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Audi Q7 Suspension Fault? Here’s The Right Way To Fix It

The Strutmaster replacement kit will help you never have an Audi Q7 suspension fault again.

The Audi Q7 has so much going for it. With its rare combination of off-road capability, sporty handling and the smooth ride you want in a daily driver, it’s not hard to see why this crossover SUV has been so popular around the world. With high-quality engineering, ample power, and style to match, the Audi Q7 does a lot right. But that doesn’t mean the folks at Audi got everything right! One of the most common issues — one you may be familiar with — is a faulty air suspension system in the Audi Q7. And if you’ve had the vehicle long enough, you may have noticed these problems just get worse over time.

Let’s take a deeper look at how you can tell if your Audi Q7 has a suspension fault, what might be causing those problems, and how you can fix them the right way.

How To Tell If Your Audi Q7 Is Having Suspension Problems

There are several ways to figure out if your Audi Q7 has a fault in the suspension. Your vehicle comes equipped with a suspension warning light. If the problem is serious enough, you will see this light illuminated in the instrument cluster. You may also experience a sudden loss of ride height from three to five inches.  But even if the suspension warning light isn’t on, there still may be a problem. There are other red flags or warning signs that you shouldn’t overlook.

One dead giveaway is a suspension system that’s overly noisy or making strange sounds. Some Q7 drivers have described a “pop” or “clunk” coming the suspension. You might also hear the compressor getting louder;  working harder than normal or running for longer than normal on a single cycle. Any of these symptoms would indicate a problem. If you hear them, you should address them.

Another telltale sign of an Audi Q7 suspension wearing out is if your vehicle does a “nose dive” when coming to a stop. This is when, as you apply the brakes, the back of the car lifts up while the front of the car dips down towards the ground. From outside the vehicle it can look like the car is crouching.

Intermittent loss of ride height is one of the most obvious signs.  The vehicle may lower for a bit, then raise back up again.

Even if you haven’t noticed any of these yet, it’s never a bad idea to be proactive. Fortunately, the “bounce test” is an easy, quick method to test the condition of your suspension. Just walk around your vehicle and press down firmly at each corner. The corners should pop right back into place and settle quickly. If the bumper takes a long time to return to its normal position or if it bounces up and down before settling, you likely have an issue with that corner of the vehicle.

Why Your Audi Q7 Keeps Having Suspension Issues

It’s not just your Audi Q7 that keeps having suspension error messages. This is a common issue with air suspensions in general. While they do provide a wonderful ride, they just don’t last forever. Here are just a few reasons for that.

  • Complex systems. Factory air systems are a high-tech, expensive suspension solution. They work by employing ride height sensors at each wheel to constantly assess the dips and bumps in the road surface. Then, the sensors send their readings to a specialized computer called a suspension control module. This module sends that information to the compressor where it makes pressurized air and sends it to inflate the air struts as needed to respond to changes in the road surface. What this means in a practical sense is that you’ve got a lot of complicated components in your Q7’s air suspension. As with anything else, more parts means more chances for things to go wrong.
  • Moving parts and flexible components.  Due to electronic parts like solenoids and height sensors;  and flexible materials like the rubber air springs, a suspension warning light in your Audi Q7 is all but inevitable. Moving parts, like the internal workings of an air compressor, simply wear out.  The rubber bladders of an air strut dry rot, crack and leak as they age.  Plus the electronics begin to fail.
  • Interdependent parts. A factory air suspension system relies on all of its components functioning well together. If one part fails, it puts stress on the whole system. Something as simple as tiny cracks seeping air from the rubber air springs can cause the compressor to work harder than it should and burn out quickly. A small problem can become a big, compound problem very quickly.

Why Replacing Your Audi Q7 Suspension Costs So Much Money

Did you try taking your Audi Q7 to the dealership so they could look at the suspension fault? And when you did, did the repair estimate send you into a state of shock? These air suspension systems are expensive. There are a few reasons for that.



