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1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Premium Rear Air Suspension Conversion Kit With Rear Shocks FA2RB
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1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Premium Rear Air Suspension Conversion Kit With Rear Shocks FA2RB

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Kit Class: PREMIUM Warranty: LIFETIME Limited

Convert Your Air Suspension To A Passive Coil Spring Suspension. End Your Air Suspension Problems Forever...

Strutmasters 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Rear Air Spring To Passive Coil Spring Conversion Kit With Rear Shock Absorbers is the perfect solution to your air suspension problems. Designed to be very affordable, you can convert your ENTIRE air suspension to use passive shocks and coil springs for way, way less than the price of repairing the system with Original Equipment parts at the dealer.

This Conversion Kit Fits

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car

Product Notes

  • None
  • Made In USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made With Glide Ride Technology


Vehicle Info

  • Year: 1990-2002
  • Make: Lincoln
  • Model: Town Car
  • Manufacturer: Strutmasters

Air Suspension Conversion Kit Includes

These are the components and materials you can expect to find shipped with your new purchase.

  • 2 Rear Shocks
  • 2 Rear American-Made Coil Springs
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Detailed Instructions

Shipping Info

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  • Next Business Day: Delivery typically by 10:30 a.m.
  • 2 Business Days: Delivery typically by end of day
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Manufactured, Packaged and
Shipped in North Carolina, USA

All of our conversion kits are manufactured, packaged and shipped from our warehouse right here in Roxoboro, NC, USA. We believe in providing the highest quality parts, such as premium american-made coil springs, to ensure our customers only need to buy the right product once.

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Features & Benefits

Strutmasters Conversion Kits Save Money, Time and Headaches

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Premium Rear Air Suspension Conversion Kit With Rear Shocks FA2RB is the perfect solution to your air suspension problems. Designed to be very affordable, you can convert your air suspension to use standard.

Our Conversion Kits are built to improve the performance and stability of your ride. Converting to a non-air suspension system gives you a more reliable ride.

Our kits don't require any major modifications to your vehicle to install.

Only Strutmasters offers premium american-made coil springs on our conversion kits. Notice the difference with a better, smoother ride!

All of our kits come with easy to install instructions so you or your mechanic can get your car up and running faster than ever.

Why Choose Strutmasters Instead Of Those Other Guys

Strutmasters has been working on Lincoln Town Cars since 1999 and we are very familiar with its air suspension system. An entire network of electronics are required to keep this system running smoothly. When one part fails, the others are right behind it. The Strutmasters suspension conversion kit is a direct replacement for the vehicle's failing air springs and eliminates the need for all of the high-tech components. This kit includes two replacement shocks and two American-Made coil springs to convert the airbags in the rear of the Town Car. The high-qualityAmerican-Made coil springs get you closer to the original factory ride than any thing else on the market. Converting the vehicle will save time and money. It can be installed in about one hour per wheel and comes with step by step instructions, including how to shut off the suspension warning light. Let's take a closer look at the cost difference between choosing to repair the air suspension versus our conversion kit. On this page we will compare three prices: That of repairing your air suspension system with Original Equipment parts and labor at the dealer; That of installing aftermarket air suspension replacement parts on your vehicle; and that of installing a Strutmasters conversion kit and getting rid of the air suspension headache forever.

How Do I know If My Town Car Air Suspension is failing?

A sudden loss of three to five inches of ride height in the rear of the vehicle is the most obvious sign of an air suspension failure on your 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car. An illuminated suspension warning light or message on the instrument panel is another sign of trouble. If the air suspension compressor has stopped working or running too often (will be noticeably noisy), then a repair or replacement is imminent.


Overall Savings

How does this part compare to OEM parts and other competitive solutions?

  • $2,101

    in Savings

  • 91%

    Less Than Dealer

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car OEM Replacement Parts:

+ Rear Air Springs ($630/spring) + Compressor Assembly ($790) + Dryer ($230) + Rear Shocks ($100) = Over $2,300 (and that doesn't even include replacing electronic components that are known to fail such as the height sensors).

After Market Replacement Parts:

+ Rear Air Springs ($90/spring) + Rear Shocks ($30) + Compressor Assembly w/ Dryer ($210) = Over $420 (but that doesn’t include replacing electronic components that are known to fail such as the height sensors).

Strutmasters Conversion Kit:

+ (2) Rear OE-Style Shocks + (2) Rear Eibach Coil Springs + Detailed installation instructions + Over-the-phone technical support + Lifetime Limited Warranty Save yourself time, money, and the headache of ever having to worry about your air suspension again.

