Don’t Let a Bad Mercedes-Benz E550 Air Suspension Put You at Risk


Are you having issues with your Mercedes-Benz E550 suspension? You might be in more danger than you thought.

In many cases, even before you see the suspension warning light, you might notice some other symptoms of air suspension failure: an overly bouncy ride, sagging in the rear, doing a “nose dive” when coming to a stop, or simply failing to maintain the proper ride height.

While many people think of suspension problems as simply a comfort issue, they can be far more serious.

The Dangers of Driving on a Bad E550 Suspension

Suspension problems are not just an issue of comfort. Your car’s suspension is one of its primary safety features.

A properly functioning Mercedes-Benz E550 suspension allows the driver to turn, stop, and maneuver a vehicle with a great deal of control. If a suspension becomes worn down or broken, the driver’s ability to control the vehicle decreases significantly.

Studies have shown that driving on struts at 50% effectiveness increases your car’s stopping distance by 12%. At highway speeds, this can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Accidents are more difficult to avoid as well. Your suspension system is what helps you navigate through traffic and around turns. As a result, you may be unable to maneuver around a wreck or obstacle if your Mercedes-Benz E550 suspension is failing.

The Effects of Worn-Out Shocks on Your E550

You can think of your car’s suspension as being similar to your body’s legs and hips. They serve a similar purpose–to connect you to the ground while also serving as a buffer for your body’s core.

Now, imagine running with a sore knee on one side and a bad hip on the other. Even if they are just minor injuries, pretty soon those parts will start to suffer.

Soon after that, other parts of your body will start to suffer as they try to compensate for the difference in function.

This is what happens to your E550 when driving on bad struts and shocks. But since you thankfully can’t feel physical pain, it’s easy to ignore the damage that’s being done to your vehicle.

Driving around on a blown out E550 air suspension will put extra stress on everything from your car’s brake pads to the steering column. Avoiding a suspension repair now means repairing a lot of things in the future you might not have had to.

What to Do

One of the biggest problems with the Mercedes-Benz E550 air suspension is a problem with all air suspensions: cost.

Air suspensions are prohibitively expensive to repair and replace. It’s no wonder people put off repairs for so long.

Replacing just one of the air springs in your E550 could set you back around $300 for the parts alone. Given that they are parts that are guaranteed to fail at some point, you’re looking at $1200 before you even pay anyone to install them.

Air suspension systems are highly complex and require a lot of skills, tools, and patience to work on. There are many computer-controlled parts and an expensive compressor that generates all the air used to inflate the system.

A full replacement of your air suspension system could end up costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars. For many people, that’s just not realistic.

An Alternative for your E550

Replacing that air suspension with another isn’t your only option, however.

You can say goodbye to that faulty, troublesome air suspension for good and convert to a trusty coilover suspension instead.

For less than $1,000, you can purchase this kit from Strutmasters which will replace all four corners of your air suspension.

Backed by a limited lifetime guarantee, once you install this conversion kit, you’ll never need to spend another dime on your E550 suspension again.

Best of all, it’s simple enough for most people to install at home. All you need is a few simple tools, a quality lift, and the better part of a morning or afternoon.

If you’re ready to end your E550 air suspension problems for good, call and speak with one of our Suspension Experts. They’ll set you up with exactly what you need to have you riding high once again!

Dodge Ram Suspension Problems? Don’t Trust Just Anyone to Fix Them


Has your Dodge Ram air suspension been acting up recently? As their trucks begin to age, many Ram owners notice that their car has trouble maintaining its ride height. Some might see that the rear end sags down, or notice the front end dipping down when coming to a stop.

Whatever the problem is, issues with the Dodge Ram air suspension are very common and can pose real problems for the car and its passengers.

The Suspension is Part of Your Dodge Ram’s Safety System

Many people think of their suspension as what controls the comfort of their vehicle. However, your Dodge Ram’s suspension does so much more than that.

The suspension in your Dodge Ram is what allows you to turn and stop your vehicle. It connects the body of the car to the wheels. Without it working properly, you put you and your passengers in danger.

Studies have shown that a worn out air suspension can dramatically increase the time it takes a vehicle to stop. This can be the difference between a rear end collision and avoiding an accident altogether.