  • Expensive components. As mentioned before, the parts for these systems are very high tech. As usual, that translates to high cost. Just a single Original Equipment air strut can range from $800 to $1200.  Much like a set of tires, these parts all wear out at the same rate.  Once the first one fails, three more are right behind it. That means that if you want to keep your air suspension “original,” four new air struts and a new air compressor could run upwards of $4000 or more.  And that’s before even taking a look at the electronics and other components.
  • High labor costs. As we mentioned, these systems are complicated. That means repairing them is complicated. Working on an air suspension system can run up a hefty labor bill in a hurry. So even if you go with the slightly cheaper option of third-party aftermarket air suspension components, you’ll still have to pay a small fortune in labor fees.
  • Perpetual failure. One part of your air suspension failing can cause a chain reaction that effects the entire system. That means that once you solve one problem, the seeming endless cycle of repairs is just beginning.  Each part or component failure leads to trips to the dealership and the repair costs to match. You bought your Audi Q7 to have fun, not to constantly deal with one suspension fault after another.

Is There A Better Way To Fix Your Audi Q7 Suspension?

Feeling like you’ll never see an end to your Q7 suspension issues? There is a way to end that air suspension nightmare forever. With more than 20 years of experience in dealing with these types of systems, Strutmasters has developed a replacement kit that allows you to get rid of the air suspension headaches forever!  Our exclusive suspension conversion kit allows you to bolt off those troublesome air struts and replace them with something much more dependable — fully assembled coil over struts made right here in the USA.

While air suspensions are destined to fail, this suspension conversion kit does the job without needing complicated electronics and moving parts. Rather than pressurized air and rubber, it uses our exclusive premium quality steel coil springs and high quality struts, fully assembled and ready to bolt right on your Audi Q7. There are no solenoids to replace, no air hoses that can get punctured by gravel and other road hazards, and no mechanical air compressor. And no more expensive and complicated electronics!  Just good old-fashioned steel coil springs and struts, tuned exactly for your Q7.

The result is a passive suspension that provides nice handling and a smooth ride that you’ll love.  It allows our customers to enjoy their Q7 vehicles for years to come with no more air suspension repairs.



Strutmasters designs these kits to be a simple, with as few moving parts as possible.  With our great installation instructions and available tech support, many of our customers prefer to skip the shop and swap out the suspension at home. All it takes is a reliable jack, a few common shop tools and about one hour per wheel. If you prefer to use a professional mechanic, the great instructions and direct fit will still save you money in actual labor costs.

We believe in putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction. Strutmasters has been around for more than 20 years and we back all of our suspension conversion kits with a great warranty and customer service not matched anywhere!  Most of our customers convert their suspension and never worry about it again.

How Do I Get Started?

Does ending your Audi Q7 air suspension problems forever sound like a good idea to you? Just order our kit online if you’re ready. If you still have some questions, we’ve got a team of Suspension Experts who will be delighted to help you. They can answer whatever questions you have about the kits or installation and help you make sure you have the right kit for your vehicle. Give us a call at 866-317-1579. We’d love to hear from you.


Volvo XC90 Suspension Service Required? The Best Way To Fix It

Here's how to fix your XC90 suspension service required message for good.

The folks at Volvo did a lot of things right with the XC90. Named one of Autotrader’s “Cars of the Decade,” the crossover SUV has almost the perfect balance of performance and comfort. However, over time many Volvo XC90 owners are noticing a ‘Suspension Service Required’ message. Even if you’ve gotten your air suspension serviced, you might get this message over and over again.

Before you take yet another trip to the dealership, let’s look at why these warning messages keep happening and what your options are for solving the problem.

How To Tell If Your Volvo XC 90 Is Having Suspension Problems

Even if you haven’t seen the ‘Suspension Service Required’ message in your Volvo XC90, you could still have suspension problems. Here are a few ways to check.

  • Look. Does your XC90 sit lower to the ground than it should? Compare your Volvo with pictures of new ones you see online. If you’re sitting low and there isn’t any additional weight or cargo in the vehicle, you may have a problem with your suspension.
  • Listen. Does your vehicle make strange sounds like creaking or popping? Many Volvo XC90 owners have reported strange noises going over uneven surfaces — even before seeing the Suspension Service Required message.
  • Feel. Use the bounce test. Walk to each wheel of the vehicle and push down on the bumper. Does it spring back into place? If so, the suspension at that wheel is probably fine. If it takes a while to come back up or bounces several times before settling, that could indicate a problem at that wheel.

