How to Completely Fix a Broken Mercedes S430 Air Suspension


If your Mercedes S430 shows a suspension warning light, the time to get that car to the shop was yesterday.

A busted Mercedes S430 air suspension is more than just uncomfortable and inconvenient, it’s dangerous. It can reduce your car’s ability to handle and seriously increase stopping distance. Driving on a bad suspension can also seriously damage your Mercedes.

How to tell if your Mercedes S430 air suspension is broken

Even if your suspension warning light isn’t on, there are a number of indicators that you’ve got a suspension problem.

The first is that the car sits unevenly or too low when parked. Sometimes this will mean one corner of the S430 is lower than others. However, the most common sign is when the rear of the Mercedes is sagging down.

When coming to a stop, does your S430 “crouch” forward? If so, it means that at least the front air suspension is worn out.

You can also give your Mercedes “bounce test.” Walk around to each corner of the car and push down hard on the bumper. If the car springs back up and settles immediately, that corner is fine. If it bounces up and down before settling, it’s time to replace that strut.

Another sign that the air suspension in your S430 may be broken is if the air suspension compressor is running for too long. Also, it may just be running very loudly. Either one indicates that the compressor is working harder than it should.

If you suspect you are having Mercedes S430 air suspension trouble, don’t wait. Take your car to your mechanic right away for a diagnosis.

The problem with repairing the S430 air suspension

Brand new, nothing rides like a well-engineered air suspension. The one that came stock in your S430 is one of those.

The Mercedes-Benz Airmatic air suspension is quick and responsive thanks to a complex network of moving parts and computers. Like all moving parts and electronics, however, they are prone to wearing down and eventual failure.

The airbags in the S430, for example, are made of a flexible rubber/plastic component  that holds the air. Due to the nature of its materials, these airbags will eventually dry out, crack, rot, or otherwise tear or break.

One of the most common issues in any air suspension is an airbag wearing out or breaking. This happens naturally due to the limited lifespan of the components.

Items like the ride height sensor and compressor are also moving parts and will need to be replaced at some point.

All in all, once the repairs start with an air suspension, they don’t stop. While a couple hundred dollars for a new airbag might not seem like much now, when you multiply that by three and consider you may still not solve the problem, it gets to be a hefty bill.

A full repair of a Mercedes S430 air suspension might exceed $3,000 if done at a dealership. For many, this is simply too expensive.

Another solution for your S430 suspension problems

However, there is a way to end these suspension problems in your Mercedes for good without breaking the bank.

Strutmasters has designed a kit that will fully replace all four corners of your S430 with sturdy, dependable mechanical struts for less than $900.

Just take a look at the difference!

By doing away with the complicated electronics, tubes, and moving parts of the air suspension, this kit puts you on solid footing. There are no moving parts to worry about. No computers to update. No air leaks to try and locate. Just simple mechanical resistance.

In fact, these kits are designed to be simple enough to install at home. With the packaged instructions, a few common tools and our Suspension Experts just a phone call away, you can change out your own struts in an afternoon.

With Strutmasters patented GlideRide Technology, you can count a smooth ride that’s comparable to the original. In addition, each kit comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. As long as your Mercedes S430 is on the road, we guarantee the parts on your struts.

Don’t spend thousands trying to save a dying air suspension. End your suspension issues today and convert to a genuine Strutmasters kit today.

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