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EZ Rider Suspension: Lower your Harley-Davidson the right way - Strutmasters

EZ Rider Suspension: Lower your Harley-Davidson the right way

by David Straughan on August 08, 2019 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
Lowering a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is nothing new. Riders have been slamming their Harleys for decades. However, past lowering solutions have left a lot to be desired. Some methods of lowering require hacking off part of a spring. Others require taking air struts from a Chevrolet car and fitting them to a Harley. Now, Strutmasters has introduced its EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension Kit, a full air suspension made specifically for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

A better solution for your Harley-Davidson

People who buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle expect quality and performance from their machine. Lowering a beautiful bike like a Softail or Dyna Glide with some half-engineered solution does that bike a disservice. Enter Strutmasters. The North Carolina-based Suspension Experts have been a top name in suspension replacements since 1999. Their new kit does away with the need to saw off linkages or use old car parts on your Harley-Davidson. Instead, you can buy a kit that’s engineered specifically for your motorcycle. Not only does that mean they get the job done right, it also means they’re easy to install.

Advantages of an EZ Rider Air Suspension for your Harley-Davidson

Many people simply just love the look of a lowered motorcycle. A Dyna Glide or V-Rod “sliding” by certainly will turn some heads. This kit allows you to drop the bike down whenever you want. Unlike most other products on the market, it also allows you to raise it back up when you might need to. These premium kits let you adjust with just the touch of a button. Shorter riders will love the ability to lower the bike to make it easier to mount. Also, taller riders will love being able to get a little extra leg room. But the height isn’t the only thing the EZ Rider Air Suspension allows you to adjust. Harley-Davidson owners will also be able to adjust the firmness of their seat. This means you can add extra passenger support whenever you might need to. You can also adjust firmness to adapt to changing road conditions. In other words, once you've installed the EZ Rider Suspension, you now have a fully adjustable motorcycle. For just under $600, that’s an incredible amount of style and function to add to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. If you’re ready to start getting more enjoyment out of your bike, check out our different Harley-Davidson options here. Better yet, give one of our Suspension Experts a call at (866)664-0252 and let them help you through the ordering process.

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