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Johnny Pluchino explains Mountain Motor Pro Stock vs. NHRA Pro Stock

Second-generation driver Johnny Pacino took a moment at Bristol Dragway recently to explain the differences between the mountain motor pro stocks versus the regular NHRA pro stock vehicles.

“They’re very similar chassis-wise,” said Pluchino. “Transmission-wise they’re five speeds still just like the 500 H Pro Stock cars. As far as a clutch we do have to manually shift them as well. The big difference is 500 cubic inches for them versus 825 cubic inches for us. So we have roughly have about 450 to maybe 500 more horsepower than they do.”

Pluchino then explained the difference that makes in driving the vehicles.

“The front end stays up a little bit longer,” he said. “You got that much more power there. It’s a little bit more aggressive. The tires shake that much harder, so they’re very aggressive cars. You do have to drive and you’ve got to manhandle them a little bit. They’ll go 225-227 miles an hour instead of your 212-213 mile an hour that the 500-inch cars go.”

See the video here: