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5 reasons to add EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks to your Honda Shadow

For years, owners who wished to modify the ride height of their Honda Shadow had to resort to drastic measures.

Whether it was altering linkages by hand or re-engineering car suspension components, lowering or raising the ride height has never had a perfect solution. Until now.

Strutmasters, the Suspension Experts, has developed an air suspension kit specifically for your Honda Shadow.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to install an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks system on your Honda Shadow.


5. Fully adjustable ride height


Humans come in many different sizes. Yet motorcycle manufacturers make motorcycles to fit a small range of humans.

People who are shorter or taller than whatever Honda considers “normal” can often be left in the dark. Shorter riders might have trouble mounting the bike. Taller riders might find the bike harder to control.

However, modifying the height of the bike in the past always meant making permanent changes. These changes could affect the safety and stability of the ride.

The EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shock system allows riders to adjust the height of their Honda Shadow on command.

This means shorter drivers can lower the bike to get on and then raise it back to avoid scraping. Taller drivers can raise or lower the bike when it might benefit them, too.


4. Adjusts firmness, too


In addition to being driven by differently-sized people, motorcycles are driven in different places as well. These different places often have different terrains.

While skilled drivers can adapt to different terrains, ideally the motorcycle would adapt too. Long, straight stretches of highway might be more comfortable with a softer suspension. Curvier roads might be handled better with a tighter suspension.

The point is, being able to adjust the firmness of your suspension is a huge advantage. EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks allow you to do just that with your Honda Shadow.


3. Give your Honda Shadow some extra style


Let’s be real. Many of you got here because you’re thinking about lowering your Honda Shadow. This is a move we fully support.

With a big, beautiful bike like your Honda Shadow, who wouldn’t want to be able to drop down on command and glide past a crowd?

In the past, Shadow owners had to make permanent mods to their bikes. This sacrificed a lot of functionality.

Now, you can drop down low whenever you feel like it. And pop back up when you don’t.

You can add multiple looks and some serious functionality to your Honda Shadow with just one modification.


2. More comfortable ride


People who have driven a car with air suspension can go ahead and skip to number one. You already know.

For those that haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

Air suspensions provide some of the comfiest, cushiest rides on the market. They are a favorite of luxury automakers. Everyone from Mercedes-Benz to Lexus to Cadillac hooks up their most luxurious models with an air suspension.

These pneumatic suspensions provide a smooth, gentle ride. On a motorcycle, that means vastly superior comfort.

Once installed, your new air suspension will just “eat” bumps and dips in the road. You’ll just glide on through. It’s an unrivaled level of motorcycle comfort.


1. Better passenger support


What’s better than sharing the joy of the open road with someone else?

Though the passenger is often an afterthought in motorcycle design, we firmly support their right to be comfortable, too.

The adjustable firmness of the seat means you can adjust the level of support for you and your passenger. That means your son or daughter will be just as comfortable on the back as a full-grown adult, and vice-versa.

Being able to adjust the ride height on command means you can lower it whenever you need to to make mounting and dismounting easier for everyone.

The world just looks different from atop a Honda Shadow. We’re more than happy to make sharing that experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Order your Honda Shadow EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension kit today! Our Ultimate Air Ride Lowering Kit even allows you to control the air suspension with the push of a button.

Call our Suspension Experts at if you have any questions whatsoever. Enjoy the ride!

EZ Rider Suspension: Lower your Harley-Davidson the right way

Lowering a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is nothing new. Riders have been slamming their Harleys for decades.

However, past lowering solutions have left a lot to be desired. Some methods of lowering require hacking off part of a spring. Others require taking air struts from a Chevrolet car and fitting them to a Harley.

Now, Strutmasters has introduced its EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension Kit, a full air suspension made specifically for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

A better solution for your Harley-Davidson

People who buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle expect quality and performance from their machine. Lowering a beautiful bike like a Softail or Dyna Glide with some half-engineered solution does that bike a disservice.

Enter Strutmasters. The North Carolina-based Suspension Experts have been a top name in suspension replacements since 1999.

Their new kit does away with the need to saw off linkages or use old car parts on your Harley-Davidson. Instead, you can buy a kit that’s engineered specifically for your motorcycle.

Not only does that mean they get the job done right, it also means they’re easy to install.

Advantages of an EZ Rider Air Suspension for your Harley-Davidson

Many people simply just love the look of a lowered motorcycle. A Dyna Glide or V-Rod “sliding” by certainly will turn some heads.

