your Honda Shadow with just one modification.

2. More comfortable ride

People who have driven a car with air suspension can go ahead and skip to number one. You already know. For those that haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Air suspensions provide some of the comfiest, cushiest rides on the market. They are a favorite of luxury automakers. Everyone from Mercedes-Benz to Lexus to Cadillac hooks up their most luxurious models with an air suspension. These pneumatic suspensions provide a smooth, gentle ride. On a motorcycle, that means vastly superior comfort. Once installed, your new air suspension will just “eat” bumps and dips in the road. You’ll just glide on through. It’s an unrivaled level of motorcycle comfort.

1. Better passenger support

What’s better than sharing the joy of the open road with someone else? Though the passenger is often an afterthought in motorcycle design, we firmly support their right to be comfortable, too. The adjustable firmness of the seat means you can adjust the level of support for you and your passenger. That means your son or daughter will be just as comfortable on the back as a full-grown adult, and vice-versa. Being able to adjust the ride height on command means you can lower it whenever you need to to make mounting and dismounting easier for everyone. The world just looks different from atop a Honda Shadow. We’re more than happy to make sharing that experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Order your Honda Shadow EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension kit today! Our Ultimate Air Ride Lowering Kit even allows you to control the air suspension with the push of a button. Call our Suspension Experts at if you have any questions whatsoever. Enjoy the ride!

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