Suspension warning lights or issues with your Dodge Ram suspension should not be ignored.

The Problem With Repairing your Dodge Ram Suspension

You probably fell in love with your air suspension at first. When it works, the Dodge Ram air suspension is everything you want it to be: comfortable, responsive and safe.

As it ages, though, things stop working so well. It probably seems like once the problems started, they all started to come at once.

This is how it is with air suspensions.

Air suspension systems like the one in your Dodge Ram are very complex and interconnected. When one component stops working efficiently, it puts stress on the whole system.

To use an analogy, your suspension system is like your legs. Your toe might seem like a small part of that system, but if one is broken or even slightly injured, it changes everything. Walk around on a broken toe long enough and you’ll start to feel pain in other parts of your legs.

An air suspension works in much the same way. So once one component fails, the others will start to suffer from the extra wear and tear.

That means it’s dubious at best to repair that air suspension.

Don’t Trust Just Anyone To Fix Your Suspension Problems

Let’s look at the air bags, for example. Replacing just one of them costs around $300. That might not sound like a lot, but remember that they all wear out at about the same rate. You’ll need to replace those other three in the near future.

It’s not just the air bags that wear out either. Your Dodge Ram also has moving parts like the ride height sensors and compressor. It also features components like the air lines which are flexible and fragile.

All in all, you’re talking about a system that will end up costing thousands to replace over the lifetime of the vehicle.

While that’s really bad news for you, the Dodge Ram owner, that’s great news for your mechanic or dealership. They’ll be happy to know they have more work coming down the line.

Other Options for Your Dodge Ram Suspension

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all that.

Rather than sign yourself up for endless repairs, why not get rid of that busted air suspension altogether? You don’t even need it!

Instead, for just under $900 you can replace that troublesome air suspension with a brand new coilover suspension kit from Strutmasters.

These kits are made of high-quality, robust materials and produced right here in the USA. Strutmasters is so confident in the quality that it includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty with each kit.
That means you pay once and that’s it. No more trips to the dealer. No more spending money on that suspension.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your broken Dodge Ram suspension and convert to sturdy, reliable coils, give us a call at (866) 239-4896 and let our Suspension Experts match you with the perfect kit!

Look: Clay Millican at the NHRA Arizona Nationals


The Magic Dry NHRA Arizona Nationals was a weekend filled with sunshine, burning rubber and heart-pounding racing excitement.

The father of last year’s overall winner Steve Torrence, Billy Torrence, came in first in the Top Fuel category.

Clay Millican had a solid weekend of racing, putting up some great times. However, he fell in first elimination round to NHRA Top Fuel rookie Austin Prock.

Here are some photos of Clay & Co. from the
Magic Dry NHRA Arizona Nationals, February 23-25.

Clay Millican and the rest of the NHRA return to action Saint Patrick’s Day weekend as they travel to Gainesville, Florida for the 50th Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals.

The event, which runs from March 14-17, is the 50th Anniversary of the the race, which began in 1969.

Racing fans can watch the broadcast on Fox Sports 1 beginning Friday, March 15th at 11:30 PM.

Like Son, Like Father | Torrence Win Proves NHRA is a Family Affair


Last season, Steve Torrence looked like he was in a different league than everyone else. After finishing the regular season at the top of the standings, Torrence dominated the championship series.

So, when the winner was announced as a Torrence on Sunday at the Magic Dry Organic Absorbent NHRA Arizona Nationals, one might reasonably assume it was Steve out in front again.

However, it wasn’t Steve. It was Billy. Billy Torrence, for the unacquainted, is Steve’s father and a formidable racer in his own right.

While Steve dominated the headlines last season, Billy won his first event last year in August at the Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals at Brainerd International Raceway.

Families like Torrence are part of the NHRA’s DNA

The Torrences are not the only family with multiple drivers in the NHRA. They’re not even the most well-decorated.

That honor belongs to the Forces.

Father of the family John Force is an NHRA living legend. With 149 career victories, his is one of the most successful drag racers in history.

However, the most recent championship in the Force family belongs to Brittany, who won the Top Fuel championship in 2017.