This kit allows you to drop the bike down whenever you want. Unlike most other products on the market, it also allows you to raise it back up when you might need to.

These premium kits let you adjust with just the touch of a button.

Shorter riders will love the ability to lower the bike to make it easier to mount. Also, taller riders will love being able to get a little extra leg room.

But the height isn’t the only thing the EZ Rider Air Suspension allows you to adjust. Harley-Davidson owners will also be able to adjust the firmness of their seat.

This means you can add extra passenger support whenever you might need to. You can also adjust firmness to adapt to changing road conditions.

In other words, once you’ve installed the EZ Rider Suspension, you now have a fully adjustable motorcycle.

For just under $600, that’s an incredible amount of style and function to add to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

If you’re ready to start getting more enjoyment out of your bike, check out our different Harley-Davidson options here. Better yet, give one of our Suspension Experts a call at (866)664-0252 and let them help you through the ordering process.

The best way to lower your Honda Shadow (is cheaper than you think!)

If you’re looking into lowering your Honda Shadow, you do have some options. However, not all of those options are created equally.

Let’s explore some of those options.


Different ways to lower your Honda Shadow


How does one lower a bike anyway?

One of the easiest ways to do it is to alter the rear linkage that is commonly called a “dog bone.” While this is an inexpensive and easy way to make your Honda Shadow lower, it comes with some serious drawbacks.

Even a tiny change in the linkage can dramatically change the compression rate of the spring. Even a change of less than half an inch can increase the compression rate by more than 20 percent. That change can affect everything from the ride comfort to handling.

Consequently, others choose to shorten the rear spring to lower their Honda Shadow. This will cost at least $200 to have performed at most mechanics. While it will maintain the factory spring rating and a similar ride, it’s also not ideal.

Owners who shorten their rear spring are left with a bike that is permanently lowered. This can present all sorts of problems in the future. While the bike will look lower and be easier to mount, it will ride differently and might be difficult to sell if that time should come.

For these reasons we do not recommend spending money on either of these options.

Yet, there is another option that allows the owner to lower (and raise) the bike with ease. It also has many other benefits.


An air suspension for your Honda Shadow


An air suspension for your Honda Shadow is the answer to all of these questions. It allows you to lower and raise the bike and adjust the firmness instantly.

That means that when you need it to be low, it’s low. If you need it to be higher, you can make it higher. You can adjust the firmness to add more passenger support, or to compensate for road conditions.

Best of all, you can do this for as much or less than cost you to only shorten your rear spring. These EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension kits are engineered to be simple enough to install at home with just a few hand tools. At just under $200, it’s one of the least expensive ways to lower your Honda Shadow.

However, riders may also want to be able to make that adjustment as quickly and easily as possible. For that, we’ve also designed a fully-automated version of this air suspension. This kit does the same thing as our regular EZ Rider Air Suspension, but with the flip of a switch.

At just under $600, it’s still a very affordable way to add some serious function AND style to your Honda Shadow.

Ready to make the switch? Order online or call one of our Suspension Experts at (866) 684-0528.

Quality You Can Count On | The Strutmasters Difference

Ever since a car breakdown on a family road trip gave birth to Strutmasters 1999, we’ve been a leader in the suspension conversion kit industry.

When we started, we were among the first of our kind. Since then, a number of competitors and imitators have emerged. Rather than fear this competition, over the years this has made Strutmasters continue to step up its game.

In 2018, nearly two decades later, Strutmasters is still one of the most respected names in the industry. It might be time for a little refresher course in what you get when you buy a genuine Strutmasters conversion kit.

High Quality American Manufacturing

One of the core principles of our business model has been to take advantage of this country’s manufacturing excellence.

American manufacturing has some of the highest standards in the world. When it comes to car parts that keep you and your family safe, only the best will do. Strutmasters knows that buying American means quality that we, and therefore our customers, can count on.

Furthermore, buying American means supporting good-paying jobs for folks here at home. It’s a win-win for everyone.

A Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Strutmasters conversion kits come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Once you install your conversion kit, we guarantee it will last for the rest of the time you own the vehicle.

That’s the kind of guarantee you can afford to make when you’re confident with the quality of your products.


One of the biggest benefits of switching to coils is ending the repair cycle of air suspensions. You shouldn’t have to deal with any coil shock headaches, either. We’re happy to guarantee that with a Strutmasters kit, you won’t.


Patented Glide-Ride Technology

Every day out here in beautiful Roxboro, NC, our engineers are hard at work.

