New Air Suspension Glossary Customer Resource

Announcing the New Glossary Section

If you have been on our website before, you know that we do our best to help our customers make educated decisions when it comes to repairing or upgrading their vehicles. As we continue to grow our company, and our presence in the suspension industry, you will be able to see the vast amounts of information we put into our customers’ (and potential customers’) hands. Essentially, Strutmasters is launching a multi-faceted education campaign.

We hope to arm our customers and potential customers to the teeth with our knowledge. The more people know, the smarter decisions they can make when purchasing products. In turn, those customers can give sound advice to friends, colleagues, family members, and total strangers on the internet (or at least lead them in the right direction). Thanks to our new ever growing blog and glossary sections, we hope to do just that.

Our blog section is designed to alert and educate our customers on fun, promotional, educational topics and updates such as this one. The glossary section is designed to negotiate people through our website will be ever-expanding, and will be filled with suspension terms and definitions that can be found all over our website. A lot of people don’t even know they have active suspension on their vehicles until a part of that system malfunctions. Our glossary is designed more or less for the neophytes to air and other active suspension systems. Terms like “Air Bag”, “Compressor”, and “Dryer Assembly” may seem insignificant at first….until you need to replace one or more of those parts and get a first-hand look at the sticker shock on the cost of these parts. We try to break down simple explanations on the definitions and functions on these parts.

Additionally, you can use the glossary page in conjunction with our product pages. When you view a product for your vehicle, scroll to the bottom and you will find information on what’s on your car, why the suspension normally fails in that particular model, and how much replacements usually cost from our competitors and from the dealer. Use the glossary section when reading-up on products for your vehicle.

Visit Our Glossary

Strutmasters’ glossary page can be found by going to the “Resources” drop-down at the top of the page, then select “Suspension Glossary” or go to: