More than a lowering kit | Why an air suspension is right for your Harley

Motorcycle lowering kits have become a hot-ticket item over the past few years. And it’s no surprise. Everyone loves a dropped-down motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles especially can’t be beat when it comes to that awesome lowrider look.

However, lowering your Harley usually means some painful and permanent modifications to the bike. But there is an alternative.

Motorcycle air suspensions allow you a greater deal of control when it comes to the ride height of your Harley. They also do so much more than that.


Lowering your bike is definitely part of the appeal


Before we go any further, let’s get this out of the way: a good motorcycle air suspension does a fantastic job of lowering your bike. If that’s the only reason you’re considering installing one, that’s a good enough reason as any.

A well-built motorcycle air suspension like the EZ Rider system will allow you to drop your bike down on command. They also allow you to control how much you want to lower your motorcycle.

For anyone that’s ever driven a lowrider bike, you can probably imagine some situations where that would come in handy.

If you haven’t, understand that a lowrider bike is going to scrape. As fun as it can be to cruise around dropped down, you put some of your components at risk doing so.

Other lowering solutions, like removing a seat linkage, permanently alter your bike. An air suspension gives you the flexibility to decide when and where to lower your bike.


Increased comfort


Many of you have experience with an air suspension in a car. These active suspensions do an excellent job of dampening dips and bumps in the road.

The result is a smooth, easy ride that doesn’t wear you out over long distances.

Motorcycle air suspensions are the same. Compressed air allows for greater dampening control versus metal springs.

EZ Rider motorcycle air suspensions also allow you to adjust the firmness of your ride. Different riders have different preferences. This adjustable air suspension allows you to adjust the ride to your own personal comfort preferences.


Better performance


If you’re the type to put a lot of miles on your Harley-Davidson, you know that road conditions are forever changing. Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to adapt to those changes?

The EZ Rider motorcycle air suspension allows you to do just that. As mentioned earlier, you can adjust both the ride height and the stiffness of the suspension.

Whereas a lowering kit leaves you unprepared for some kinds of riding, this kit allows you to prepare your bike for changes in the road.

Hitting a long straightaway? Soften that suspension up and enjoy a smooth cruise. Approaching some hairpins on a mountain road? Tighten up for more responsive handling and braking.

The ability to adjust your Harley’s relationship to the road means you get to focus more on driving and taking in the scenery. It will also save some of your other components some wear and tear as it lightens the load.


So many benefits


If you want to lower your Harley-Davidson, you do have options. But as you can clearly see, some of those options are better than others.

An EZ Rider motorcycle air suspension gives you the ability to adjust both the ride height and the stiffness of your suspension.

With that ability comes the ability to greatly improve the style, performance and comfort of your Harley-Davidson. Compare that to other lowering solutions that leave your bike poorly suited for many riding situations.

The best part is that an air suspension doesn’t cost that much more than other lowering options.

For as little as $199 you can purchase this reliable, robust basic air ride kit from Strutmasters. The fully adjustable Ultimate kit, which allows you to adjust everything with the flip of a switch, is available for as little as $599.

Whether you’re looking to add style, performance, or comfort to your Harley, Strutmasters has what you need.

Order online now or call one of our Suspension Experts at (866) 664-0252 to make sure you get the best possible solution for your Harley-Davidson.

Strutmasters offers air ride solutions for the Dyna Glide, Softail, V-Rod, Sportster and many other Harley-Davidson models. To learn about even more benefits of EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension, click here.

Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals – TV Schedule

Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals – Lucas Oil Raceway – Indianapolis, Indiana


Round Date Time Channel
NHRA QUALIFYING Sunday, September 1 2:00pm – 4:00pm ET FS1
NHRA SUNDAY LIVE Sunday, September 1 4:00pm – 6:00pm ET FS1
FINALS Monday, September 2 11:00am – 1:00pm ET FS1
FINALS Monday, September 2 1:00pm – 4:00pm ET FOX

This is the best way to fix your Cadillac XTS suspension problems

If your Cadillac XTS is having suspension issues, you are not alone. While overall the XTS is an excellent vehicle, air suspension failure is a noted issue with higher mileage vehicles.