Strutmasters engineers spend their days doing quality-assurance testing on our products. They’re finding the best possible tuning for each kit and looking out for the next vehicle that needs our help.

Some coil conversions can leave car owners with brand new headaches. Cars sitting too high. Handling too stiff.

However, Strutmasters patented Glide-Ride Technology means you can count on your vehicle’s new ride not being too different from its old ride. We employ a lot of research and a lot of man hours to make sure of that.

Customer Support

At the end of the day, Strutmasters is here to serve you, the customer. Our mission is to get your car back on the road in as much comfort for as little money as possible. That’s it.

To do that, we have a host of Suspension Experts in our call center. They’re here to help out whether you need help with your order, identifying which kit you need, or help with an install.

We love the DIY spirit and encourage folks to install their kits at home if they are inclined to do so. It just takes a few simple tools and the better part of an afternoon to do it.

To help, we packaged detailed instructions with every kit. We also have many video tutorials on Youtube for our most popular kits. If you run into trouble, call the technician line at (866) 998-8737. Someone will be there most any hour of the day to help.

There are many companies who seek to do what Strutmasters has been doing for nearly the last twenty years. Many of them do a pretty good job. None of them, however, offer The Strutmasters Difference.

5 Parts On Your Car That Get Wrecked by Potholes

Spring has sprung! That means a fresh new set of potholes to ruin your commute.

We all know they can be bad news for cars, but if you’ve recently hit one (or two, or three) of those dastardly potholes, here are the components of your car you might want to check.


Your tires will absorb most of the brunt of the impact when you roll over (or into) a pothole. The dramatic bounce is far more punch than most tires were designed to take.

Some of the common injuries to a tire are: flats, tire separation and sidewall bulges.

The sharp edges of a pothole can compress the tire against the rim of your wheel, which can separate the different sections of a tire from one another.

In general, holes or cuts to the flat part of the tire that connects with the road can be patched or repaired. Punctures to the sidewall of the tire, however, mean it’s time for a new tire.

Many businesses such as Discount Tire or Costco offer insurance packages for tires. If you live in an area that sees a lot of temperature variation in winter and spring, this is a solid investment.


As one of the lowest-hanging parts of your car, the exhaust pipes are very susceptible to road damage. Especially in the case of deep potholes, which can cause your car to bottom out and scrape against the road.

This can result in a dent or tear in your exhaust pipes, catalytic converter or muffler. This can be more than just annoying. A hole in your exhaust system could potentially pump exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide into the interior of your car, a very dangerous situation.


Potholes often have edges around them which are uneven, sharp and protruding, all of which are bad things for your car’s wheels.

If you hit the right size and shape pothole going fast enough, you could potentially severely dent the wheel of your car. This would, in turn, cause damage to your tire and to the rest of your vehicle.

You’d notice a dent in your wheel almost immediately, as the car would likely start to “pull” one way or the other.


Most car suspensions, especially on your average sedan or non-off-road vehicle, are meant to be driven over relatively flat and even surfaces. While they can typically handle the occasional bump or dip in the road, potholes provide a unique and unexpected kind of impact.

Your car’s suspension is a little like your leg. When you’re running over even surfaces, there’s no problem. Step on or in something unexpected, however, and you could severely injure yourself.

Cars run the risk of denting, misaligning or even snapping a strut when they go into potholes.

Fortunately, we have everything you need to replace that strut or your entire suspension without breaking the bank. Search our inventory to see if we carry a kit for your car here.


This is one of the more common problems you’ll face if you hit a big enough pothole. Your car’s steering will naturally go out of alignment over a long enough period of time. However, running into a pothole provides a serious jolt to all the components which are responsible for your car steering properly.

You will know if your car is out of alignment if it starts to pull or tug in one direction or another when you are driving down a straightaway. Fortunately, this is a pretty easy and inexpensive fix at most repair shops.

At Strutmasters we are all about saving our customers time, money, and frustration. Don’t ignore problems caused by potholes. They will only get worse.

Help other drivers, too! Report potholes to your local transportation bureau so that they can be fixed.

We Love These Vintage Car Ads

At Strutmasters, we believe in things that are time-tested. That’s why we prefer standard coilover struts and shocks to air suspension. It’s why we insist on making our products right here in the USA. It’s why we employ people right in North Carolina to answer our phones and help our customers. Call us crazy, or perhaps just a vintage-style company, but we think sometimes the old ways are best.

We fell in love with these vintage car ads. Maybe you will too.


