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This kit is exactly what you need to fix your Audi A8 suspension - Strutmasters

This kit is exactly what you need to fix your Audi A8 suspension

by David Straughan on July 10, 2019 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
Has a busted Audi A8 suspension ruined your driving experience? Many Audi A8 owners have complained of their vehicle experiencing the tell-tale symptoms of a failing air suspension: a sagging rear end, vehicle unable to maintain proper ride height, or suspension warning light. Whatever symptoms you are experiencing, Audi A8 owners have a few options when it comes to fixing their suspensions.

Repairing your Audi A8 suspension at the dealer

If you take your A8 suspension problem to the dealership, they will more than likely suggest that you simply replace the broken components. While this will fix the problem temporarily, air suspension components tend to wear out at the same rate. Therefore, if you’re replacing one airbag, you can be sure that you’ll be replacing the other three very soon. Air suspensions are made up of a network of moving parts, flexible pieces and computer-controlled components. However, While they do a fantastic job while they are working, they are destined to fail at some point. And once the problems begin, they just keep coming. While replacing just one air strut might not seem like a huge expense, consider that at some point you might need to replace the compressor, the control module, or ride-height sensors. These components all add up to one very expensive repair bill. Before repairing your broken Audi A8 air suspension, consider an alternative.

An alternative for your Audi A8 suspension problems

If the complexity of the Audi A8 air suspension makes you feel a little overwhelmed, know that you don’t have to deal with it if you don’t want to. You do have choices. Rather than deal with the headache of air suspension problems, consider ditching it altogether. Instead, you can replace that air suspension with trusty, sturdy coilover struts. This kit from Strutmasters allows you to do just that without breaking the bank. With this kit, you can replace your entire suspension for just $999. Compare that to $899 for just ONE air strut. Rather than rubber air bags, Strutmasters’ coilover conversion kit sits your Audi A8 on mechanical springs and solid steel struts. The mechanical resistance provided by these perfectly-rated springs means there’s no need for all the electronics and moving parts. These kits are so simple in their design that most people can install them at home with no problem. Therefore, all that’s needed are some basic hand tools and about one hour per wheel. Strutmasters is so confident in the quality of these Made-in-the-USA kits that each one comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. These struts are guaranteed as long as your Audi A8 is on the road. Once you’re ready to ditch that faulty Audi A8 suspension and convert to coils, place an order on the site or call one of our Suspension Experts at 866-227-8754. They’re waiting on the other end of the line to make sure you get exactly what you need. It's time to start enjoying your Audi A8 again!

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