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Be Prepared: Pack the Ultimate Road Trip Kit

Be Prepared: Pack the Ultimate Road Trip Kit

by David Straughan on April 20, 2018 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
With the frost finally lifting for the season it’s time to get out and see the country. There is no more iconic way to explore this beautiful land than the classic American road trip. With a national network of scenic highways and byways, the journey is often also the destination. The road is a great place to travel but a pretty awful place to run into problems. A well-prepared emergency kit can help keep you and your passengers safe and headed towards your destination. Here are some of the essentials you should pack for your trip: First Aid kit A basic First Aid kit can be found at pretty much any convenience store or supermarket. Make sure to have at least bandages, sterile gauze, and rubbing alcohol. Basic tool kit Pack pliers, screwdrivers to fit all the screw heads used in your car, an adjustable wrench and some sort of sharp blade. Blankets The “space blankets” used by emergency response teams are great because they pack down small and work really well to hold in heat. Jumper cables Even better, you can now buy rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with jumper cables. Charged properly, you should be able to jump your car without another vehicle. These batteries can also charge your other devices. Motor oil Bring at least a quart of motor oil in case you need to top up. Coolant Especially if you are driving long stretches of desert highway or other hot, dry areas. Bring at least a gallon just in case. Tire sealant Fix-a-Flat and other brands of emergency tire sealant can be a lifesaver. Flat tires are the number one reason for roadside assistance calls. Many of these flats can be fixed with these tire repair kits. Food and water Pack at least two bottles of water for each person in the car. Make sure to pack nutrient and calorie-dense food that doesn’t spoil easy, like granola or fitness bars. Pen and paper You may need to write down a phone number or something else when your phone’s battery life is at a premium. Writing things down on paper ensures you’ll have that information when you need it. Most car manufacturers offer their own roadside assistance programs these days which you can purchase from the dealer. There are also third-party options like AAA. These services are always worth the money. They are often less than $100 per year. If you need towing even once during the year, it pays for itself. Plus, it is hard to put a price on peace of mind. With tips like these and others you’ll find on the Strutmasters blog, you’ll be sure to have a safe, happy and fun road trip season.

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