Video: John Force Suffers Third Explosion in Three Events

John Force was involved in another terrifying explosion and crash this past weekend at the Gatornationals. During his second qualifying round on Friday, the 67-year old’s engine exploded, scattering the body of the car all over the race track. Miraculously, the 16-time NHRA champ walked away unscathed.

You can see a video of the crash here:

“I really thought we had it,” said Force. “I thought we were there. In the first round we drove it 500 feet and shut it off. It looked great. We ran it again that run and I was only going to drive it 800 feet even if we didn’t make The Show.”

The only injuries Force suffered was a small cut to his hand. It didn’t even require stitches.

This latest explosion comes on the heels of the NHRA looking to curb accidents and explosions with some new rule changes. The changes were made partly in response to Force’s terrifying incident in Phoenix just two weeks before and an explosion at the season opener in Pomona.