Finally! Now you can add an EZ Rider Air Lift to your Honda Shadow, too!

Strutmasters’ EZ Rider Air Lifts have been a revelation for motorcycle owners. These ingenious kits have given riders an easy way to have the comfort and convenience of air suspensions.

Now, Honda Shadow riders have an EZ Rider option of their own.

Why install EZ Rider Air Lift on your Honda Shadow?

There are many reasons people enjoy having an air lift on their motorcycles. Your Honda Shadow experience will enjoy an overall boost when you install one of these kits.

For starters, you’ll see a night-and-day difference in passenger support. The EZ Rider Air Lift ensures your passenger will enjoy the same comfort you do.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. Your new air suspension will allow you to raise or lower the bike with the push of a button. This means shorter riders won’t need to worry about whether they can put their feet down. It also means taller riders can enjoy more freedom of posture.

But let’s face it. A lowered Honda Shadow just looks awesome. Your air lift kit will allow you to achieve that look. Our integrated rubber bump stop means you can ride in style without worrying about bottoming out.

How will your Honda Shadow ride?

Like a dream.

We’ve spent countless hours engineering this kit specifically for your Honda Shadow. Gone are the days of reengineering Chevy parts to achieve an air lift. This kit is made specifically for your bike.

That means you’ll enjoy a ride like you’ve never felt before. You can adjust the firmness of your ride with the push of a button. Once installed, you’ll be able to adjust for differences in terrain and speed.

Place an order once you’re ready to make the switch. However, if you’re unsure, give us a call at (866) 830-5450 and let our Suspension Experts guide you through it.