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Best Auto Vlogs

by Scott Beaddles on November 01, 2016 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
Sometimes, reading about the latest updates and news from the automotive world isn’t enough. Everyone always wants to learn more and see more. Fortunately, these top auto vloggers can help you get all the automotive news you need and the automotive entertainment you want.


When it comes to street car coverage, there’s no better vlogger to follow than 1320Video. Their videos have reached global recognition, and they’re now known for delivering the best street car coverage from the United States. They specialize in online social videos where they broadcast some of the most popular drag races, street races, and dyno shootouts across the country. Plus they deliver news from the word’s most anticipated car shows and events, so you’re always updated on the latest from the automotive industry and the world of street cars. Check out 1320Video on YouTube for the latest updates.

Eric the Car Guy

Looking to dive into the world of automotive DIY? If so, let Eric the Car Guy be your guide. This notable automotive vlogger is the go-to source for any auto repair videos you need. He’ll teach you the best ways to inspect your vehicle for damage, how to install brakes, and even how to replace your engine and transmission. He also reviews some of the most popular tools on the market to help you see which is best for your needs. And best of all, he’s got a ton of experience in the automotive industry. Eric the Car Guy is an ASE- and Acura-Certified Master Technician, so you can trust that he’ll give you the best advice and how-to guides to ensure proper repairs. Connect with Eric the Car Guy on Facebook for updates on his latest automotive repair videos.

Motor Trend OnDemand

News and various forms of automotive entertainment are now more accessible than ever with Motor Trend OnDemand. Motor Trend OnDemand is essentially Netflix for automotive enthusiasts. They have more than 800 hours of content, including in-depth coverage on major international auto events and video reviews of the latest vehicles on the market. Plus Motor Trend OnDemand features a ton of specialized shows to cater to your automotive interests and preferences. For example, hot rod and vintage car lovers will love the Hot Rod Garage program. Follow Motor Trend OnDemand on Facebook to learn more about their programs and specials.

The Smoking Tire

The Smoking Tire is a vlog for automotive lovers made by automotive lovers. Founded in 2009, The Smoking Tire started to improve the famous Garage419 internet series and provide the world with high-quality automotive videos. Since then, The Smoking Tire has evolved into its own entity and provides audiences with the entertaining and informative automotive videos everyone wants. They feature everything from car reviews to maintenance and service videos to cater to your specific needs and wants. Plus they have their own movie series called All Cars Go to Heaven. This documentary series follows a group of people as they travel across off-road trails in a variety of cars, including a vintage Ford Model T. The purpose of the trip: to experience the freedom and joys that come from traveling in a dependable car with a great group of friends. For more information, check out The Smoking Tire on Facebook. If you’re an automotive enthusiast, don’t just read about the automotive industry. Experience it with entertaining and exciting videos from these top auto vloggers.

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