Introducing the $1,000 Monthly Raffle by Strutmasters

You Can Win $1,000 Every Month, and Here’s How

Would you like to help someone you know win $1,000? Heck, would YOU like to win $1,000? If you’ve said yes, then continue reading how. If you said no….well, let’s face it… said yes. What would you say if we told you that Strutmasters WANTS to give you or someone you know the chance to win $1,000 every month! Strutmasters is having a FREE raffle every month for $1,000. You see, we are all about cars, trucks, suspension and suspension conversion kits here at Strutmasters, but something we love even more is helping people with their suspension problems.

The whole point of this raffle, is to get the word out to someone in need of suspension repair who may not know of the suspension alternatives available to them that can help save them hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Now, you may not be that person (anymore), and maybe even no one you know is experiencing problems with their suspension, BUT, we’re betting someone who follows you on either Facebook or Twitter is going to be that person that you and Strutmasters can help!

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Here’s the Scoop on How to Enter and Qualify for the $1,000:

  • Visit our website:
  • Take a look around and copy the URL of a page you like or one that you think someone on your Twitter or Facebook will enjoy
  • Then go to your Facebook and/or Twitter account and paste the link from our page into a post or a Tweet and share Strutmasters with your friends!
  • Now copy the URL of the shared Facebook post(s) or Tweet(s), go back to our website and enter your info into the raffle section at We will ask for your Name, Phone Number, Email, and the link to your Facebook post or Tweet about us.
  • Repeat! What’s that? That’s right..we said REPEAT! We want you and your friends to enter into our raffle as MANY TIMES as you want, on the condition that every time you enter into our raffle, your links MUST go to a different post/Tweet with a different link in it. (In other words, use a different page every time you decide to post or tweet).

You’re One Step Closer To Winning

On the day of the drawing, if we randomly select your name, we will contact you and let you know that you’ve just won $1,000 cash! Also, we will make you the next “Winner of the Month”, put you on our blog, and we will announce the date of our next drawing on that post, too! If you feel lucky after winning your first $1,000, try again next month, maybe you’ll win another $1,000!

That’s it! Literally, all you have to do to enter into the raffle is post or Tweet links to our website. Every different link you have in a different post or Tweet gets you better odds at winning that months $1,000 Cash Giveaway! Win or lose, you can try again every month! Our first drawing will be on October 24, 2015. We will be having a live drawing at our Trunk Or Treat family Halloween celebration! Be sure to stay tuned-in to our blog section here at, and definitely like us on Facebook and stay tuned-in on our Facebook for winners, prizes, more giveaway dates, new products, new projects, and more!

View the raffle Terms and Conditions.