2013-2019 Cadillac XTS Rear Camber Kit (SMCK10)

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PLEASE NOTE:  This product is sold per wheel

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Product Overview

PLEASE NOTE:  This product is sold per wheel

Adjust rear camber or toe ±2°. This bolt can also be used to replace the rear factory toe cam bolt, though the toe cam bolt is not torque-to-yield from the factory.

Our camber kits are the perfect complement to a Strutmasters suspension conversion kit.  They provide a cost-effective way of delivering some adjustment to the camber settings on a vehicle, making it easier to achieve proper wheel alignment.

Camber is the inward or outward tilt of the front tires as viewed from the front of the vehicle.  It is an important element of vehicle handling and tire wear.

Two indicators of camber problems are the vehicle pulling to one side and uneven tire wear across the tread.  Bent or worn suspension parts can contribute to a vehicle’s camber being out of adjustment.

With the installation of a suspension conversion kit or any major suspension components, Strutmasters recommends a complete four-wheel alignment for optimum performance and proper tire wear.  These camber kits are an excellent way to provide some additional adjustment, especially on older and higher mileage vehicles.


Tech Specifications

  • Year: 2013-2019
  • Make: Cadillac
  • Model: XTS
  • Product Type: Cam Kit
  • SKU: SMCK10

Air Suspension Conversion Kit Includes

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