Why You Keep Seeing ‘Suspension Service Required’

Truth be told, the problem isn’t just with the Volvo XC90. Recurring warning lights or error messages are common among all vehicles equipped with a factory air suspension system. These high-tech suspensions rely on a series of sensors and electronics to provide an excellent ride quality.  But as the vehicle ages and mileage increases, the system starts to fail. There are a few reasons why that’s the case.

  • Complicated systems. Here’s a brief rundown of how the active suspension in your Volvo XC90 works. It has ride height sensors at each wheel that constantly read the chassis height from the pavement.  These sensors send readings to a computer, called the suspension control module. The control module calculates how much air is needed to inflate or deflate the air springs. Then, it sends that information to the air compressor which generates pressurized air and pumps it to the air struts as needed. In short:  It’s an entire series of functions that must go perfectly for the system to do its job.
  • Flexible components and moving parts. With moving parts like electronic solenoids and rubber air bladders that develop cracks, tears or punctures over time, it’s no wonder that air suspensions fail. That Suspension Service Required light in your Volvo XC90 is more of a “when” than an “if.”
  • Interconnected components. All those high-tech components we just mentioned? In order to do their job properly, they all have to be working. One part failing can lead to extra stress on the other components. For example, if one of your ride height sensors is malfunctioning, it can send the wrong signals to your suspension control module and put a heavy load on your compressor, leading to early failure. One small problem in the system can compound very quickly.

Why Repairing Your Volvo XC 90 Suspension Is So Expensive

If you’ve taken your Volvo XC90 to the dealership to have the Suspension Service Required message looked at, you know it’s not cheap to fix. The high-dollar repair estimate might have even made you decide to just ignore the problem, leading to even more issues. Here’s why fixing the air suspension system on your Volvo XC90 costs so much:

  • Costly parts. The simple fact is components for the air suspension system cost a lot of money. A single air strut for your XC90 can range from $800 to $1200 each.  And just like a set of tires, once the rubber is shot in one of your air springs, the others are sure to follow. To truly fix your air suspension, you’ll need to address all four wheels of the vehicle. Since the entire system is failing, other components like compressors, sensors and the control module will drive up the already high cost of repairing the system.  We are talking thousands of dollars in just parts and components alone.
  • Big labor bills. Not only are these high-tech parts expensive, they’re also very precise and take lots of time to install. With the slightly higher labor cost for an import vehicle, that translates to a huge labor bill. The high-tech nature of the system precludes many Do-It-Yourself types from tackling the job.
  • Continuing failure. The interconnected suspension system means when one part wears down, others are wearing out too. That’s why you keep getting the Suspension Service Required message on your Volvo XC90 and why you have to keep heading back to the shop. Unless you replace all the components in the system all at once, your air suspension will continue to fail.

A Better Way To Fix Your Volvo XC 90 Suspension Problems

There is an alternative to the never-ending warning lights and suspension failures with your Volvo XC90. Here at Strutmasters, we’ve developed a conversion kit that allows you to end your factory air suspension woes once and for all. Rather than a complicated web of computers, sensors, and air suspension components, the Strutmasters conversion kit uses our exclusive American-made coil over struts for the front and new shocks and coil springs for the rear two wheels.  Our engineers have tailored and tuned this kit specifically for what XC90 drivers love about their vehicle–a nice smooth ride with sporty handling. 

The beauty in these 2016 – 2020 Volvo XC90 air suspension conversion kits is their simplicity. There are no computers to install, no sensors to calibrate, and no air compressor. Instead, you’ll get full assembled coil over struts for the front and new shocks and coil springs for the rear, plus detailed installation instructions you won’t find anywhere else. With our great instructions and available tech support, many of our customers choose to install the kit themselves. With a sturdy jack and some basic tools, you can safely convert your entire vehicle in about an hour per wheel.

But even if you don’t install this kit yourself, the bolt off, bolt on design and superior instructions mean you’ll be in and out of the shop in no time — saving on labor fees too.



With more than 20 years dealing with these types of factory suspensions, Strutmasters fully stands behind the quality of our suspension conversion kits. That’s why we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our conversion systems as long as your own your XC90.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re ready to end your Volvo XC90 air suspension problems forever, just purchase the kit and we’ll get it on the way to you! Still have some questions? Our Suspension Experts are ready and waiting to take your questions on our hotline. Just give us a call at 866-317-1579 and we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need. Then you can get back to enjoying your Volvo.

Racing legend Rickie Smith signs sponsorship deal with Strutmasters

Rickie Smith signs with Strutmasters

Rickie Smith knew it was time for a change. The 11-time series champion felt it after the NHRA Carolina Nationals in Concord, NC. Then, at the PRI show in December, he announced a big change.

Smith announced that would become his new major sponsor heading into the 2020 season. Along with the announcement, he showed off his brand new Camaro, built by Jerry Bickel.


The story of Rickie Smith and Strutmasters


Until this point, Strutmasters founder and owner Chip Lofton has been known as “the champion of drag racing’s little guy”. However, he landed a racing legend in Smith.

Lofton is completely aware of the magnitude of this signing. In an interview with CompetitionPlus, he explained that his status as a lifetime racing fan was a big motivator.

“Growing up in the Carolinas and being a Pro Stock fan and a Pro Mod fan, I never thought I could reach this place where I could sponsor him,” said Lofton. “He lives to race and races to live. He’s been one of those guys that have figured out a way to do it.”

Not one to miss an opportunity, Lofton called his fellow Tar Heel and made a plan for him to visit his strut-building facility in Roxboro, about two hours away.

In addition to being the location of Strutmasters’ headquarters, Roxboro is a town with a serious racing history. It’s the place where “Trickie Rickie” cut his teeth as a Modified racer and later became a legend in the Mountain Motor class.


Two racing fans working together


But it was Lofton’s love of racing and cars that convinced Smith to get on board.

“He’s just a down to earth person,” said Smith of Lofton. “I had no idea what I was getting into as far as knowing what he’d done and what he loved when I first met. It wasn’t hard to see his love for the sport. It was like hitting three home runs in one game to find a sponsor who loves racing as I do.”

Following a visit to the Strutmasters Museum, where Lofton keeps his personal collection of classic automobiles, Smith and Lofton reached an agreement.

“You always want to be involved with somebody who really likes racing, and I didn’t have to talk him into loving racing,” Smith said. “That’s a 200% start right off the bat when the people that you are dealing with love racing. It just makes everything go a lot smoother.”

After spending a day together, the two were left wondering why they hadn’t done this sooner.

“Rickie came and talked to me,” said Lofton. “I just thought it legitimizes my other teams as well, to have somebody successful like that part of our team. Rickie gets television time because he’s a character.”


Strutmasters and Smith a winning combination


As his career starts to draw down, Smith is happy with the decision to partner with Strutmasters, and not just because of Lofton’s credentials as a drag racing die-hard.

“I’ve had some really good sponsors, but I feel excited about this deal with Chip,” said Smtih. “He owns the company and doesn’t have to call anybody or go get a board meeting or whatever to say, ‘Yeah, we’re going to do this.”

“He’s got the power to make the moves,” said Smith of Lofton. “And that’s the way he likes to deal with things. In automobile racing, you’ve got to make that move at that time. If you wait too long, people pass you up. Chip can make the moves when he wants to make them.”

Smith’s long-held reputation as a bona-fide winner was also a major part of the equation, admitted Lofton.

“It doesn’t hurt that on any given Sunday; he can bring the Wally home.”

Dan Fletcher signs with Strutmasters, brings his 20+ year career to NC

Dan Fletcher signs with Strumasters

After 20-plus years of racing, Dan Fletcher is as happy as ever to still be doing what he loves for a living.

While most of his peers have since retired or stopped racing, Fletcher is gearing up for another season behind the wheel. Fletcher credits Chip Lofton, owner of suspension manufacturer Strutmasters and “the champion of drag racing’s little guy,” with bringing him back for the 2020 season.

“Chip Lofton at Strutmasters has been kind enough to step up and back my Super Stock program, as the major sponsor,” Fletcher said. “And an associate on all the other cars.”