That’s not Cadillac’s fault. Degrading and eventually failing is, unfortunately, part of the natural life cycle of an air suspension.


Is my Cadillac XTS air suspension failing?


You’ll notice the symptoms first. One day, you might notice that the car tends to “crouch” forward when coming to a stop. The rear end lifts up while the front end nose dives to the ground.

Another common symptom is one corner or an entire side of your Cadillac XTS sagging down. Most often, this is in the rear. However, sometimes it might occur on one side or just on a single corner.

Often, these symptoms will appear before you see a suspension warning light.

If you suspect that your XTS is suffering air suspension issues, you can perform a quick “bounce test.”

To do this, walk around to each corner of your Cadillac and push down. That corner should spring back up and stay in place once you let go. If it bounces or doesn’t come back up, you likely have some serious air suspension issues.


How to solve Cadillac XTS air suspension issues


The instinct is to take the car into the mechanic. Your mechanic will likely offer to replace the broken component with an OEM part.

While this might seem like a good idea, it’s important to take the nature of air suspensions into account.

Air suspension systems are made up of a complex network of moving parts, electronically controlled components, and pieces made out of flexible materials. All of these are prone to error and wearing down over time.

What’s more, most of these components wear out at more or less the same rate. Replacing one air spring, air line or even the compressor might not seem like a big deal now, you are almost guaranteed to have to replace other components in the future.

Once air suspension problems begin, they will just continue. Over time, you could spend thousands of dollars just on keeping your suspension working.


An alternative for your XTS


It doesn’t have to cost that much, though.

While you could spend thousands replacing your components with OEM or third-party air suspension parts, you can fix it for good for just under $600.

At this point in your car’s lifetime, you have a decision to make. You can keep that same air suspension running by taking it to the mechanic every few months. It will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time.

Alternatively, you could get rid of that faulty air suspension and replace it with something much more durable and reliable. This kit from Strutmasters will allow you to remove your air suspension and install a completely new suspension.

These coilover suspensions use good old reliable mechanical force rather than air, computers and rubber to hold your car up. In addition to being very robust, it has been tuned and rated specifically for your XTS.

Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology ensures that you’ll enjoy a smooth ride for years to come.

Above all, what you get from installing a Strutmasters conversion kit is peace of mind. The Lifetime Limited Warranty guarantees that as long your XTS is on the road, your suspension is guaranteed in most circumstances. No more trips to the mechanic for your suspension.

Spend the money once and do it right! Order from our website or enjoy full service by calling our Suspension Experts at (866) 360-7558. They’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to enjoy driving your Cadillac XTS again!

Donnie Allison hooked his Harley up with an EZ Rider Air Suspension

Donnie Allison of stock car racing's famed "Alabama Gang" gives a thumbs up with CEO Chip Lofton. Allison was getting a tour of the facility while having an EZ Rider air suspension system installed on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Donnie Allison of stock racing’s famed “Alabama Gang” was on hand to tour the facility in North Carolina on July 18th. He was in town to have a complete EZ Rider motorcycle air suspension system installed on his personal Harley Davidson motorcycle.

“I am retired from driving race cars, but I still really enjoy getting on my motorcycle,” the 79-year-old Allison said. He is a Miami native who resided most of his career in Hueytown, AL.

“I have heard a lot of good things about the EZ Rider air system from a friend of mine that had it installed,” Allison said. “I really look forward to a more comfortable ride and the ability to raise and lower the bike. That should make it much easier to get on and off.”

Donnie Allison and his amazing career

Allison was a 10-time winner in the premier NASCAR Cup Series. He was also the sport’s “Rookie of the Year” award winner in 1967. He and his brother Bobby Allison were anchor members of the “Alabama Gang.” The brothers got this name from their domination of stock car racing in the South for part of three decades. The Allison Brothers frequently teamed up with lifelong family friend Red Farmer. In later years they joined up with Neil Bonnett.

