Nissan Armada latest vehicle to get the Strutmasters treatment


Roxboro, NC – Owners of the beloved Nissan Armada now have a high-quality, inexpensive option when replacing their worn out suspension system thanks to Strutmaster Inc, which has added a conversion kit for the luxury SUV to its celebrated catalog.
Strutmasters developed a conversion kit for the Armada following an increase in demand for strut replacements for the 2004-2015 model years.

“The Nissan Armada has been a tremendously popular vehicle for good reason,” said Strutmasters Vice President Matt Lofton. “However, like most four-wheel drive trucks and SUVs that spend a lot of time on the road, the costly air suspension system tends to be one of the first things to wear out.”

The Strutmasters conversion kits are manufactured with genuine Eibach ® coil springs and made in the USA to ensure the utmost durability for the large luxury SUV. The company uses its patented Glide-Ride ® technology to tune its shocks, ensuring a smooth ride comparable or even preferable to the original suspension system. As with all of its industry-leading technology, Strutmasters offers a limited lifetime warranty on these replacement kits.Armada

“Replacing a worn out suspension on a four-wheel drive vehicle has traditionally been a big, expensive job,” said Lofton. “We were delighted to develop this conversion kit that replaces the original struts at a fraction of the cost without any loss in quality.”

The conversion kits are now ready for wholesale and individual purchase. Repair shops and individual customers can learn more about this new product by visiting or by calling one of their Suspension Experts at 866-597-2397.

Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 10pm EST, and Saturdays from 8am to 8pm EST.