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Custom Motorcycle Suspension on

Custom Motorcycle Suspension on

by admin on October 02, 2015 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs

Motorcycle Custom Suspension on!

Strutmasters repairs and sells a wide array of suspension components. The variety of suspension parts we sell are growing every day. However, the fact remains, the suspension parts that Strutmasters has always designed and constructed has been the revolutionary active-to-non-active conversion kits. Ladies, and Gentlemen, not anymore! We are now branching out into the world of passive-to-active suspension. While Strutmasters remains a firm believer that coil springs, MacPherson strut assemblies, and non-electronic hydraulic and gas shock absorbers are safer, easier to install, and more reliable suspension components than air suspension systems, we will admit there are just some things air suspension systems can do that passive systems can’ changing your ride height at the touch of a button. Well, we are taking a crack at this portion of the industry. Strutmasters now offers its very own custom air suspension lowering kits…..for Motorcycles! That’s right, we are now making custom air suspension systems AND making products for Motorcycles. Now announcing the Low Life Motorcycle Air Suspension product line from Strutmasters. Low Life motorcycle air shocks are designed to give you up to 5 inches of lift and drop accompanied by superior comfort. Check-out the variety of fitments and options our Low Life motorcycle kits have to offer:
1rc-series1RA Series - This is our most simple and basic of motorcycle air suspension lowering kits. Priced at $219, this kit includes our Low Life air shocks, but you will still need your own compressor. In order to change your height with this kit, you will need to manually measure and adjust the air in the shocks. We recommend this kit for those who want to customize their bike’s ride height only every once in a while. So if you know where you want your bike, and are looking for a set-it-and-forget-it shock, then this kit is for you. 1rc-series1RB Series - Don’t have a compressor? Then this kit (or the 1RC) is what you need. The 1RB includes our Low Life air shocks, a bolt-on compressor, adjustment switch, and wiring set complete with instructions. This kit will give you the basic tools you need so that you can control your height and comfort with the flip of a switch! Ride your bike at a comfortable setting, and slam it to the ground and show off when you park it! 1rc-series1RC Series - This is our ultimate motorcycle air suspension lowering kit. In addition to everything in the previous two kits, you also get a dump-valve and an air suspension gauge and mount. We designed the components in this kit with several mounting options to increase the ergonomics of each individual’s bike. The dump-valve solenoid allows riders to drop their bikes to the ground exponentially faster with the touch of a button. All of this for only $599! Since this is such a new endeavor for Strutmasters, we have decided to dedicate a portion of our website entirely for our current and future Low Life motorcycle products. Below is a quick, easy way to get to our motorcycle page in case you forget the link

Browse Our Motorcycles Suspension Parts

  • From the home page, go to the top toolbar and select the “Motorcycles” tab.
  • From here on out, you will be in a Motorcycle View Mode. The website will now look and navigate the same as our Strutmasters site.
  • Want to return to Strutmasters’ main page? Simply go to the top tool bar and select the “Home” tab. It’s that easy!
Now what are you waiting for? Go check out your Low Life Air Suspension Kit today!

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