Before retiring earlier this year, Brittany’s sister Courtney was also a very successful driver in the Funny Car category. Their other sister, Ashley Force Hood, also maintains an active racing license as well as takes part in managing the family company.

Not just marketing

As the NHRA continues to grow, it has leaned into its identity as much more family-friendly than some of its other racing counterparts. And it’s not just marketing.

Pay close enough to the crowd shots and you’ll see that NHRA crowds are diverse and multi-generational. This is by design.

NHRA events are multi-day affairs filled with events and activities for all age ranges. Tickets are still affordable enough to bring the entire family along.

A huge part of the NHRA’s success

The family-oriented nature of the NHRA has helped it grow organically recently. Over the last several years, the league has gained viewers, moved to a more prominent place in the broadcast, and even started to be broadcast in Spanish.

All of this goes to show the tremendous growth and potential for the NHRA.

Chip Lofton, owner of, one of the primary sponsors of Clay Millican’s Parts Plus/ Top Fuel dragster, cited the family focus as one of the reasons for the sport’s popularity.

“When you agree to sponsor something, you are lining up your company’s image and values with whoever you are sponsoring,” said Lofton. “That there are so many multi-generational racing families–drivers and fans alike–speaks volumes to how much people really love this sport and this league.”

“We’re a family business ourselves,” Lofton explained. “So I love the way the NHRA has made it such a joy to bring the whole family to events. It helped convince me that sponsoring a driver in the NHRA was the right thing to do.”

The next NHRA event is the 50th Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals. It takes place from March 14-17. There are still tickets available here.
Just make sure to bring the family.

Do Your Jeep Cherokee a Favor and Get Rid of That Faulty Air Suspension


Few vehicles in the modern era are as iconic as Jeeps. Big, powerful, and capable of just about anything, the Jeep Cherokee is a true American vehicle.

However, like all big, heavy vehicles that ask a lot of their air suspension, there will come a time in your Jeep Cherokee’s life in which the air suspension no longer works as it needs to.

This puts the Jeep Cherokee owner in a tough spot. Not only does a bad air suspension affect the comfort and safety of your vehicle, it is prohibitively expensive to fix.

Why air suspensions are so expensive to fix

Air suspensions work by using pressurized gas or air to inflate “air springs.” Commonly referred to as air bags, they do the work of suspending the car off of its wheels and the ground.

In order for these to work properly, the following sequence of events must happen:

Ride height sensors placed at each wheel measure how high the car is off the ground at that point. That information is sent to the control module, a small computer that processes that information.

The module then determines whether that corner of the Cherokee needs to move up, down or stay where it’s at.

Once it determines that, the compressor kicks on and pushes pressurized gas through flexible tubing and into the air bags.

This process happens thousands of times every time you drive your Cherokee.

If you were counting, that’s five major components involved in that one process. This process includes mechanical, electronic, and pneumatic elements.

In other words, it’s highly complex.

Air suspensions also rely on expensive computer chips and parts that move to function. All of these components are individually very expensive. They are also rather difficult to repair or install.

Endless Jeep Cherokee repairs

Another issue with air suspensions is that once you do fix something, you’re likely to be right back at the mechanic in the near future.

The reason for this is that while the wear and tear on your suspension is never 100% even, the parts are all made to the same quality.

That means that one failing air bag should tell you that more or on the way.

In addition, due to the nature of how they work, many components need to be made of flexible and less robust materials. This leaves them open to breaking or wearing out very easily.

Eventually, you may decide that constantly going back to the dealership is costing you way too much time and money.

A better solution for your Cherokee

You and your Jeep should have a suspension system that won’t let you down.

If you have the money and want to spend it, you can replace your entire air suspension at once and maybe make it to the end of your Cherokee’s lifetime.

Or, you could save thousands and install a brand new coilover suspension from Strutmasters.

This kit is the simple, robust suspension solution your Jeep Cherokee deserves. Made of high quality materials and manufactured right here in the USA, Strutmasters suspension conversion kits are built to last.

They are also designed to be easy enough to install it yourself, saving you tons in labor costs!

Each kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty that’s good for the rest of the time your Cherokee is on the road. That means that once you buy this kit, you will never have to shell out any more money for your Jeep suspension ever again.

