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Accelerate immune medicine across research areas & high-impact applications. All in one, beautifully designed and intuitive system that fits on any lab bench.

Across all applications, discover immune profiling insights unattainable with any other system.


Same-day data


Walk-away proteomics


Multiple unique applications


18 inch footprint

prod-group-struts-stacked-shadow.jpg Play the Video IsoSpark Video The Gold Standard for Single Cell Functional Proteomics

Accelerate personalized, durable, and curative medicines. We innovated the only way to measure the true function of each cell and identify the rare subsets of superpowered cells driving response.

hub-product-overview-highlights-slim-v3@2x.jpg The Products Driving Our Superpowered Biology Functional Immune Landscaping

Accelerate the ability to stratify patients using "super hero" immune biomarkers and accelerate path to the clinic with higher potency immune therapies.

Intracellular Signaling Omics

Identify adaptive signaling networks to accelerate development of targeted therapies to overcome resistance & metastases.

High-plex Automated Immunoassays

For the first time, unleash super-powered and super-automated multiplexed proteomics in very low sample volumes for any lab to access insights right away.

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Request Pricing Walk-away Proteomics

Proteomics have never been easier. With an automated proteomics workflow, you'll gain unique insights on day one.

The Most Advanced Functional Analysis Software

Built for push button data visualization and explanation of key mechanistic and predictive insights driving immune medicine. Just toggle ON and OFF the parameters you wish to analyze, and IsoSpeak will do the rest!

Save Time

Our end to end solution can be accessed by any lab to drive immediate insights and accelerate the development of curative medicines.

Maximize Consistency

Our completely automated ELISA workflow eliminates user error and maximizes consistency.

Same Day Insights

Make sense of complex data and instantly analyze your samples down to the individual cell, biomarker, and cytokine.

prod-group-struts-stacked-shadow.jpg Superpowered biology

Engineering innovations for superpowered biology. Our uniquely predictive superpowered biology is now available in an end-to-end solution - so that any lab can gain access to insights and accelerate the development of curative therapies.

Software Enabled Optics

Multi-colored lasers enable sensitive and precision imaging of each cell via surface fluorescence, enabling quantitative detection of protein associated with each single cell.

Fluidics Enabled Flow Cells

Our fluidics enabled flow cell allows us to deliver the highest quality ELISA reagents with uniform flow in a completely hands-off manner, maximizing consistency.

Deep Hardware Connection with the Software

Access the most efficient lab collaboration tool with advanced figures and export features that help drive decisions across the organization.

mobile-isospark-reagent-bay-v2@2x isospark-transparent-front.png A Personalized Proteomics System for Any Lab

Combining superpowered innovations into a system with just 18 inches in foot print for ease of use and same day insights.

18 in


4 Chips


Super-powered Functional
Proteomics for Every Lab

Discover the right system for your lab's throughput and immune landscaping needs.

isospark Instrument A personalized proteomics system for any lab 18 in


4 Chips


isolight Instrument A high capacity instrument enabling higher throughput 29 in


8 Chips


isospark duo Instrument An advanced setup for complete functional immune landscaping 36 in


8 Chips


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