Dan Fletcher on the search for sponsorship


In an interview with CompetitionPlus, Fletcher highlighted how tiring the grind of looking for sponsors can be.

“I’ve been very, very blessed in my whole career since 1997. I’ve had actual real corporate sponsors, from Valvoline to Summit to K&N to Peak, and now Strutmasters,” Fletcher said. “I’m getting older, and I’m a little bit tired, and sometimes it’s hard to press on.”

With his Super Stocker now backed by, Fletcher has plans to compete in 16 national events. His Chevelle with race in big money bracket races. Fletcher is also open to sponsorships for his Nova and ‘69 Camaro Stocker.


The move to drag racing country


In addition to his new sponsorship, Fletcher also moved his home and base of his operations to the drag racing hotbed of North Carolina. The move brings him closer to his main sponsor and to the racing community in general.

With the Super Stocker sponsored by, Fletcher confirmed he’s got irons in the fire for his dragster to race 16 national events, and the Chevelle to race the big money bracket races. His Nova and ’69 Camaro Stocker are open for sponsorship as well.


The changing landscape of drag racing


In an interview, Fletcher reflected on how much the world of racing has changed since he began his career in 1997. He feels that drag racing is much more competitive than it has ever been.

“It’s not even close. It’s brutal out there right now,” Fletcher explained. “You look down Drag Race Central and in Stock and Super Stock at how well people drive. There’s no easy mark anywhere.”

“Let’s put it this way,” he continued. “If I was 29 years old or 30 years old and going to quit Xerox to go drag racing at this point 22 years later from when I walked out of Xerox, 0% chance [I’d do it ]. Less than zero. There’s no way you can even feasibly even think about doing that.”

Fletcher explained how much modern technology and the internet has had an effect on his sport.

“Don’t take it the wrong way, but I was decidedly better than most of my competition back then,” he said. “Now I’m not. Everyone’s good. Everyone drives. Websites like Luke’s [Bogacki] website teaches people driving strategies at the finish line. Everyone’s cars are good. No one’s cars are junk. Everyone’s cars repeat. I feel like the only way that I can be better than my opponents is to work harder.”


Fletcher looking ahead to the 2020 season


Last year was the first time in 25 years that Fletcher didn’t win a national event. With his new backing from Strutmasters and a renewed sense of purpose, he feels that 2020 will be different.t.

“I just put in more time,” said Fletcher. “And I don’t even want to say it a lot because then people started doing that too. But I spent an inordinate amount of time studying the live timing and all my opponent’s numbers and trying to just do all my homework on them. And I just try and do every little bit of extra work a man can do to give himself an edge. And it’s just, it’s tough dude. It’s really, really tough.”

More than a lowering kit | Why an air suspension is right for your Harley

harley lowering kit suspension

Motorcycle lowering kits have become a hot-ticket item over the past few years. And it’s no surprise. Everyone loves a dropped-down motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles especially can’t be beat when it comes to that awesome lowrider look.

However, lowering your Harley usually means some painful and permanent modifications to the bike. But there is an alternative.

Motorcycle air suspensions allow you a greater deal of control when it comes to the ride height of your Harley. They also do so much more than that.


Lowering your bike is definitely part of the appeal


Before we go any further, let’s get this out of the way: a good motorcycle air suspension does a fantastic job of lowering your bike. If that’s the only reason you’re considering installing one, that’s a good enough reason as any.

A well-built motorcycle air suspension like the EZ Rider system will allow you to drop your bike down on command. They also allow you to control how much you want to lower your motorcycle.

For anyone that’s ever driven a lowrider bike, you can probably imagine some situations where that would come in handy.

If you haven’t, understand that a lowrider bike is going to scrape. As fun as it can be to cruise around dropped down, you put some of your components at risk doing so.

Other lowering solutions, like removing a seat linkage, permanently alter your bike. An air suspension gives you the flexibility to decide when and where to lower your bike.


Increased comfort


Many of you have experience with an air suspension in a car. These active suspensions do an excellent job of dampening dips and bumps in the road.

The result is a smooth, easy ride that doesn’t wear you out over long distances.

Motorcycle air suspensions are the same. Compressed air allows for greater dampening control versus metal springs.