Sound like a suspension worthy of the mighty Jeep Cherokee? Give one of our Suspension Experts a call at (866) 985-0387 to get started. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need.

How to End Your Chevrolet Suburban Air Suspension Problems Today!


The Chevrolet Suburban is the ultimate family utility vehicle. With space for almost the entire soccer team, high towing capacity and a very capable 4WD system, the Suburban has etched its place into the American family.

Such a big vehicle, however, asks a lot of its suspension. Chances are, if your Suburban has more than about 80,000 miles on it, you’ve already faced at least one issue with the air suspension.

That’s okay. You’re not alone.

Many others have come out to find their ChevySurburban sagging in the rear, or leaning to one side. People have noticed their Suburban taking too long to come to a stop, or lurching forward when it does.

Whether you’ve noticed these signs or seen the dreaded suspension warning light, it’s time to consider a full solution for your Chevy’s suspension issues.

Don’t Take Your Suburban to the Dealership

No matter how much you love your mechanic at your dealership, the dealership is a business. As such, they are going to want to make a profit.

One easy way to do that is to have the customer keep coming back. With an air suspension, it is almost a guarantee this will happen.

A leaky air bag or even a faulty compressor may not seem like too much of an expense. After all, that air suspension does ride nice when it’s working.

However, one problem in the air suspension system is just a sign of more trouble to come.

Air bags, for example, wear out at about the same rate. That means once one has a problem, the others are soon to follow.

In addition, a leaky air bag takes a serious toll on the compressor as it needs to work harder to keep the springs inflated. A troubled air bag leads to a faulty compressor very quickly.

When you take your Chevrolet Suburban to a dealership, they will likely want to fix up your air suspension, replacing it piece by piece. This is great for their bottom line, but not yours.

Convert Your Suburban Instead

While your air suspension had a good run, like all good things it might be time for it to come to an end.

Rather than battle with that troublesome air suspension, consider converting over to good-old standard coilover struts instead.

While air suspensions rely on complex systems of moving parts and computers, coilovers use mechanical force to keep your car off the ground and riding nice.

Many air suspension components need to be flexible and as a result are often flimsy or prone to cracking or tearing. These simple mechanical coils are built to last.
Strutmasters even includes a limited lifetime guarantee on each kit, so this will be the last time you ever need to spend money on your Suburban’s suspension again.

Save Money, Lots of Money

If you decide to replace your air suspension at the dealership, you can expect to pay up to $1,300 just for the mechanical components alone. That doesn’t even include any computer boards or sensors that may be fried as well.

Compare that to the sale price of under $500 for this kit. Now, consider that Strutmasters has designed each kit to be so simple, the average DIYer can do it at home in an afternoon!

When it’s all said and done, you’ll be standing next to a car whose suspension you’ll never have to fix again and an extra $800 in your pocket.

Not bad at all.

When you’re ready to end your Chevrolet Suburban suspension problems for good, give us a call at (866) 830-5450 to let one of our Suspension Experts help you get exactly what you need!

Unfinished Business | Millican Opens Up About Reuniting with Kloeber


Clay Millican threw the racing world for a bit of a surprise this off-season. Early this winter, Straightline Strategy Group announced his team would be parting ways with David “Grubby” Grubnic.

It was a surprise because the pair had just had their best season to date. Millican notched two wins and finished third overall in points in the 2018 standings. Still, the Straightline Strategy Group made moves in the off-season to reunite Millican with his IHRA tuner Mike Kloeber ahead of the 2019 season.

Any serious racing fan or follower of the IHRA will tell you that that pair was virtually unbeatable during their stint. Millican went on to become to the winningest driver in IHRA history with Kloeber behind the wrench.

Unfinished Business with Kloeber

Millican spoke at length about his relationship with Kloeber in an excellent interview with

“Kloeber and I certainly have a lot of unfinished business on the NHRA side of the fence,” Millican said. “We went on a limited tour of the NHRA during my IHRA career, and I’m drawing on my memory banks here a little bit, but we did go to three consecutive NHRA finals at one point. We did that while going to only 10 events.”

Millican’s memory does serve him correct. That was nearly 15 years ago.