Our Price: $199.00!

Suspension Components List

The 1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car is built with the following rear suspension components:

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Air Springs (x2) - A plastic and rubber air spring (also called air bag) that uses pressurized air to support the weight of the rear of the vehicle. The rubber air springs (which take the place of a traditional metal coil spring) are the number one cause of all air suspension leaks. Since all air springs all go bad at about the same rate, if one is leaking, the others will not be far behind. For a proper repair, all of them need to be replaced at the same time.

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Shock Absorbers (x2) - has metal tubing filled with gas-charged hydraulic fluid that dampen vibration and control bouncing caused by travel on rough roads.

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Height Sensors (x2) - a linkage located near each wheel of a vehicle that, either mechanically or electronically, measures the height of the vehicle and reports this information to the control module so adjustments can be made. The ride height sensor is a moving part, and like all moving parts, they will eventually wear out.

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Air Lines- tubes that carry pressurized air from a compressor to the air springs in order to adjust the height of the vehicle.

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Solenoids (x2) - these plastic and metal components work along with the suspension control module to regulates the air pressure for each air spring. Solenoids start to leak as they wear out causing the vehicle to sag or to lean. This will cause the ride height sensor to send a signal to activate the compressor in an attempt to inflate the air suspension and level out the vehicle. This excessive work load will eventually lead to total failure of the compressor.

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Compressor Assembly- Creates and sends pressurized air to the air springs. When the air suspension starts leaking, the compressor (also called a pump) starts working harder to try to keep the system inflated. By the time air suspension leaks down completely, the compressor will either have failed or be well on its way to full failure. Buying replacement air springs and having them installed, only to find out the compressor still needs to be replaced, can be very frustrating and expensive.

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Dryer- prevents moisture build-up inside of air suspension parts.

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Suspension Control Module- a computer which is responsible for the operations of the air suspension system and maintaining the vehicle's correct ride height.

1990-2002 Lincoln Town Car Rubber O-rings- Although they are the least expensive parts of the air suspension, they are responsible for maintaining the seal where all of the air lines connect. Be sure to replace the O-rings when repairing any air suspension system.

Performance You Can’t Find Elsewhere
Made With Premium American-Made Coil Springs

American Made Parts,
Unrivaled Quality

Get Your Parts When You Need Them
Fast Shipping Guaranteed

Professional Assistance and ASE Certified Tech Support
Those Other Guys Don't Offer


Real Customers, Real Reviews

Read reviews from people just like you looking for the perfect solution for their suspension needs.

Name: | Location: Clarksville TN | SKU: FA2RB

With doing a lot of different repair work on vehicles you get tired of the same old issues…..needs modified,wrong item shipped, product doesn’t show up when it’s suppose to or no one to call and ask a question to…NONE of these were an issue and I can now say goodbye to airbag suspension issues with the perfect parts and customer service from Strutmasters

Name: | Location: South River New Jersey | SKU: FA2RB

I was pretty skeptical watching the online videos on how easy it was to do the job.
It was extremely easy to install, and the car,2000 towncar has never rode so well.
When I called to order the kit, they treated me like I was there best friend trying to help me out….
Thank you, strut masters

Name: | Location: Farmville VA | SKU: FA2RB

The sales staff is excellent. They are friendly and they know their products. My orders are always correct.

Name: | Location: Crystal Lake, Illinois | SKU: FA2RB

I did my air ride conversion yesterday and it was so easy. The easy to read instruction as well as the easy to follow videos made the transition from factory air ride to aftermarket conversation absolutely 100% seemless. My car went from hitting the ground at every pump to now gliding over the road like a dream. I recommend anyone with factory air ride to make the conversion with this exact kit from Strutmasters immediately.

Name: | Location: fayetteville north carolina | SKU: FA2RB

Each time that my mothers Lincolns have had air suspension problems, and all three have, my family has turned to your company to solve our problem. I am her son so I am the one who does the installing of the kits. Very simple to install, plus all the savings means a lot to us as I’m sure it does to many people at this time. She sure loves her Lincolns, thanks for helping me keep them running. C Auten

Name: | Location: 55437 | SKU: FA2RB

Great experience with Will Norris. Very helpful

Name: | Location: Canton, MI | SKU: FA2RB

“Online system very easy to to work with”

Name: | Location: Sault Ste. Marie, MI United States | SKU: FA2RB

I received the replacement kit and have had it installed. I am very pleased by your service and product. Thank you.