EZ Rider motorcycle air suspensions also allow you to adjust the firmness of your ride. Different riders have different preferences. This adjustable air suspension allows you to adjust the ride to your own personal comfort preferences.


Better performance


If you’re the type to put a lot of miles on your Harley-Davidson, you know that road conditions are forever changing. Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to adapt to those changes?

The EZ Rider motorcycle air suspension allows you to do just that. As mentioned earlier, you can adjust both the ride height and the stiffness of the suspension.

Whereas a lowering kit leaves you unprepared for some kinds of riding, this kit allows you to prepare your bike for changes in the road.

Hitting a long straightaway? Soften that suspension up and enjoy a smooth cruise. Approaching some hairpins on a mountain road? Tighten up for more responsive handling and braking.

The ability to adjust your Harley’s relationship to the road means you get to focus more on driving and taking in the scenery. It will also save some of your other components some wear and tear as it lightens the load.


So many benefits


If you want to lower your Harley-Davidson, you do have options. But as you can clearly see, some of those options are better than others.

An EZ Rider motorcycle air suspension gives you the ability to adjust both the ride height and the stiffness of your suspension.

With that ability comes the ability to greatly improve the style, performance and comfort of your Harley-Davidson. Compare that to other lowering solutions that leave your bike poorly suited for many riding situations.

The best part is that an air suspension doesn’t cost that much more than other lowering options.

For as little as $199 you can purchase this reliable, robust basic air ride kit from Strutmasters. The fully adjustable Ultimate kit, which allows you to adjust everything with the flip of a switch, is available for as little as $599.

Whether you’re looking to add style, performance, or comfort to your Harley, Strutmasters has what you need.

Order online now or call one of our Suspension Experts at (866) 664-0252 to make sure you get the best possible solution for your Harley-Davidson.

Strutmasters offers air ride solutions for the Dyna Glide, Softail, V-Rod, Sportster and many other Harley-Davidson models. To learn about even more benefits of EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension, click here.

Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals – TV Schedule

Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals – Lucas Oil Raceway – Indianapolis, Indiana


Round Date Time Channel
NHRA QUALIFYING Sunday, September 1 2:00pm – 4:00pm ET FS1
NHRA SUNDAY LIVE Sunday, September 1 4:00pm – 6:00pm ET FS1
FINALS Monday, September 2 11:00am – 1:00pm ET FS1
FINALS Monday, September 2 1:00pm – 4:00pm ET FOX

This is the best way to fix your Cadillac XTS suspension problems

Cadillac XTS suspension problems

If your Cadillac XTS is having suspension issues, you are not alone. While overall the XTS is an excellent vehicle, air suspension failure is a noted issue with higher mileage vehicles.

That’s not Cadillac’s fault. Degrading and eventually failing is, unfortunately, part of the natural life cycle of an air suspension.


Is my Cadillac XTS air suspension failing?


You’ll notice the symptoms first. One day, you might notice that the car tends to “crouch” forward when coming to a stop. The rear end lifts up while the front end nose dives to the ground.

Another common symptom is one corner or an entire side of your Cadillac XTS sagging down. Most often, this is in the rear. However, sometimes it might occur on one side or just on a single corner.

Often, these symptoms will appear before you see a suspension warning light.

If you suspect that your XTS is suffering air suspension issues, you can perform a quick “bounce test.”

To do this, walk around to each corner of your Cadillac and push down. That corner should spring back up and stay in place once you let go. If it bounces or doesn’t come back up, you likely have some serious air suspension issues.


How to solve Cadillac XTS air suspension issues


The instinct is to take the car into the mechanic. Your mechanic will likely offer to replace the broken component with an OEM part.

While this might seem like a good idea, it’s important to take the nature of air suspensions into account.

Air suspension systems are made up of a complex network of moving parts, electronically controlled components, and pieces made out of flexible materials. All of these are prone to error and wearing down over time.

What’s more, most of these components wear out at more or less the same rate. Replacing one air spring, air line or even the compressor might not seem like a big deal now, you are almost guaranteed to have to replace other components in the future.

Once air suspension problems begin, they will just continue. Over time, you could spend thousands of dollars just on keeping your suspension working.


An alternative for your XTS


It doesn’t have to cost that much, though.

