ReadyLift 44-3052 Lift Kit w/Shocks

ReadyLift 44-3052 Lift Kit w/Shocks

Lift Kit w/Shocks; 5-6 in. Front; w/Bilstein Shocks;
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Is your Silverado/Sierra sitting lower than you’d like? This lift kit is exactly what you have been looking for; allowing for an adjustable lift of up to 5-6 inches! This kit will have your truck ready to roll out on larger tires; up to 35 inches! This kit is perfect for getting you on the road (or off) with a great ride in no time!

Product Notes

NOTE: Stock 20'' wheels OK or 9'' wheel w/ 4.75'' - 5.5'' BS - Stock 17'' or 18'' cannot be run with this system.

NOTE: Includes Bilstein Shocks; Factory Keys

NOTE: SRW (Single Rear Wheel) models may require custom U-Bolts to accommodate factory tow package. Will not fit DRW (Dual Rear Wheel) applications without custom U-bolts. Towing Capacity will be reduced with the installation of this kit.

NOTE: This kit is primarily designed to only be driven in 2WD at speed on public roads and that 4WD is only to be used off-road or in adverse slow speed conditions due to drive line vibrations at high speeds. Double cardan driveshaft may be required to help eliminate some of the high speed 4WD front driveline vibration when kits are 5-8'' high.

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ReadyLift 44-3052 Lift Kit w/Shocks - $2,599.95


ReadyLift 44-3052 Lift Kit w/Shocks

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