1. 1963 Buick Skylark



2. 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

























3. 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
























4. 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T


























5. 1967 Ford Mustang GT






















6. 1967 Chevrolet Corvette


7. 1971 Pontiac Barracuda





4 Reasons to Convert Your Car from Air to Coil Suspension

When to Replace Your Shocks and Struts

Active air suspensions are comprised of many moving parts that need to be working properly in unison for the system to function correctly. Onboard sensors send information about the ride height of the vehicle to a small computer, which in turn uses that information to tell a pneumatic compressor how much pressurized air to generate. This air is pushed through air hoses and into air springs which use the pressure to regulate the ride height of the vehicle. This creates a smooth, pleasant, ride–as long as they’re working.

The main problem with an air suspension is that, like anything made of moving parts, they will eventually wear out. Given how complex they are, that means a guaranteed huge expense at some point in a vehicle’s life.

However, more and more vehicle owners are growing weary of these repairs and replacements and are choosing to convert their cars from air suspensions to a more classical, mechanical solution–a traditional coil over strut, known in the auto world as a “coilover” suspension. These replacements are mostly carried out using a conversion kit, the first commercially-available of which was made by the North Carolina-based company Strutmasters LLC. Since that company’s inception in 1999, the industry has grown from a single company with a small assortment of products to an entire industry, with replacement kits now available for hundreds of vehicle models.
So why has the popularity of these kits grown so much in such a short amount of time? As more and more people continue to convert to coilover suspension, here are just some of the reasons why:


1) All air suspensions fail eventually.

Given that they are made up of a number of moving parts, car owners need to accept the reality that their air suspension system will fail eventually. While that doesn’t mean they should just ditch their air suspensions right now, it’s worth considering whether it’s really worth replacing or repairing components once they start to fail. This is because once one part fails, the rest are not too far behind. This means that more expense and hassle is always going to be right around the corner once the air suspension failure starts.



2) Coil suspensions are a fraction of the price.


With everything interconnected from computers to electronic sensors to several mechanical components, air suspension require expensive parts and specialty tools to service them. This means a great deal of expense any time anything needs to be serviced or replaced. When owners consider that all air suspension-related expenses are likely to be ongoing for the remainder of the car’s lifetime, replacing an old suspension with one that is brand new makes a great deal of sense in the long run. This is especially true when you consider that a conversion kit will generally cost about the same for the entire car as a replacement for just one air spring.


3) Coil suspensions can be installed and serviced at home.


  Companies like Strutmasters design their conversion kits to be installed at home by the average DIYer. This means that most of the assembly is done before it reaches the customer, and that it is designed to be installed using tools most people already have at home. In fact, most of these kits can be installed in as little as one hour per wheel by anyone with a little mechanical proficiency.


4) Coil springs are simple and reliable.


 Compared to the complex network of electronics and plastic and rubber components, the simple, robust construction of coilover suspensions often makes people feel more confident in their ride. Once a car gets to the point where the suspension is starting to fail, that air suspension becomes a ticking time bomb that could ruin the next road trip or family vacation at any minute. By comparison, a brand new coilover suspension gives owners virtually nothing to worry about for quite some time. And even if something does wear out prematurely or break on the coilover suspension, repairing or replacing it is cheap and easy compared to an air suspension.

If your air suspension is starting to age, it might be worth considering ending the headache once and for all by switching your car over to a coil spring over strut suspension. Hundreds of thousands of car owners have already made chosen to convert, most to full satisfaction. Companies like Strutmasters now offer kits for almost every make of car in hundreds of models. Check to see if Strutmasters has a kit for your car by visiting the website or calling the hotline at (866) 684-6473.

Top 11 Items to Always Have in Your Car

You never know where the road will take you. One minute you could be cruising down a newly paved city street and the next you could find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Make sure that you’re prepared for anything the road throws at you and stock your vehicle with these 11 things you should always keep in your car.

1. Traction Mats and Sand

Tractions mats and sand can help you get out of slippery situations—literally. When you find yourself stuck in mud, snow, or other slippery road conditions, just put a traction mat or a bit of sand in front of your wheels to get your car moving.

2. Jump Starter Kit

Nothing’s worse than being stuck somewhere because of a dead battery, so make sure that you keep a jump starter kit g in your car. Jump starter kits can give your vehicle’s battery the jolt of power needed to get the car running and get you home.

3. Flashlight

You never know if you’re going break down at night, so always keep a flashlight in your car. This will help you get a look at any issues under the hood as well as any other areas you may need to survey. Plus using a flashlight can help to conserve your car’s battery.