While you could spend thousands replacing your components with OEM or third-party air suspension parts, you can fix it for good for just under $600.

At this point in your car’s lifetime, you have a decision to make. You can keep that same air suspension running by taking it to the mechanic every few months. It will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time.

Alternatively, you could get rid of that faulty air suspension and replace it with something much more durable and reliable. This kit from Strutmasters will allow you to remove your air suspension and install a completely new suspension.

These coilover suspensions use good old reliable mechanical force rather than air, computers and rubber to hold your car up. In addition to being very robust, it has been tuned and rated specifically for your XTS.

Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology ensures that you’ll enjoy a smooth ride for years to come.

Above all, what you get from installing a Strutmasters conversion kit is peace of mind. The Lifetime Limited Warranty guarantees that as long your XTS is on the road, your suspension is guaranteed in most circumstances. No more trips to the mechanic for your suspension.

Spend the money once and do it right! Order from our website or enjoy full service by calling our Suspension Experts at (866) 360-7558. They’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to enjoy driving your Cadillac XTS again!

Donnie Allison hooked his Harley up with an EZ Rider Air Suspension

Donnie Allison of stock car racing's famed "Alabama Gang" gives a thumbs up with CEO Chip Lofton. Allison was getting a tour of the facility while having an EZ Rider air suspension system installed on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Donnie Allison of stock racing’s famed “Alabama Gang” was on hand to tour the facility in North Carolina on July 18th. He was in town to have a complete EZ Rider motorcycle air suspension system installed on his personal Harley Davidson motorcycle.

“I am retired from driving race cars, but I still really enjoy getting on my motorcycle,” the 79-year-old Allison said. He is a Miami native who resided most of his career in Hueytown, AL.

“I have heard a lot of good things about the EZ Rider air system from a friend of mine that had it installed,” Allison said. “I really look forward to a more comfortable ride and the ability to raise and lower the bike. That should make it much easier to get on and off.”

Donnie Allison and his amazing career

Allison was a 10-time winner in the premier NASCAR Cup Series. He was also the sport’s “Rookie of the Year” award winner in 1967. He and his brother Bobby Allison were anchor members of the “Alabama Gang.” The brothers got this name from their domination of stock car racing in the South for part of three decades. The Allison Brothers frequently teamed up with lifelong family friend Red Farmer. In later years they joined up with Neil Bonnett.

Donnie Allison was the 1970 Rookie of the Year award winner in the Indianapolis 500. That year he finished fourth driving a Greer Eagle 67 Offenhauser for Ansted-Thompson Racing. Allison is a member of the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. designs and assembles the EZ Rider air suspension systems right here in the USA. The family-owned company has been handling luxury vehicle suspension conversions for more than 20 years.

An EZ Rider motorcycle air suspension is offered for most major brands of bikes and can be found on the Motorcycle page of Installation is available by appointment at the Strutmasters facility in Roxboro, NC. However, the product comes with detailed instructions and can be installed by consumers with proper tools.

WATCH: Audrey Worm talks about her experience in Bristol

Audrey Worm talks about her race at Bristol to Top Fuel driver Audrey Worm continued her rise to prominence in Bristol. Though she drew a tough first-round matchup in former world champion Antron Brown, she put down a good clean run at one of the season’s biggest events.

Worm explained that even though she didn’t win her round, the competition brought out the best in her.

“I definitely had to be on my A game with Antron,” said Worm. “He is killer on the light and all I kept telling myself was, ‘Just don’t red light but try to tree him.’ It was actually my personal best light. It was a 96 and normally they’re about 180 so I was happy with that. We had a good run.”
Worm has seen her profile rise quickly recently.

Audrey Worm star on the rise

She won her first round win at the 2019 NGK Spark Plugs NHRA Four-Wide Nationals. Soon after, she laid down a three-second pass at the Virginia Nationals in Richmond. Soon after, she picked up support from Strutmasters, wearing the logo for the first time in Bristol.

Perhaps the biggest news to come out of Worm’s camp, however, is that she plans on taking over ownership of the team by the start of the 2020 season. She would be one of just a few women to own a professional racing outfit.

Watch her talk about her Bristol performance here: