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What Are The Warning Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Monroe Shocks?

What Are The Warning Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Monroe Shocks?

by David Miller on December 09, 2015 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
Despite it being pretty easy to tell when most car parts need to be changed, some aren’t as obvious. Unlike a tire’s tread which you can see, a change oil light coming on, or windshield wipers just not working, a car’s set of shocks are much harder to keep an eye on. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to know when they should probably be checked or changed, and why Strutmasters recommends you replace them with Monroe Shocks when the time comes.

How often should I be replacing my shocks?

While the timing on replacing shocks obviously depends more upon how well-worn the shocks are, it’s highly recommended to get them at least looked at every 50,000 miles or so. Experts agree that most shocks will have degraded significantly by 50,000 miles, but it will ultimately depend on the driver’s driving style, the brand and make of the car in question, road conditions, and several other smaller factors. However, it’s safer to get the shocks inspected more often than that. We recommend that you have your shocks inspected once a year or every 12,000 miles if you’re a heavy driver. While it’s unlikely that they will need to be replaced that often, rough road conditions or particularly rough driving can cause shocks to degrade that much faster, so getting the shocks inspected when you bring a car in for other maintenance like an oil change is recommended.

Why should I worry about my shocks?

While many drivers are aware of the primary function of shocks - to absorb shock - many are unaware of all of the other systems that shocks can affect, and just how much difference a new pair of shocks may actually make. Shocks can serve a number of different functions in different types of cars. For example, in a heavier car, the shocks are used to help reduce the overall weight of the car or truck that is exerted on the tires and brakes. If the shocks are too worn down, the brakes and tire treads may degrade much faster than they should. Ultimately, they can even affect steering, braking, and overall vehicle stability. If shocks are worn down, they can make driving in the vehicle difficult and dangerous.

Why Strutmasters chooses Monroe Shocks.

Just like any other item out there, plenty of brands produce shocks for cars and trucks. And, just like any group of products, they are not created equal. In Monroe’s case, they make great shocks and struts, and should be at the top of any list of possibilities. They send out reliable shocks that are affordable, finding the perfect medium between the two extremes. Monroe also covers a wide variety of car brands and makes between their different shock designs, and with their latest design - the OESpectrum line of shocks - really made something worthwhile. The OESpectrum shocks are reliable and are designed to help make steering tighter and deliver better driving control in nearly all driving conditions. They are also made to help isolate and reduce noise and vibrations created by impact while driving.

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