Donnie Allison was the 1970 Rookie of the Year award winner in the Indianapolis 500. That year he finished fourth driving a Greer Eagle 67 Offenhauser for Ansted-Thompson Racing. Allison is a member of the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. designs and assembles the EZ Rider air suspension systems right here in the USA. The family-owned company has been handling luxury vehicle suspension conversions for more than 20 years.

An EZ Rider motorcycle air suspension is offered for most major brands of bikes and can be found on the Motorcycle page of Installation is available by appointment at the Strutmasters facility in Roxboro, NC. However, the product comes with detailed instructions and can be installed by consumers with proper tools.

WATCH: Audrey Worm talks about her experience in Bristol

Audrey Worm talks about her race at Bristol to Top Fuel driver Audrey Worm continued her rise to prominence in Bristol. Though she drew a tough first-round matchup in former world champion Antron Brown, she put down a good clean run at one of the season’s biggest events.

Worm explained that even though she didn’t win her round, the competition brought out the best in her.

“I definitely had to be on my A game with Antron,” said Worm. “He is killer on the light and all I kept telling myself was, ‘Just don’t red light but try to tree him.’ It was actually my personal best light. It was a 96 and normally they’re about 180 so I was happy with that. We had a good run.”
Worm has seen her profile rise quickly recently.

Audrey Worm star on the rise

She won her first round win at the 2019 NGK Spark Plugs NHRA Four-Wide Nationals. Soon after, she laid down a three-second pass at the Virginia Nationals in Richmond. Soon after, she picked up support from Strutmasters, wearing the logo for the first time in Bristol.

Perhaps the biggest news to come out of Worm’s camp, however, is that she plans on taking over ownership of the team by the start of the 2020 season. She would be one of just a few women to own a professional racing outfit.

Watch her talk about her Bristol performance here:

Jeep Cherokee air suspension issues? Here’s how to end them for good.

Jeep Cherokee suspension issues can be corrected with a genuine Strutmasters kit

The Jeep Cherokee is an American classic. The Cherokee was the SUV before SUVs were cool (or even a marketing term).

Over the years, Jeep has added a few comforts to the rugged utility vehicle. Upgraded interior packages, stereo components, electronics and most notably, Jeep’s Quadralift air suspension have been added to the Cherokee over time.

When new, this air suspension provides a smooth, comfortable ride for the driver and passengers. However, most owners find that as the car gets up in miles, they start to notice suspension issues.

It is important to recognize that these issues are VERY common. First, let’s explore some of the most common symptoms of a broken Jeep Cherokee suspension.

Jeep Cherokee air suspension common issues

Active suspension issues can present themselves in many ways. While many of these are common problems for Jeep owners, they are really problems with air suspension as a whole. They are not necessarily specific to Jeep Quadralift.

One of the main problems owners notice is that the rear of the Cherokee sags. This makes the Jeep look like it’s leaning back. This happens because the rear suspension is unable to keep the rear end at the correct height.

Another common issue is the dreaded “nose dive.” This occurs when the front suspension wears out. The force of the car coming to a stop makes the car lurch forward and the front end dives towards the ground. This is not only uncomfortable, it is dangerous. At this point, your Cherokee is taking much longer to stop than it should.

Another issue one might notice is the car not coming to a full stop quickly enough. Some owners will also face a noisy compressor. Others might find that their Jeep Cherokee doesn’t maintain its ride height at all.

These are all issues you might notice with your Jeep Cherokee, even before the suspension warning appears.

If you are unsure of whether your suspension is doing alright, try to give it the “bounce test.”

Walk around to each corner of your Jeep Cherokee. Push down on the corner and let go. If the corner pops back up and stays, the suspension on that particular wheel is doing just fine. However, if it bounces up and down after you release it, it likely has a problem.

