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Fix Lexus GX 470 Suspension problems

How a Bad Lexus GX 470 Suspension Can Destroy Your Entire Vehicle

by David Straughan on March 22, 2019 Categories: News & Updates

Are you having trouble with your Lexus GX 470 air suspension? Is your Lexus sagging in the rear or leaning to one side? Have you noticed that it’s taking you longer to stop than usual even though your brakes are fine?

Whether you’re starting to notice the warning signs or are seeing a suspension warning light in your Lexus GX 470, it’s more than just a comfort issue. It’s more than just a safety issue too.

Driving around on bad struts does serious damage to your Lexus. Delaying repairs to your car will only result in more expense and more safety hazards.

Here are some of the ways driving around on a busted air suspension harms your vehicle:

Your Lexus GX 470 Brakes Will Suffer

When you think about what stops your car, you most likely think of your brakes. While your brakes are what stop your wheels from moving, it is your struts that absorb much of the force between the wheels and the body of your Lexus.

If your struts aren’t working properly, your Lexus’ brakes will have to use much more force to stop the car. That means that they will wear out prematurely.

The additional stress on your GX 470’s brakes can also cause extreme heat buildup. This can damage not only the brake calipers, but the wheels as well.

The Joints Will Wear Down

As we mentioned before, the struts in your car absorb most of the stress between the wheels and your car’s body. When they are functioning properly, your struts and shocks protect the joints on your Lexus GX 470.

However, once the air suspension on your Lexus starts to fail, the joints will bear more of the stress from road travel.

These joints are moving parts. Like all moving parts, they are prone to wearing down. Even under regular stress, they will wear down eventually. With the additional stress from driving on bad struts, these joints will wear out prematurely.

Weak joints present very serious safety issues for your Lexus. Ensuring that your struts are doing the job properly will protect them.

Uneven Wear On Your Tires

When your Lexus’ air suspension is functioning properly, it minimizes the up and down travel of the wheels across the road surface. That ensures that your tires will wear evenly over time.

When the air suspension on your Lexus GX 470 starts to go, the wheels will bounce up and down more than they are supposed to. This will cause uneven, premature wear on the tires.

Consequently, uneven tires will cause the tires themselves to travel more unevenly. This causes an exponential wear and tear problem that will only get worse over time.

Your GX 470 Steering System Will Have a Hard Time

Your Lexus’ air suspension plays a large role in helping you steer the car.

A healthy suspension will allow you to handle the car easily, with minimal resistance. Once the suspension wears down, however, it will become more difficult to steer the car.

Like with the other components, the increased stress has a snowball effect on your Lexus’ steering system. The struts and shocks in your car are a connection point between the steering column and the wheels themselves.
Reducing the efficiency of the steering system puts you and your passengers at risk. It also takes a tremendous toll on all the components involved.

Don’t let the cost of air suspension replacement stop you from having a working suspension. This conversion kit will allow you to convert your Lexus GX 470 from that troublesome air suspension to a sturdy, reliable coilover suspension for just under $400.

Each kit comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. Stop spending money on that air suspension and fix the problem for good today!

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