4. Tire Inflator or Sealer

If you get a flat on the way to work or any other destination, you’ll wish you had a tire inflator or sealer in your car. These will inflate your tires to the appropriate air pressure. However, these only provide a temporary solution. To make sure that your tires stay properly inflated, get them replaced as soon as possible.

5. Cell Phone Charger

You never know when you’ll need to get in contact with someone, so it’s always best to have a way to keep your phone charged. Keep a spare phone charge cable or portable battery in your car. Just make sure to recharge the portable battery from time to time so there’s enough juice in it to power your phone when needed.

6. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must-have for any vehicle. You want to make sure that yours is stocked with band aids, antibiotic ointment, and anything else that can help to alleviate minor injuries from an accident or other incidents.

7. Flares and Reflective Triangles

Flares and reflective triangles are especially useful when you’re stuck on the side of the road at night. When lit, they’ll make your vehicle more visible to others on the road to help prevent accidents and help emergency services find you and your vehicle in the dark.

8. Umbrella

The weather can be fickle. You never know when you’ll have to walk through a freak rainstorm, so always keep an umbrella in your car to keep yourself dry.

9. Duct Tape

It’s true what they say: Duct tape can just about fix anything. Granted duct tape only offers temporary solutions, but keeping it handy will help to control minor damage in your car long enough so you can get to the nearest service center for a proper repair.

10. Blankets

Make sure that you have at least one blanket in your car. This will keep you or your passengers warm and keep tools clean when performing quick repairs. Plus blankets can act as a makeshift cover that’ll keep your seats clean when you need to carry dirty items.

11. Water

Always store some water bottles in your car. This emergency stash could be a life saver if you’re stranded for a long period of time.

You never know where the road will take you, but you can always make sure that you’re prepared for the unexpected by keeping these 11 things in your car at all times.

Hydraulic Suspension vs. Car Air Bag Suspension Kits

Hydraulic suspension and car air bag suspension kits are two of the most popular suspension systems around. Both can improve performance for many vehicles, but which is best?

To discover the right suspension kit for you, check out our in-depth hydraulic suspension vs. car air bag suspension kits comparison below.

About Hydraulic Suspension Kits

This type of suspension features four independent dampers that contain hydraulic fluid. As you travel, a hydraulic pump pressurizes each damper to regulate your vehicle’s up and down movements. This helps to keep your car stable and riding smoothly when traveling across rough terrain and weather conditions.

Hydraulic suspension kits have the advantage of being completely customizable. Because every damper included in the kit is independent, drivers can adjust each one separately. Simply put, you’ll be able to control how high or low each one can go.

On top of that, some hydraulic suspension can modify each damper automatically. Using advanced sensors, these systems monitor the road conditions and relay that information back to an onboard computer. If the stiffness of the dampers or the ride height needs to be adjusted, the system will turn on a hydraulic pump to pressurize the fluid the dampers to cater to the terrain. This ensures a smooth ride and great handling.

Hydraulic suspension kits aren’t perfect though. Those considering installing one for their vehicle must understand that there are a few disadvantages to this particular suspension kit. For instance, replacing parts and maintaining hydraulic suspension can be quite expensive. On top of that, they can be less responsive than other suspension kits.

About Car Air Bag Suspension Kits

Like a hydraulic system, a car air bag suspension helps to promote a smooth ride. However, they do it in a different way. Instead of using fluid and dampers, car air bag suspension kits use durable rubber air bags to enhance performance. These bags are installed at each wheel and inflated by a compressor.

In addition, car air bag suspension kits aren’t fully automatic. This means that many kits can’t instantly adjust the air bags to adapt to changing road conditions. However, car air bag suspension kits offer something hydraulic kits don’t: enhanced load capabilities.

Most car air bag suspension kits are designed to adjust the ride height to improve performance when towing and hauling heavy objects or additional passengers. When installed, drivers can push a button to raise or lower the vehicle. Raising the vehicle when carrying cargo will accommodate the extra weight and keep the car level when traveling. This will also prevent bottoming out and rear end sagging. Lowering the car will enhance aerodynamic and performance.

Choosing the Right Suspension Kit

Both a hydraulic suspension and a car bag suspension kit provide great performance benefits. With that said, the best suspension kit will depend your specific needs. Those who regularly tow heavy items can choose a car air bag suspension kit for stability. Drivers looking to ensure a great performance in any condition can install a hydraulic suspension kit for improved handling.

For more information about hydraulic suspension and car air bag suspension kits, contact Strutmasters online now.