Name: | Location: Macon, GA United States | SKU: FA2RB

Hi Angelo, Yes, everything went well with the suspension upgrade. Thank you so very much!

Name: | Location: Brazil, IN United States | SKU: FA2RB

Everything went together just fine.

Name: | Location: Tecumseh, OK | SKU: FA2RB

“The Lincoln dealer put new airbags on the used car I bought (at their expense) and said that was all it needed. The rear end still seemed lower than normal and I was afraid it would hit coming out of my driveway. They said not to worry, “”it’s level”” but could be raised. When I went back to have it raised, after waiting 2 hours, they told me that they couldn’t raise it because the compressor was too weak. They gave me a bill for $700 and said that they could fix it that day. I handed the bill back to them and told them, no deal. Originally, I was going to order a new compressor on your website. I started reading about the conversion kit and all the reviews on yours and other sites as well. I talked to a local mechanic and he recommended the conversion rather than a new compressor. I never want to have to fool with this suspension again, so I hope this is the permanent fix.

The dealer took advantage of me in the original sale of the car and figured they could continue to get paid by “”fixing”” it. I plan on taking the car back there to show them that I “”fixed”” it myself. Kathy”

Name: | Location: Virginia Beach, VA United States | SKU: FA2RB

I wanted to thank you for providing the great products for my car so quickly. My friend already has installed them and the car is driving so smooth I could swear that it is new. I will tell everyone about your professional company. Have a super weekend!

Name: | Location: Pittsburgh, PA | SKU: FA2RB

I just wanted to thank all you folks at strutmasters. My kit arrived yesterday and just had it installed and what a difference. When the Lincoln dealer told me that it was going to cost me $1550 to have the compressor and airbags replaced I nearly fainted. Your product delivered everything it promissed. The totoal cost to me was $503 that includes the kit, having it installed and an alignment That is one third of what I was goning to have to spend at the Lincoln dealer and now I don’t have to worry about my rear air suspension again. Thank you guys again and feel free to use my testimony to anyone who is considering having this done.

Name: | Location: Portsmouth, RI United States | SKU: FA2RB

I am a computer programmer with little to no auto mechanical knowledge. I was able to replace my rear air bags in about an hour. I would suggest to anyone to do both sides at the same time, I tried only doing one side, but the axle was too high for me to get the spring in. Once I jacked up the other side and removed the shock nut, the springs just dropped in. If anyone has any tips on getting the top shock nuts out, please let me know. I was unable to successfully remove the shocks to replace them, it was too difficult to get in there with a wrench and loosen, as well as hold the shock while it was spinning..Thinking of cutting it w/a sawzall. Anyway, thanks strutmasters, my trunk doesn’t hit the ground anymore!

Name: | Location: Baton Rouge, LA United States | SKU: FA2RB

I ordered my spring kit kast wednesday and was told I would have it on friday.friday morning it showed up as promised.The installation took me about 1 1/2 hours.Easiest repair I ever done on this car.The car has been in my family since it was new so I know the car.In my opinion this car never rode as good as it does now.I am as happy as I can be with this purchase.If anyone I know has a similar problem I will not hesitate to reccomend Strutmasters to them.

Name: | Location: Orlando, FL United States | SKU: FA2RB

“I desperately needed your product. The dealer said it would be like $1300 to repair the air suspension system, which didn’t even include a few more components that might fail in the future. So when I called, your hotline was nice enough to take a minute to find the people around here to put them in (installed) at a very reasonable cost. At any rate, you folks ought to be sincerely congratulated as you saved me a great deal of money, since by replacing the springs of the air bags with springs, I’ve eliminated the need for anything else.

As for you to improve your service, I have no idea, as it seems to be fabulous as it is, at any rate, you’ve also managed to kick the UPS people in the butt, the product was shipped from you and got to the installation place in less than 48 hours.so I was extremely impressed, to concluded I think your product is great, I think your service reps was beyond great, and I don’t know how you could improve your customer service, feel free to use any or all of this as a testimonial.”

Name: | Location: Monroe, NC | SKU: FA2RB

Thanks, for a great product, I was test driving the car in less than 2 hours and could tell no difference in the ride.

Name: | Location: Florence, AZ United States | SKU: FA2RB


Yes, we are very pleased with the rear air suspension conversion kit that we purchased and had installed on our 2000 Lincoln Town Car. We are happy to say that our automobile is almost as good as new again. Thanks for having a great product that we hope will not continually wear out like the “”air springs””.

