Spotlight: 1997-2002 Rear-Wheel Drive Ford Expedition Suspension

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1997-2002 Rear-Wheel Drive Ford Expedition

Get to Know the 1997-2002 Rear-Wheel Drive Ford Expedition

The 1997-2002 Ford Expedition was once synonymous with Eddie Bauer. Ford and Eddie Bauer teamed-up with this beast to offer ridiculous comfort and quality luxurious interior design without having to charge customers luxury prices. Eddie Bauer-stitched leather seats and an enormous cabin is not where Ford drew the line with this home-on-wheels. Ford also added rear air suspension in an attempt to increase towing and hauling performance.

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Spotlight: 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Suspension

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1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car

Get to Know the 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car

The 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car is one of the most widely recognizable vehicles in the history of the automobile. Quite often referred to as the “Grandpa Car”, Lincoln really set the standard for comfort with this ride. Don’t let the nickname fool you! With fairly reliable rear air suspension system and front and rear adjustable leather bench seats, it would seem that the Lincoln Town Car did precisely everything in its power to earn that title. It’s no wonder older generations don’t seem too keen on buying newer cars, they really like their comfort and Lincoln Town Car owners really know their stuff!

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Spotlight: Get To Know The 1992-2002 Ford Crown Victoria Suspension

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1992-2002 Ford Crown Victoria

Get to Know the 1992-2002 Ford Crown Victoria

The 1992-2002 Ford Crown Victoria is one of the most widely recognizable vehicles in the history of the automobile. Known all over the U.S. for their contracts with almost every single law enforcement agency in the country, the site of one of these bad boys will make any driver think twice! Considering all of the gear packed into patrol cars, Crown Vics with air systems fail very quickly. That’s why we here at Strutmasters have experience installing our rear air suspension conversion kits on federal agency vehicles. When purchasing our conversion kit for your Crown Vic, please call and request that we upgrade your shocks to Monroe Gas Magnum shocks for in the rear of the car. The Crown Vics respond much better to faster cornering with these shocks on the rear. This is a must if you have a police cruiser due to the weight!

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Spotlight: 1992-2011 Mercury Grand Marquis Suspension

Featured Vehicle
Mercury Grand Marquis 1992-2011

Get to Know the 1992-2011 Mercury Grand Marquis

The 1992-2011 Mercury Grand Marquis is one of the most widely recognizable vehicles in the history of the automobile. While the Mercury Grand Marquis is almost identical to the Lincoln Town Car and Ford Crown Vic, it is usually viewed as an upgrade to the Ford Taurus by Taurus owners due to better visibility, a digital dash, and a much more comfortable ride with a rear air suspension system.

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New Air Suspension Glossary Customer Resource

Announcing the New Glossary Section

If you have been on our website before, you know that we do our best to help our customers make educated decisions when it comes to repairing or upgrading their vehicles. As we continue to grow our company, and our presence in the suspension industry, you will be able to see the vast amounts of information we put into our customers’ (and potential customers’) hands. Essentially, Strutmasters is launching a multi-faceted education campaign.
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December’s Tech Tip

Make sure you jack the whole front or rear of the vehicle up when doing a conversion. Don’t lift one wheel at a time. Having an opposite wheel on the ground will work against you in most cases