So your Jeep Cherokee has suspension issues, how to fix them?

At this point, you should be pretty aware of whether or not you are experiencing Jeep Cherokee Quadralift suspension problems. If you believe that your suspension is worn out or broken, it’s time to take it in to the shop to have it looked at.

Depending on where you go, you’ll get different solutions to fix your active suspension. Most, if not all of them, will be very expensive.

The dealership will likely recommend that you replace any worn out parts with parts from the manufacturer. If money is no object, this is a good way to keep your active suspension in tact.

However, please know that air suspensions are interdependent and that they are all but guaranteed to wear out. That means that over time, you will be replacing most of the components at some point.

Going for one replacement air spring might not seem like a huge expense. However, as they wear out at the same rate, the other three will need replacement soon.

This creates a problem with using third-party air suspension parts too. While you may save a little on the part itself, the problem remains. You will eventually need to fix everything.

Another option for your Jeep Cherokee

While this might sound like the end of the line, you do have another option.

You could get rid of your Jeep Cherokee air suspension issues completely by simply getting rid of your air suspension altogether!

Your Cherokee does still need a suspension, so you will need to replace it with something. Fortunately, Strutmasters has engineered the perfect kit to convert your Jeep Cherokee to reliable, sturdy coilover struts.

Rather than use air and a bunch of electronic components to keep your SUV off of the ground, these kits use good-old mechanical resistance. No electronics. No moving parts.

With Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology, you’ll find that this new suspension compares quite well to your old air suspension. And with much fewer problems.

The simplicity of these kits helps out in more ways than one. Not only are there fewer components to fail, they are pretty simple to install at home. In fact, you probably already have all the tools you need to do it yourself!

With a high-quality, dependable jack and some basic hand tools, you can install this kit in about one hour per wheel. That’s basically an afternoon weekend.

Even if you don’t feel comfortable installing it yourself, the easy installation means you pay less in labor costs.

Finally, each kit comes with its own Limited Lifetime Warranty. That means as long as you have your Jeep Cherokee on the road, Strutmasters guarantees the suspension under most circumstances. So once you install your new struts, you won’t have to worry again as long as you drive your Cherokee!

Ready to convert and save!?

When you’re ready to end those Jeep Cherokee suspension problems for good, simply order online or call one of our Suspension Experts at (866) 360-7558 to get a perfect match for your vehicle!

Strutmasters racing well represented at Thunder Valley in Bristol owner and founder Chip Lofton checks Audrey Worm's car before a race. was well represented during the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals June 14-16 at one of the most scenic stops on the NHRA trail — historic Bristol Dragway nestled in the mountains of eastern Tennessee countryside. newest driver Audrey Worm

Audrey Worm of  Grantville PA qualified 13th in the Top Fuel Dragster from the shops of Leverich Family Racing.  This left her with a first-round match up with fourth-fastest qualifier Antron Brown, a former NHRA champion with 50 Top Fuel victories.

Worm had a solid reaction time of .096 seconds at the start, but Brown got the advantage with a .064-second RT and won with a pass at 3.863 seconds and 318.24 miles an hour.  Worm averted a skirmish with the wall on the bumpy Bristol track and pulled out a 4.082-second run.  She hit a top speed of 271.79 miles an hour before shutting it down early in the 1000-foot race.

“We found some things after that run and I know we can go a lot faster,” said Worm during an autograph session with throngs of fans in attendance.  “We are encouraged that our time would have been good enough to win in several of the other first round matchups, but you have to give Antron and his team credit.  Proud of all our team.  They did an awesome job.  We are knocking on the door of winning some rounds.”

Mike Salinas of San Jose, CA topped reigning series champion Steve Torrence of Longview, TX in the Top Fuel event finals at Bristol.  Salinas hit 325.69 miles an hour, completing the final pass in 3.836 seconds.

Johnny Pluchino makes his 1/4 mile debut

Second generation driver Johnny Pluchino made his quarter-mile debut in the Ford Mustang in an exhibition of Mountain Motor Pro Stock cars at Bristol.  The Mountain Motor cars are hence named for their massive engines – ranging from 818 to 840 inches of cubic displacement.  The regular NHRA Pro Stock Class features engines at 500 cid.

Pluchino qualified third in a stellar field at Bristol with a quarter-mile pass at 6.364 seconds, just over 220 miles an hour.   The New York native had a mechanical issue just seconds prior to his first elimination run that prevented him from showing his hand.

“We were so disappointed for all the folks at,” said Pluchino.  “We were extremely happy with how consistent the car was in qualifying.  We ran 220 miles an hour both times we completed a run.  As it turned out, that would have been fast enough to be in the hunt for a victory here today.”

The 2018 PDRA Pro Outlaw 632 World Champion added:  “We learned a ton of things this weekend.  Once we get it all put together, we are confident we can be a factor at this level.”

Virginia driver Todd Hoerner prevailed in the Mountain Motor Pro Stock event at Bristol with a pass at 6.425 seconds at 219.36 miles an hour.

The “Nitro Granny” shows support for her Strutmasters family

The Nitro Granny, Janette Thornley of Statesville, was in attendance at Bristol, but did not participate in the Top Fuel Harley event for the fastest motorcycles that race in NHRA.

“Just here learning and gathering as many details as we can,” said Thornley, who is seeking to become the first female rider in the Top Fuel Harley class with backing from  “We’re going to continue chasing wins on our Pro Fuel bike and test some with the Top Fuel bike.  The Top Fuel bikes are 25 to 30 miles an hour faster, but I look forward to the challenge.”

Til Tharpe of East Bend, NC, prevailed at Bristol in the Top Fuel Harley class with a run at 6.426 seconds and 218.90 miles an hour.

5 really good reasons to add air shocks to your Harley-Davidson

a lowered harley with air shocks on

Air shocks used to be a bit of a rigged solution for Harley riders. In order to get that air ride feel, many owners were stripping air suspension components off of old Chevys and other vehicles. Then they would modify them to fit their Harley.

Now, suspension industry leader Strutmasters is offering its signature engineering touch in the world of motorcycle air suspensions. The EZ Rider air shocks line gives riders the choice of installing premium air shocks that are engineered specifically for their motorcycle.

These easy-to-install kits offer many benefits to Harley owners. Let’s take look at some of them here.

5. Adjustable ride height for your Harley

Although no two people are built exactly alike, you’d think everyone was based on how motorcycles are built.

No matter how tall or short you are, the seat on your Harley is fixed at the same height. For tall folks, that means keeping your legs in uncomfortable positions while riding. For shorter folks, that means not always being able to put their feet down. That’s not just uncomfortable, it’s downright dangerous.

Air shocks, like the EZ Rider system, allow Harley owners to quickly adjust the ride height on their motorcycle. This means a more comfortable and safer ride for everyone.

4. Better ride comfort

If you’ve ever driven a car with air shocks, you know what that ride feels like. It’s smooth, almost like you’re floating on a cloud.

As anyone who’s spent more than a little time on a motorcycle knows, the shock of the road can start to take its toll pretty quickly.

With EZ Rider air shocks, Harley owners can enjoy a much smoother, more comfortable ride. While they’re great for Sunday drivers, the effect is maximized for riders who like to put in long hours on the road.

Strutmasters’ exclusive design includes a rubber bump stop inside to eliminate a harsh ride when the air shocks are fully compressed.

3. Adjustable firmness

Just as not all riders are built the same, not all Harley riders drive the same either.

Some drivers prefer a softer suspension that makes their ride feel smooth and easy. Others prefer a firmer, sportier suspension.

But what if you didn’t have to choose just one? Once installed, drivers can adjust the firmness of the suspension to their preference. This essentially means a different suspension for different situations.

2. Better for passengers

Air shocks aren’t just more comfortable for you, they’re more comfortable for your passengers, too.