Warren Kuehn”

Name: | Location: Gainesville, VA United States | SKU: FA2RB

I hired a family member to install this kit on my 1999 Lincoln TC – maintaining the air suspension was no picnic. This kit was easy to install (I’m told) and really firmed up my ride. Now I can drive into my driveway and back into the street without scraping my hitch receiver. Customer service at this company is unbelievably friendly and courteous.

Name: | Location: Loredo, TX United States | SKU: FA2RB

“The installation went like clockwork…


Name: | Location: Runnemede, NJ United States | SKU: FA2RB

the original 1997 town car hardware was all one unit. On the replacement shock the bushing, washer and nut were seperate and it was a challange to install. There is no room for your hand to attach the components. Also the springs were not marked as top. Both ends measured within 1/8 ” in ID. However the car sits perfect and the ride is smooth.

Name: | Location: Broadbrook, CT United States | SKU: FA2RB

Everything went great. Thanks alot.

Name: | Location: Brevard, NC United States | SKU: FA2RB

How does a 49 year old woman replace air suspension on 91 town car to springs? STRUTMASTER!! Everything was there including detailed instructions; also watched a video on YouTube. Not going to lie, after an hour of trying to jack the car up high enough to put it on jack stands I had to call in reinforcement, my brother. I was sitting so low my bumper was only about 4 inches off the road. A couple of hours later, most of that time spent still jacking up the rear end, and waiting for W-D 40 to loosen up 22 year old nuts” I was on the road again”. Myself and a couple of other people say it rides just as good as when the air ride was working. Loved my conversion kit and the tech I ordered from who gave me a direct number to contact him. I will refer every one that I find with air suspension problems or not to Strutmasters. instead of all the mechanics that refused to give me an estimate because it is such a” difficult job!” LOL Was a little jealous of their hydraulic jacks though.

Name: | Location: | SKU: FA2RB

I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt delivery and wonderful product my mechanic installed your product with ease and was ecstatic with the informative instructions provided he said it was the easiest install he has ever done and that your product is supreme. I have not driven the car yet but I am certain it should be a dream in comparison to Lincolns air ride system. Maybe you should convince Ford to use your product to make their vehicles better.

Name: | Location: Washington TWP, MI United States | SKU: FA2RB

The installation of the new struts took a little longer than was listed but they work great! Thank you.

Name: | Location: St Louis, MO United States | SKU: FA2RB

The air bags were leaking real bad and I choose the spring/shock conversion kit considering the age of the vehicle. I received my order very prompt and viewed the video on You tube. My mechanic took about 1:15 minutes on the right side and less than 1/2 hour on the left side. The normal height is back and the vehicle rides like new. Others had said to replace the old air bags would cost about $1600. The kit cost me $240 delivered and another $140 installation. I had been putting this off because of the previous quotes and I just could not afford the huge cost trying to pay for my grandson Little League baseball expenses and school. But due to Strut masters I will be able to buy that uniform and books for him. I am very pleased indeed.

Name: | Location: MA United States | SKU: FA2RB

“The other reviews are right. This is a great product. The actual installation of the springs and shocks will not take more than two hours. Putting the new parts on is easy.
THE PROBLEM IS REMOVING THE OLD PARTS. The process would have been much easier with a lift and a torch. But dealing with rusted nuts and bolts and Ford brilliant chassis design caused a two hour project to turn into a four and a half hour period of failing to finish the suspension.

While most cars probably won’t be like this, make sure you know what you are going to be dealing with. Now I have to pay for the mechanic to torch off the rusted bolts.

I expect the product to work great. Certainly better than air springs, which are designed to fail. Getting off the old rust welded pieces ruined this project.

Great experience with Strutmasters and the Shocks/Springs

Bad Experience with Lincoln Towncar, and rust, and air springs, and chassis design, and lack of a lift”

Name: | Location: Heyworth, IL United States | SKU: FA2RB

Very prompt service. We have had the struts installed, and they are working just great for us. Saved us almost $1500 to go with those instead of the air shocks. Thanks for your help!

Name: | Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho | SKU: FA2RB

My 520 mile round trip to visit my kids for Thanksgiving was just great after installing your air bag replacement coil springs in my 1995 Towncar. Previously, we were sagging badly in the rear and the “”Check Air Suspension”” light would always come on.

Great product, I am very pleased with the transformation.

Happy Holidays.

John and Lou Souba
Idaho Falls, Idaho”

Name: | Location: San Antonio, TX United States | SKU: FA2RB

Attached are a pair of picture of my 1996 Lincoln Town car, befor and after pictures. It’s the best thing I’ve done in awhile. The improvement on the ride was Great. Thanks Manuel

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