Winning Again

Since that time, Millican has become ascendent in the NHRA. He scored the first win of his career in 2017 and then followed it up with two more in 2018.

The championship addition to the Straightline team doesn’t guarantee a championship, however.

“Anytime you have a whole new group of people trying to do these quick turnarounds, it’s going to be a challenge,” said Millican. “If we can keep ourselves in the top 10 leaving Indy, these guys certainly won’t be veterans, but they’ll be heat treated. We’ll have been through 18 battles before the Countdown started. I have no doubts that there will be rough spots and bumps throughout the way, but by the time the Countdown starts, I think we’ll be in pretty good shape.”

Hopefully for Millican and Kloeber, winning races together will be just like riding a bike.

Range Rover Suspension Failure? Read This Before Going to the Dealer


Have you noticed a problem with your Range Rover suspension? Sometimes the problems can be noticeable well before you get a suspension warning light.

One common problem that’s easy to spot is that the Range Rover will be “squatting.” That’s when the back end sags while the front end stays inflated.

Another issue many Range Rover owners face is the car leaning to one side or another. Still others may find that their ride is very “pitchy” (i.e. a lot of going up and down) or that they are taking too long to come to a stop.

Whatever the issue, if you own a Range Rover, you know that repairs don’t come cheap. This is especially true with air suspensions.

Why do Range Rover air suspensions break down?

The problem isn’t with Range Rover, it’s with air suspensions in general.

They are complex systems made up of many moving and flexible parts. Air suspension systems also rely on computers to control them.

Simply having that many components means that there are that many components that can stop working properly. Since they are interdependent, one part going down means the rest are sure to follow.

An air suspension breaking down isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Your Range Rover is no different.

What to do?

Your dealership will probably recommend replacing everything with the same parts that came on your Range Rover. That means new air suspension components.

Whether you have a faulty compressor, leaky air lines, or just a cracked air bag, this repair is not going to be your last.

One component being broken means the load that component would usually take gets passed onto one or several others. That means increased wear and tear on those opponents. Those components will likely need replacing soon too.

In addition, these air suspension parts don’t come cheap. Just one air bag will cost you just under $400 at a minimum. That’s just for one of four, all of which will eventually need replacing.

An alternative for your Range Rover

This kit from Strutmasters is a full replacement for your Range Rover air suspension. That means that for just under $800, you can replace all four of your struts.

Rather than spend the rest of your time with your vehicle doing endless repairs, this kit allows you to ditch that air suspension altogether. These conversions are designed to allow you to install them yourself with basic tools you probably already have in the garage.

Each kit is Made in the USA of high quality materials and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. That means that as long as your Range Rover is on the road, Strutmasters guarantees you’ll have working struts.

Fix it once, fix it right, fix it for good. That’s our philosophy.

Once you’re ready to make the switch for your Range Rover, order online or give us a call at (866) 239-4896 and let one of our Suspension Experts help you with your order.

How to Watch the Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals Live Today

Officials in Pomona, California called off Sunday’s eliminations at the Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals presented by at Auto Club Raceway after a day of heavy rains.

Eliminations have been postponed to today, Monday, February 11. While the event was scheduled to broadcast on FOX Sports, the delay means fans will need to find another way to watch the race.

Stars like Clay Millican, Steve Torrence and Brittany Force will face off for 2019’s inaugural event at 1 PM today. The event will not be broadcast live on television.

How to Watch the Winternationals Live

Fortunately for fans, there is still a way to catch the finale to the first race of the season live.

This year, the NHRA launched, an online channel with live events, replays and exclusive content. will be broadcasting the eliminations live today at 1 PM.

Users will need to create an account on the site and then choose from one of two subscription options.

A single event pass costs $16.99, while a pass for the entire 2019 season is $119.99.

The season pass includes 24 live events. It also features all of the 2016 and 2017 races on video on demand as well as classic races. The pass also has on-demand video of the Sportsman and Pro Mod TV shows.

The online channel provides live video Friday through Sunday  of all races. Audio is available on almost all other race days.

Fans who can’t pick up a subscription can still catch a re-airing of the race tonight at 11 PM on FOX Sports 1.

Strutmasters is a proud sponsor of Clay Millican.