The EZ Rider air shock system offers additional support for motorcycle passengers. This can potentially save you tons in wear and tear on your Harley if you put a lot of miles in.

Air shocks also offer the same adjustability benefits to passengers as they do drivers.

1. Looks cool

Okay, let’s face it. This is why a lot of you are here.

There is no doubt that lowered Harleys look just about as boss as anything else on the road. With the EZ Rider Harley kit, you can lower your bike whenever you want to, and raise it back up whenever you need to.

With these kits, you can appreciate the good looks of a lowered bike whenever you want without sacrificing your ride control or scraping the bottom of your bike.

Order your easy-to-install kit today and enjoy all the benefits EZ Rider air shocks have to offer!

Johnny Pluchino ready to take on NHRA Mountain Motor Pro Stock

johnny pluchino drives a ford mustang

Just a little more than a month after his surprise Extreme Pro Stock debut at the PDRA North-South Shootout in Maryland, Johnny Pluchino has his sights set on the NHRA Mountain Motor Pro Stock field. The second-generation driver will make his quarter-mile debut in the Mountain Motor Pro Stock exhibition rounds at the Thunder Valley Nationals in Bristol, June 14-16.

Pluchino, the son of 2016 PDRA Extreme Pro Stock world champion John Pluchino, will drive his father’s ‘13 Ford Mustang at Bristol Speedway.

“This is a really big race for us,” said Pluchino. “There’s so many things going into this race. I’m preparing for it like it’s one of the biggest races of my life because it might be.”

Johnny Pluchino earns his spot

Pluchino got the opportunity to enter the Extreme Pro Stock competition after several test runs in the Mustang at the PDRA Virginia race. He was notified of the decision just hours before qualifying races began. Once he accepted the opportunity, he qualified at No. 4.

“I was actually a little torn,” said Pluchino. “I’ve been waiting to get in that car for, realistically, the last three years. I was also torn because my dad was the points leader going into that race and he pulled himself out of the championship hunt to allow me to race. From the team standpoint and as my father’s son, I was upset, but as the driver about to get in this awesome Pro Stock car, I was happy. My emotions were going in both directions, but at that point I understood why my dad made the decision he made. It was a long-term decision and I’m really grateful for it. It was a very unselfish decision and it got me a little more prepared to go to the quarter mile come Bristol.”

Not Johnny Pluchino’s first time around at Bristol

However, this won’t be Pluchino’s first race at Bristol. He actually competed nearly 15 years ago. At that time, he was racing in a Junior Dragster at the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League’s Eastern Conference Finals. He’ll now have the chance to compete in a championship-level vehicle.

“Bristol is a very exciting track with a lot of history, especially in Mountain Motor Pro Stock,” Pluchino said. “It’s a beautiful facility, but it also presents its challenges. We’re excited to go there and to face these challenges. I’m excited for this race because of the history of the track and being able to say I raced Pro Stock at an NHRA race after racing Jr. Dragsters there years ago, but I’m more focused on what we have to do to make sure we’re successful.”

Getting support from

It wasn’t until signing a partnership with Chip Lofton and his brand that the Pluchino Racing Team decided to dive into the NHRA Mountain Pro Stock field. Lofton, who started the suspension manufacturing company in 1999, has been adding pieces to his racing portfolio. He signed a partnership with Pluchino earlier this year, providing the team with financial support and brand support. Lofton and others from Strutmasters will be at the Thunder Valley Nationals. There, they will support The Pluchino Racing team as well as several other teams which they sponsor.

“Honestly, we wouldn’t be at this Bristol race if it wasn’t for Chip’s support,” Pluchino said. “It will be nice to have Chip there and it gives us a little more motivation to come out on top and get a trophy. It would be awesome to be in the final round and be able to hold the trophy in the winner’s circle with my dad, my crew and my sponsor.”

Johnny Pluchino and the Mountain Motor Pro Stock team will make qualifying runs on Friday and Saturday. The eliminations are set for Sunday.