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Reduce Strain When Towing With Super Springs™

by David Miller on April 22, 2015 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs

Towing can add stress to your vehicle

Using your vehicle to tow a trailer of any size can put a strain on your vehicle if not properly equipped to tow. Drivers can’t simply assume that a car or truck with a V8 engine can pull anything simply because the vehicle has a big motor. Towing can add a huge amount of stress to your brakes, suspension and the overall stability of the tow vehicle. For example brakes designed to simply stop the vehicle may not stand the added stress of a trailer and simply burn through. Having no brakes, not a good thing! The forward motion of a thousand or more pounds can literally add over hundreds of feet of needed stopping distance. If brakes are not rated to stop the extra weight you will be in extreme danger. Adding weight to the rear end of any vehicle and you sag the rear end, this to can cause extremely unstable driving conditions. As the rear of the trailer stands taller from sagging at the hitch the trailer itself becomes an airfoil wind will toss it about and the yaw can cause your vehicle to move out of control. Towing can put a strain on tires, corning ability, stopping, brakes, and pretty much everything that keeps your vehicle safe while moving. Solutions for tow vehicles are available to help stabilize the trailer and tow vehicle. For instance Roadmaster Active Suspensions™ can add a spring reinforcement that provides directional support. What you want to happen is for the load to be even, meaning the trailer and the tow vehicle is even with each other with no sag at the hitch. When this occurs the trailer is moving safely with the tow vehicle. Less stress and both vehicle and trailer are tracking safely and smoothly.

Super Springs™ may be the solution you're looking for

Another fantastic solution is Super Springs™ that work only when the rear springs are over normal capacity for weight. The super spring simply moves into place when a load is placed on the rear end to assist your factory springs with some additional counter balance if you will, that assists in stabilizing an overstressed spring with additional support. This system works independently with no need for any manual change. With the proper hitch and thought for heavy loads, you can tow within your vehicles capabilities with some simple add-on’s to the tow vehicle. Make sure before you venture out onto the roadways that you have safely prepared to pull a trailer. Vehicles act much differently when you have a trailer behind you. So be prepared, take a few practice runs down streets with little or no traffic. Know how far you need to actually stop with the trailer, how much distance to allow between you and the car in front of you. Get a feel for what your car or truck will do before you take on the freeway or busy streets and you will do fine.

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