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What Are Air Suspension Kits for Cars?

by Scott Beaddles on August 02, 2016 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
Air suspension kits for cars is one of the most popular topics of discussion for many gear heads and it’s easy to see why. These kits offer an array of benefits that can help to improve the performance of a vehicle. But how exactly does an air suspension kit for a car work, and what’s the difference between an air suspension kit and an air suspension conversion kit? Read on to find out.

What Are Air Suspension Kits for Cars?

AirSuspensionReplacementPartsAir suspension kits are designed to convert traditional non-air suspension systems in cars into an air suspension system so they can produce a smooth and seamless ride. In each kit, you’ll find air springs, mounts, fittings, and brackets. Many people can install these kits themselves. However, to ensure that all of the parts are placed properly, body shops can install the kits if needed. When an air suspension kit is properly installed in a car, you can adjust your car’s performance to your preferred specifications. For example, you can modify the air pressure and shock valves to help the system produce a soft or firm performance based on what you want to experience. On top of that, some air suspension kits allow you to modify the stance of the car. With an adjustable suspension kit, you can lower the vehicle to improve handling and stability. You can also lift the car higher off the ground to avoid bottoming out when driving over speed bumps or unavoidable obstructions on the road. While air suspension systems do offer great benefits, they have a few drawbacks that you need to consider before installing. The most prominent is that air suspension parts will need more maintenance than traditional suspension systems because the air springs, struts, and other parts are likely to deteriorate faster, requiring frequent repairs and services.

What Are Air Suspension Conversion Kits for Cars?

Air suspension conversion kits are essentially the opposite of air suspension kits. These include all of the parts needed to convert an air suspension to a coil spring suspension system, including spring, struts, and mounts. An air suspension conversion kit for cars is considered an affordable alternative to air suspension kits. This is because all of its parts are designed to last a lifetime, so you don’t need to worry about extra maintenance and repairs. On top of that, the parts in an air suspension conversion kit offer many of the same benefits as those in an air suspension kit. When installed, your vehicle can experience a smooth performance, improved handling, and optimized stability.

Choosing Your Kit

With so many benefits, it can be tough choosing between air suspension conversion kits and air suspension kits for cars. Luckily, Strutmasters can help. We’ll provide you with all of the information and services needed to make sure that you choose the right kit for your car and your specific needs. So call Strutmasters at 866-998-8737 to learn more about which kit is best for you or reach out to us online.

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