Janette Thornley earns Strutmasters.com sponsorship


World Championship Pro Fuel rider Janette Thornley spent much of the previous offseason lining up sponsors for her 2019 season. All that work paid off as she announced she would partnering with Strutmasters.com.

Winning Ways

Thornley has been prolific winner in her time in motorcycle racing. Following a three-year streak of championships, Thornley quit her corporate day job. Since then, she has focused full time on racing and has opened her own racing outfit

The Oregon native most recently captured a title in 2017. She won both the American Drag Racing League Pro Fuel Championships and the American Motorcycle Racing Association. Thornley won the NHRA Harley-Davidson Drag Racing Series Pro Fuel Championships in 2015 and 2016.

Why Strutmasters?

Thornley is part of Strutmasters’ growing portfolio of sponsored drivers. The North Carolina-based suspension replacement company has backed several high-profile drivers, like the NHRA’s Clay Millican and Johnny Pluchino. Company founder Chip Lofton took an interest in Thornley when he saw her compete in Gainesville.

“I saw something in Janette the day I met her in Gainesville,” said Lofton. “We have the same values and passions; chasing dreams, so I believe we have an exciting future together!”

The excitement has been mutual between the two. Thornley expressed her enthusiasm in a recent interview.

“I am honored to be selected by Chip Lofton of Strutmasters.com to represent his company through our racing program,” Janette said. “With my love for motorcycling, Chip’s love for racing, and our North Carolina base, this couldn’t be a better fit!”

Looking Ahead

Thornley is set to compete in 11 events during this season in both the AMRA and Manufactures Cup series. Her run starts in Bowling Green, Kentucky and finishes up in Valdosta, Georgia.

The Strutmasters blog will continue to follow Janette as she strives for another trophy to put up on her mantle. You can also follow her on her on her Facebook page.

Janette Thornley Career Highlights

2017 American Motorcycle Racing Association Pro Fuel Champion

2017 American Drag Racing League Pro Fuel Championship

2017 American Motorcycle Racing Association Lady Racer of the Year

2016 NHRA Harley-Davidson Drag Racing Series Pro Fuel Champion

2016 Female Racer Of The Year By Horse Power & Heels

2015 NHRA Harley-Davidson Drag Racing Series Pro Fuel Champion