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How to end your Chevrolet Tahoe air suspension issues for less than $600 - Strutmasters

How to end your Chevrolet Tahoe air suspension issues for less than $600

by Troy Hammond on July 23, 2019 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs

The Chevrolet Tahoe is without question the king of the full-size SUV market. In some years, Tahoe has outsold its competitors 2:1. Very few vehicles have dominated their class in the way that the Tahoe has. It’s easy to see why. Chevrolet went all-in on the Tahoe. It combines a rugged and sturdy frame, massive interior space, and touches of comfort and luxury throughout to make it the ultimate family vehicle.

One of those luxurious touches is the air suspension that came standard on some models. This suspension makes for a very smooth ride, right up until the moment it doesn’t. Are you one of the many, many Tahoe owners that has noticed air suspension problems? If so, keep reading.

Is your Chevrolet Tahoe air suspension failing?

There are many signs of a failing air suspension. Tahoe owners may go to their car owners one day to find one or several corners are sagging down. Sometimes this means the entire rear end. Others may find their Tahoe doing a “nose dive” when coming to a stop. Even before the Chevrolet Tahoe suspension warning light comes on, you might notice your car is taking longer to stop. To check if you are having air suspension problems, give your car the “bounce test.” Do this by pressing down on the bumper. See it comes right back up to the proper height or if it bounces. If it bounces, that means it has failed. If it fails, you know you’re facing air suspension problems.

Where is the problem coming from?

The best thing to do at this point is to take your Tahoe to the mechanic to have a full diagnosis. However, there are some tests you can do at home to check for a few things. Take a bowl of soapy water and a paintbrush. Brush the liquid over the airbags and air lines in your air suspension. If you see any bubbles forming on the surface, you’ve got a leak.

Leaky air bags in your Chevy Tahoe are one of the most common reasons for air suspension failure. Some other problems might be electronic, related to the complex computer system that controls the active suspension. You could also be facing problems with the compressor. If this is the case, you will likely notice that the compressor is running very loudly or for a long time.

How to fix Chevrolet Tahoe air suspension problems

Your mechanic or dealer will likely suggest replacing whatever component is causing the problem. This is not a bad option if the air suspension is relatively new. However, once the car has started approaching the 100,000-mile mark, you can be sure that any Chevy Tahoe air suspension issues are just the beginning. These components all tend to wear out at the same rate. Therefore, once one goes down, the others are soon to follow.

For that reason, it makes more sense to go ahead and replace the entire suspension once these problems start. Still, this is tremendously expensive to do with even third-party replacement parts. Just one air spring can set you back just under $300, bare minimum. Add to that the labor of installing a complex, expensive system and you’re looking at a bill in the thousands.

The Strutmasters alternative for your Chevy Tahoe

Fortunately, Strutmasters has developed a conversion kit that will completely replace your Tahoe air suspension with a sturdy, dependable coil suspension for less than $600. That is not a typo or some sort of error. So how did we do it? The answer lies in the simplicity of this kit. Rather than a complex web of interconnected moving parts and electronic components, this kit relies on good old-fashioned mechanical resistance. Sturdy, cold-wound coils replace flexible airbags and all the electronics needed to operate them. There’s no need for a compressor or computer. The result is a simple, inexpensive system that does exactly what it’s designed to do and nothing else. This simplicity also saves you money on the installation.


Most DIYers find that they can install these at home with no problem. All you’ll need is a good sturdy jack, some hand tools and about one hour per wheel. Even if you’re not into doing it yourself, the simple design means your mechanic will get it in and out of the shop in no time. Best of all, each kit comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that backs your kit for as long as your Tahoe is on the road.

Order here online or call (866) 360-7558 to let our Suspension Experts guide you through the process.

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