LowLife Motorcycle Suspension

Lower your Harley-Davidson the “EZ” way

lowered harley-davidson softail ez rider kit

For some, it’s about adding some more functionality to their bike. Others just want extra support for their passengers. However, for many it’s just about that sweet, sweet low-rider look. You can do it the hard way, or the “EZ” way.


No matter the reason for lowering your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks provide the ultimate solution.

How EZ Rider Air Shocks glide past the competition

The EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shocks feature an exclusive design that puts it head and shoulders against other lowering kits. For example, Strutmasters has fitted a custom rubber bump stop. This eliminates the harsh “bounce” that you typically get when air shocks are completely “down.”


The additional shock travel comes with more benefits. Shorter riders can jump on the bike more easily by lowering the bike. Taller riders can get a more comfortable ride by raising it. Best yet, controlling these air shocks is so, so simple. They’re operated with just the push of a button.

One of the biggest benefits of the EZ Rider suspension system is the added support it gives passengers. The air shocks provide a little extra lift off the ground to keep the rear ride from being too bouncy.

“EZ” to install, too!

A lot of engineering went into making sure EZ Rider shocks are easy to install. If you’re at all handy with a wrench and have a little bit of time, installation should be a breeze!

Each kit comes with ultra-high-density poly bushings that are designed specifically for your Harley. No adjustments needed. To make things even easier, each kit comes packaged with detailed installation instructions. However, if that’s not enough for you, we even have a host of online videos to guide you through.


Designed, tuned, and tested just for motorcycles, you won’t find a better lowering option than the  complete EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Shock System. These kits are proudly made in the USA by Strutmasters, the industry-leading family-owned “Suspension Experts” for more than 20 years.

graphic with benefits of ez rider air shocks

Custom Motorcycle Suspension on Strutmasters.com

Motorcycle Custom Suspension on Strutmasters.com!

Strutmasters repairs and sells a wide array of suspension components. The variety of suspension parts we sell are growing every day. However, the fact remains, the suspension parts that Strutmasters has always designed and constructed has been the revolutionary active-to-non-active conversion kits. Ladies, and Gentlemen, not anymore! We are now branching out into the world of passive-to-active suspension.

While Strutmasters remains a firm believer that coil springs, MacPherson strut assemblies, and non-electronic hydraulic and gas shock absorbers are safer, easier to install, and more reliable suspension components than air suspension systems, we will admit there are just some things air suspension systems can do that passive systems can’t….like changing your ride height at the touch of a button. Well, we are taking a crack at this portion of the industry. Strutmasters now offers its very own custom air suspension lowering kits…..for Motorcycles! That’s right, we are now making custom air suspension systems AND making products for Motorcycles. Now announcing the Low Life Motorcycle Air Suspension product line from Strutmasters.
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